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The Lasker Story As He Told It

by Albert D. Lasker

“Lasker brought us Claude Hopkins, John E. Kennedy, Reason Why Advertising and led us into the modern advertising and direct response age. Here, we get Lasker speaking in his own words. We get to see how he thinks and what drives him on. It’s a classic and an inspiration for every copywriter, promoter and entrepreneur.

Carl Galletti

Copywriter, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Top Internet Marketer

Originally published in 26 installments of Advertising Age, The Lasker Story gives you insight into the man who ran the most powerful ad agency of his time…the man who, more than anyone else was the driving force of modern advertising.

As owner of the Lord & Thomas agency (forerunner to Foote, Cone & Belding) he reveals his business philosophy and advertising expertise that made him a leading force of advertising for 40 years. Lasker reveals, in his own words, how he shaped the agency that ranked number one in its day.

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Cover from the book in my collection