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41 Great Ads

and what made them great

A timeless collection of great ads, some by Claude Hopkins, John Caples, Max Sackheim, David Ogilvy, and others.

Here is a unique selection of 41 of the greatest ads ever written, together with a short analysis of why they worked for their creators and why you should study them. All 41 are proven greats because of their effectiveness and how well they were remembered.

Here you have an opportunity to learn from the pros at the very pinnacle of their careers, each of them a genius in their own right.

Look for the psychological triggers that made their customers buy and then adapt these triggers to your own offers…each one truly an example of Salesmanship-in-Print.

Among these you will find many proven winners.

This collection deserves careful study. Use the “big Idea” behind these money makers for your promotions.

You won’t find this exclusive collection of ads anywhere else.