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The Boron Letters

by Gary Halbert

The BORON LETTERS is a series of letters by Gary C. Halbert, one of history’s greatest copywriters.  In it, he explains his insider secrets, tactics, and sage wisdom to his youngest son Bond.

This was originally only available as part of a paid monthly premium, The Boron Letters are unique in the marketing universe and now they are a bona fide cult classic among direct response marketers and copywriters around the world.

The letters inside are written from a father to a son, in a loving way to guide him through to success in copywriting, selling & persuasion…it’s hands-down the best SPECIFIC and ACTIONABLE training on how to convince people to buy your products or services.

It contains knowledge well beyond just copywriting and selling. It explains how to navigate life’s hurdles.

This marketing classic is personal and easily digestible. Plus… immediately after reading the first chapters, you can go out and make money and a real, noticeable difference in your marketplace.

There are very few successful direct response marketers (online or off) who don’t owe something to Gary Halbert…and for many of them, The Boron Letters is the crown jewel in their collection.

Copywriters and marketers read and re-read The Boron Letters over and over again for a reason.

These strategies, secrets and tips are going to be relevant 5, 10, even 100 years from now because they deal honestly with the part of human psychology which never changes, how to convince and convert folks into buyers.

Bottom line? Read the first chapter. Get into the flow of Gary’s mind. Then read the second. I dare you to NOT finish the entire darn thing. After you put a few of the lessons into practice, you too will find yourself reading The Boron Letters again and again like so many of today’s top marketers. If you don’t already have your copy get it now. You won’t regret it.

“While reading Jay Abraham’s newsletter, ‘Your Marketing Genius at Work’, I read a piece called ‘LETTERS TO MY SON.’ It was written by an unnamed author and was a series of letters from someone in prison writing lessons to his son, Bond. It was brilliant and insightful and contained lots of great information about copywriting and marketing. After reading it, I was determined to find out who wrote it. I wanted to read more of his stuff. So, I planned to call Jay and ask him.”

“But, before I was able to make the call, I received a letter in the mail. It was a promotion for ‘The Gary Halbert Letter’. And in that promotion, Gary talked about his Tova Ad and I remember that story from the ‘LETTERS TO MY SON’ piece in Jay’s newsletter. I knew instantly that the author of that piece was now revealed to me. It was Gary Halbert. I later found out that Gary’s name for the piece was ‘The Boron Letters.’ Get a copy and read every every word. It will change your life and bank account.

Carl Galletti

Copywriter, Internet Marketer, Speaker, Author