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A Message to Garcia

by Elbert Hubbard

Although based on an actual event, this is a chiefly fictional story that serves as a very effective motivational piece that inspires people to use their own initiative.

It occurred to me that this is an excellent story to present and distribute to affiliates. It inspires them to take the initiative when promoting your products.

Although many have made claims that this was reprinted and distributed in the hundreds of millions, it is more likely that the original reprint in all its variations ran to four million. However, the number of digital and print copies since then has probably come closer to some of the original estimations…to perhaps as many as 40 million, though there is no practical way to measure that.

Whatever the real circulation, it is clear that the story inspires incentive and that is something we can all are in more need of.

Elbert Hubbard was one of the most inspirational writers of his day.