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Robert Collier’s Personal Picks For The Best Sales Letters…

Selling on the Internet can be the easiest and least expensive method of promoting your services or products; it can also be the most difficult and the most expensive method. It all depends on the words you use in advertising/promoting your product. This is called “copy.”

The single most important thing you can do to dramatically improve your sales is to…

…write copy that sells. So, it’s not about the writing, although it’s called copy “writing.” No. It’s about selling.

The .ability to write copy that sells is one of the most important marketing tools you can possess. Historically, the direct mail and mail order industries were the predecessors to Internet marketing and we often turn to them for insights on the most successful techniques. The Internet hasn’t changed the core techniques; it’s just made the response faster.

If you could choose the one man throughout the history of selling-by-mail who could write a sales letter for you — one that would produce the results you desire, you would probably ask Robert Collier to do the job.

Backed by many years of success in the field of selling my mail, selling every commodity from trench machinery to fertilizers, books and raincoats, stocks and bonds and services, he has placed hundreds of millions of dollars into the pockets of the clients for whom he has written his master sales letters.  As a consequence, he is considered by many today to have been America’s premier writer of successful sales letter copy.

Many years ago Mr. Collier, after having written many successful sales letters, was asked to select the fifteen which he considered the best of them all.  It was a difficult job to pick fifteen of the best from a list of ten thousand of the best, but the job got done and here are the letters.  These are the fifteen best sales letters written by the man acknowledged to be the best writer of sales letters in the world.

Although these letters were written many years ago, they continue to inspire effective copy today.

They have actually been tested, they have been used, and they have actually sold

MILLIONS OF DOLLARS worth of services and merchandise

With appropriate modifications these letters will sell for you, as they are selling for others.

Choose those which are applicable to your own business, alter them only to such an extent as to fit with the products or services you sell.  It will pay you to study them all, because they all contain the essential elements that enter into every successful sales letter.  They contain ideas that you may apply successfully in your own copy.

After learning from these letters, you may be interested in getting The Robert Collier Letter Book which is a book that shows you in Robert Collier’s own words the many secrets and techniques he used and the reasoning behind them.  The book is available from this site.