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A limited offering of all the TOP
Copywriting Courses on this site

Dear Friend,

I know many of you are focused on one thing: improving your copywriting skills. I get that. I’m one of you.

It means you’ll be able to get better results from your copy and that’s IMPORTANT because…

It means you’ll be able to RAISE YOUR FEES — oh goodie (LOL).

Well, here’s a way to get all my top copywriting courses at one time in one bundle for one low, low price…just a fraction of what they normally sell for.

This bundle will only be available for a very limited time – Sunday, Midnight Pacific. Then it will be taken off the market.

Below you’ll find a listing of what’s included.

For detailed info on each course,
just click each of the LINKS below and
a new page will open up with the info.

Here’s what’s included:

Yes, I realize the last item is not strictly about copywriting but Ted has been very successful at getting increased results from copy by structuring the graphics in a certain way. So I thought I’d include that.

You may already have some of these but I have lowered the price of the bundle such that even if you have some, it will still be worth it to get the ones you need.

If you total up all the prices for everything included in this package, it will come to $3,650.82 and that is what you would normally have to pay.

But for this special BUNDLE I’m lowering the price DRASTICALLY.

Realistically, I could give a 90% discount and that would be great.

You’d only have to invest $365.08 – that would be an extraordinary value.

But for just this one time and for only until this weekend, I’m lowering your investment to only $197.

This Offer EXPIRES Sunday, September 12 at Midnight Pacific








That’s a pretty small investment, especially when you consider that you could easily earn that back by writing only one email.

There’s no real secret to copywriting. You get paid for the results you can produce.

And the better you are at copywriting, the higher you can raise your fees.

There’s also no secret about how you get better results with your copy…you study the masters, model them, learn from them. That’s what you’re getting with these courses.