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72 Master Sales Letters

And What Made Them Pay

The 72 best selected out of 5,063

5,063 letters were analyzed and only 72 were chosen based only by the results achieved (the only real measure of success).

The outcome was an incredible collection of 72 letters analyzed and dissected for you. You can copy, amend and use any of these letters. Use them as templates for your own mailings or just get the ideas to write your own and catapult your company’s profits.

Here’s what these letters can do for you:

  • How to absolutely, positively guarantee prospects will read your letters instead of trashing them

  • Use these different techniques in your letters and watch your sales grow. On page 18
  • There is one single most important item for every situation that you simply must use. Find out what this is on page 83
  • Learn how to target a specific market. Your competitors won’t know this one. Find out on page 21

  • Avoid this frequently over-used word in your letters. To find out what it is, turn to page 29
  • Six prime motives that are absolutely essential if you want to appeal to your prospects buying instincts. Go to page 58 to see what these are.
  • See letters written with no motives and how weak and wishy-washy they are. Turn this type of letter around by referring to page 61
  • Enhance your letters and improve your response using these simple techniques. See what they are on page 67
  • Get your prospects to reply to your letters. Every time. See how on page 74
  • Profit from finding the big “ideas” for your letters. Page 83
  • Do not include this in your writings if you want to write a successful letter. Page 95
  • Gain your prospects’ attention by doing this. To see what this is go to page 102
  • Calculate what your response will be from this one single factor. What is it? See page 103
  • Get your prospects responding immediately with this neat little trick. See how on page 110
  • These two compelling ways will convince your prospects that your product or service is to their advantage. I bet none of your competitors use these. See what they are on page 120
  • Every business person wants customers to take action. Here’s two guaranteed ways to get your prospects champing at the bit. See how on page 124

“It has been proved that a reader or listener has, at each moment, but a limited amount of mental power available.

“Compare reading with looking at a picture. The eye sees and the eye apprehends the picture in a moment, but in writing, we can only produce our effect by a series of small impressions, dripping our meaning – so to speak – into the reader’s mind. A man’s brain at the best is a narrow-mouthed bottle into which we can receive but one word at a time.

“If you want your reader to think of ‘apples,’ for instance, you must use no words that will take his mind off ‘apples’; and you must write no words that will force him to use mental power in associating their meaning with apples.

“If you do use such words, you are weakening your own case, because you are causing him to use up part of ‘the mental power available at the moment’ for shifting your word around in his mind. He has that much less mental power with which to catch the drift of your idea.”

— Herbert Watson

Even though these letters predate the Internet, the copy principles within them are easily applied to today’s current strategies and tactics. Remember: principles never change. So, even if you are not writing a physical sales letter, you can apply these copy principles to web pages, video sales letter scripts, emails, social media, and more.

Table of Contents

  1. A Letters Hardest Job p7
  2. The Next to the Hardest Job for a Letter p41
  3. Letters That Open Doors p67
  4. Lining Up The Dealer With Letters p77
  5. Odd Jobs That Letters Can Do p83
  6. Letters That Open The Way for Greater Sales p87
  7. Giving The Product a Chance to Sell Itself p95
  8. Letters That Make Customers Friendlier p102
  9. Keeping the Outstanding Accounts Liquid p113