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The First Hundred Million

by Emanuel Haldeman-Julius

Excerpt from the May 1987 issue of The Gary Halbert Letter:

“More than 60 years ago, a man named E. Haldeman-Julius conducted the most fascinating and large-scale market research program I’ve ever heard about. Are you familiar with Haldeman-Julius? He’s the guy who published the world famous Little Blue Books.”

“…To say that the Little Blue Books sold well would be somewhat of an understatement. How many of them were sold? I’m glad you asked because the answer is…..”

“More Than 100 Million!”

“…After Haldeman-Julius had sold over 100 million of these little books, then he wrote a book titled The First Hundred Million to tell what he had learned from this publishing venture. His statistics are amazing. They reveal exactly what interested the American public in the 1920’s and in exactly what relative proportions. And you know what? Those statistics are dead on target today!”

Gary Halbert

Author, The Gary Halbert Letter

There are two versions of “The First Hundred Million.”

The first version is the original that was published by Simon & Schuster. It is 185 pages.

The second version which I call the “EXPANDED Version” includes the original PLUS two other publications.

One is a “Statistical Analysis of Little Blue Book Titles.” This consists of two listings of the Little Blue Book titles found in “The First Hundred Million.” The first listing is of titles in order of most sold. This makes it easier to find the most popular titles without combing through the entire book and compiling a list, which takes several hours to do. The a listing in alphabetical order. This makes it easy to locate a particular book by title and then see what it’s sales were.

The other publication included in the EXPANDED Version is “A History of the Little Blue Books.” It gives a short background of the business and lists every Little Blue Book title ever published and has lots of photos of Little Blue Book covers, ads and other photos relating to the business.

The EXPANDED Version is 384 pages.

This is the issue of the Gary Halbert Letter where he talks about The First Hundred Million (the original version) ===>>>>>>