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Business Correspondence Library

by Herbert Watson

This book was recommended by Robert Collier in The Robert Collier Letter Book. There are two closely associated book sets, Applied Business Correspondence and the Business Correspondence Library (sometimes referred to as the Course in Business Correspondence). In the Letter Book, Robert Collier wrote:

“I learned most of the rules of letter writing from Herbert Watson’s Business Correspondence Library.”

And then later:

“In line with our idea of making every possible improvement in our product, we got a few books on letter writing and applied the principles outlined in them to our letters. I remember the first set of books we got. It was Herbert Watson’s Business Correspondence Library, and it became our Bible for direct-mail work. Looking back on it now, I do not believe we could have found a better groundwork for our studies. Certain it is that it helped us to sell many thousands…without it we might have lost the sales. Next to Watson’s Applied Business Correspondence, I believe it has helped more men to a knowledge of how to use letters for profit than any set of books ever written.”