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50 Things I Learned in 50 Years

by John Caples

“taught me most of what I know about writing advertisements” – David Ogilvy

John Caples sat down after being one of the top copywriters of all time and began to reflect on the most important things he learned in those years.

When he was done, there was one for each year that he had spent in advertising.

His classic ad, “They Laughed When I Sat Down At the Piano…” ran successfully for 40 years, arguably the longest-running successful ad in the history of advertising.

And he wrote it as a beginning copywriter!!!

In this instantly downloadable eBook, you will discover many gems, including:

  • The most important element in most ads
  • The best type of headlines
  • How a minor change can make a big difference
  • How to break the boredom barrier
  • The only kind of copy most people understand
  • The best type of illustrations to use
  • What you should include in every ad
  • The type of ads that are effective
  • What you should include in your copy in addition to benefits
  • What to do to drive home a point
  • How to improve the pulling power of an ad
  • Why the word “guarantee” has lost much of its force and what you should do instead
  • Who your best prospects are
  • When your best ideas will come and what you must do to keep from losing them
  • The key to success in advertising
  • A couple of simple tests for your copy that requires no statistics or measurement
  • How to get an honest opinion on your copy
  • The best test for your copy
  • The most accurate test for copy
  • How to beat the client’s best selling ad (the control)
  • The secret to happiness