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How To Improve The
Single Most Important Part of
All Your Advertising…

The Part That Will Make the
Greatest Difference in Your Income

From: Carl Galletti
Tuesday, 5:17 a.m.
Re: The Most Important Part of Your Ad, Website or Sales Letter

Dear Friend:

All the advertising geniuses throughout advertising history have agreed upon one very important thing:

The Headline is the One Thing More than Anything Else that Can Dramatically Improve the Results You Are Getting from All Your Advertising

This means that by improving your headlines you will get more readers, prospects, customers, sales and, consequently, income.

And that means you’ll have more money to buy those toys you’ve been lusting after. Or going on that vacation you’ve been dreaming about. Or whatever it is you want.

Now, you may or may not believe me so what I’m going to do is ask the greatest advertising geniuses of all time to step right up here and tell you in their own words.

Ah, I see the great David Ogilvy has stepped forward first…

Five Times as Many People
Read the Headlines as
Read the Body Copy

“On the average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy.

It follows that unless your headline sells your product, you have wasted 90 percent of your money…

Since headlines, more than anything else, decide the success or failure of an advertisement, the silliest thing of all is to run an ad without any headline at all –‘a headless wonder.’…

If you would like more guidance on writing headlines, I commend you to John Caples‘ book Tested Advertising Method

David Ogilvy

from Ogilvy On Advertising by David Ogilvy

Then, Jay Abraham, the top marketing consultant in the world:

Headlines Increase Results Up to 17 Times

“By merely changing the headline, the number of new prospects and sales can increase up to 17 times. That’s 1,700% leverage.”


by Jay Abraham

Headline is 50-75% of Ad

“Inquiry returns show that the headline is 50 to 75 per cent of the advertisement. So, selling punch in your headline is about the most important thing.”

by Don Belding
as quoted in Tested Advertising Methods
by John Caples

Headline Multiplies Results 19 1/2 Times!!!

“I have seen one mail order advertisement actually sell, not twice as much, not three times as much, but 19 1/2 times as much goods as another.

“Both advertisements occupied the same space. Both were run in the same publication. Both had photographic illustrations. Both had carefully written copy.

“The difference was that one used the right appeal and the other used the wrong appeal…The appeal is usually expressed in the headline”

“If the headline of an advertisement is poor, the best copywriter in the world can’t write copy that will sell the goods.

“He hasn’t a chance. Because if the headline is poor, the copy will not be read. And copy that is not read does not sell goods.

“On the other hand, if the headline is a good one, it is a relatively simple matter to write the copy.”

“There are eighteen chapters in this book. Four of these chapters, or more than one-fifth of the entire book, deal with headlines of advertisements…Headlines are extremely important.”(Chapter 2: The Most Important Part of an Advertisement)

–from Tested Advertising Methods
by John Caples

“How important is the headline?

…Perhaps you have read somewhere that 50 per cent of the value of an entire advertisement is represented by the headline itself. Or 70 per cent. Or 80 per cent. The truth is that you cannot possibly evaluate it in percentages.

“For example, what percentage better is an automobile that runs beautifully as compared with one that won’t run at all? It’s the same with headlines. One can be almost a total falure in accomplishing even its primary purpose: to induce people to start reading the body matter (the copy) of the advertisement. Another headline can work almost like magic in enticing readers by the thousands into an ad whose copy moves people to action and thus moves products off the shelves.

“Yes, there is really that much difference in the power of headlines. It isn’t enough to cram persuasiveness into the body matter. Some of the most tremendous flops among advertisements contain body matter filled with convincing copy. But it just wasn’t capsuled into a good headline. And so the excellent copy did not even get a reading.

“For, obviously, it is the headline that gets people into the copy; the copy doesn’t get them into the headline. In other words, the copywriter’s aim in life should be to try to make it harder for people to pass up his advertisement than to read it. And right in his headline he takes the first, and truly giant, step on the road to that goal.”

— from How To Write A Good Advertisement
by Vic Schwab

“The problem with many advertisers, and even with advertising writers, is that they don’t appreciate how much the headline can affect the response of the advertisement. Here are some test results…two headlines were tested against each other…the second pulled 300 percent more…Another headline test…The second headline actually pulled five times as many…” — from Methods To Increase Advertising Results by Andy Byrne, VP Smith-Hemmings-Gosden Direct Response Advertising

Use The Best Headline You Can

“I believe that everyone who writes a piece of copy ought to put on it the best headline he can”

Bruce Barton, co-founder of Barton, Batten, Durstin and Osborne the largest ad agency in the world of its time

No Ad Better Than It’s Headline

“The writing of headlines is one of the greatest journalistic arts”

“The identical ad run with various headlines differs tremendously in its returns. It is not uncommon for a change in headlines to multiply returns from five to ten times over.”

“It is a basic law in advertising that no advertisement is better than its headline”

— from Scientific Advertising
by Claude Hopkins,
the father of modern advertising

“Writing selective, purpose-advancing advertising headlines that tell their story incisively and appealingly–fast–is one of the most highly skilled arts in the world…I urge you to read the first sentence of this paragraph again and again. Better yet, type it out and post it above your desk where you may read it and ponder it daily.” from How To Write Advertising That Sells by Clyde Bedell

Wow! They sure had a lot of great things to say about headlines. And that ought to convince you that if you expect to achieve the best results with your advertising, whether it be on the Internet, in magazines, through the mail or any other way, then you will need to learn how to write the very best headlines you can.

The first and most important thing to know about writing good headlines is to start making a collection of successful headlines. Then study them carefully. By going through them you will get your own ideas. The purpose is not to copy them but to be inspired by them.

The more headlines the better…but only collect GOOD ones. Bad headlines will give you bad headline writing habits and you want to avoid that.

In case you’re thinking that this sounds like a big job, relax, because now you can get a head start on your collection by getting…

This book contains enough headlines to start you on the road to producing breakthrough results. Cultivated from hundreds of sources, this compilation takes the very best headlines and delivers them to you in one convenient form.

Here is an easy way to stimulate your imagination and get all the headline ideas you’ll ever need. Even seasoned professionals often need a source of stimulus to get their mental gears into motion. This book was created around such a need.

Each and every one of the 2001 headlines are proven winners. Chances are that many of them can be quickly and easily adapted to your own special needs.

They will save you countless hours of time and effort. And bring you thousands of dollars in increased profits from your advertising.

As a writer of advertising copy, I know how often people struggle with copy for hours, for days — fixing it, polishing it, leaving the headline for last and then spending half an hour on it…when they know they should be spending hours on the headline — if not days! But not anymore. Not with this book. This book makes it easy.

All you have to do is scan the table of contents, choose some appropriate headlines — and quickly make those changes needed to match it to the particular product or service you’re selling. Or it may trigger an even better one. That’s how the creative mind works.

The headlines in the book are separated into eight categories:

  • Headlines for Selling Subscriptions
  • Headlines for Selling Books
  • Headlines for Selling Personal Products
  • Headlines for Selling Home Study Courses
  • Headlines for Selling Business Services & Equipment
  • Headlines for Selling Business & General Information
  • Headlines for Selling Financial/Investment Products, Services
  • Headlines for Recruiting Purposes

It would take you hundreds of hours and untold expense to assemble a collection likes this, even if that were possible today. You would have to study hundreds of publications and numerous issues of each to determine which ads were proving successful (or you’d have to have inside knowledge of the results) and even then it would be difficult since many of the publications are no longer available, except maybe from extremely rare and hard to find (and hard to access) sources.

So, having a convenient, easy to use collection like this is a real time and money saver.

But it’s real value is, of course, in the results it will help you achieve with your advertising.

It doesn’t matter whether you are writing ads for your Internet business, an ad for a magazine, a sales letter, or whatever, this book will inspire you to write headlines that will multiply your results way beyond it’s small price. Heck, the increased profits from just one ad alone should easily repay you many times over. And you’ll be able to use it for every ad you write from now on.

It’s easy to get. Just click on the link below and place your order NOW. Only $49.97 and it comes as an instant download in PDF format.

My Very Best to You,

Carl Galletti