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Eugene M. Schwartz

Copywriter, Entrepreneur, Author

Author of Breakthrough Advertising, Mail Order, The Brilliance Breakthrough, The Rodale Press Workshop on Copywriting, Gene Schwartz on Breakthrough Copy and many others

“Gene is arguably one of the best copywriters of all time.

“His book, Breakthrough Advertising, is probably one of the most difficult books to read but it has some of the most insightful observations on the subject. It’s worth getting at any price, if you’re serious about copywriting or even if you’re just serious about making money. He had a way of breaking down the process into achievable pieces. I get new realizations every time I read his stuff.”

Carl Galletti

Copywriter, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Top Internet Marketer

From the New York Times:

An advertising copywriter whose specialty was direct-mail campaigns, Mr. Schwartz was the author of 10 books, including “Breakthrough Advertising” and “The Brilliance Breakthrough.” He wrote some of the most celebrated lines in direct-mail advertising, such as “Give Me 15 Minutes and I’ll Give You a Super-Power Memory,” which launched the first book of the memory expert Harry Lorraine.

He was born on March 18, 1927, in Butte, Mont., and studied at the University of Washington. He moved to New York City in 1949, joining the advertising firm of Huber Hoge & Sons as a messenger boy and working his way up to copy chief. In 1954 he went into business on his own.