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“How to write ads which make your customers CRAZY to spend cash!”

The Special Report you are about to download is only 1 of 12 Special Reports by Brett McFall.

All 12 reports normally sell for $29 each, so that is 12 x $29.00 for a total of $348.00 but you can get the entire group at a deep discount during this special sale.

The REAL VALUE is in how they can improve the results you’re getting from your own marketing, advertising and copywriting. Those results, of course, directly translate into dollars and that means BIG profits for you.

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To sweeten the pot, when you buy the entire package, I’ll include 6 bonus videos, recently done by Brett. Hope you enjoy and profit from them.

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Brett McFall’s FREE SAMPLE Special Report:

Exclusive insights from Australia’s “results guaranteed” copywriter,
Brett McFall

 “Brett McFall is a world-class copywriter in my book. He writes some of the hottest copy I’ve ever seen. If you’ve got any sort of brain in your head, I guarantee you will learn from him. Do whatever it takes to be in the same room with him. Pay him whatever he charges… because… THIS guy will make you millions.” — Gary Halbert (USA)

SAMPLE Report:

How to write ads which make your customers CRAZY to spend cash!

Inside this SAMPLE issue…

  • The real reason you create an advertisement
  • How to find and understand your prospects like they were family
  • The nine things you must know if you want to make money hand over fist
  • A real-life example of someone who can’t handle any more customers and beats every other business in his industry – even though he lives in one of the smallest towns in Australia

Special Report #2:

The money-making secrets of a killer sales letter which made $139,800 in just 29 days

Inside this issue…

  • A sales letter that will blow your mind, reproduced in full. What you’ll learn could very well change your marketing mind forever.
  • How Erold Ansell of sold out all 40 seats in his event at $3,495.00 each in less than 30 days!
  • A copy formula to model to get these sensational results.
  • A brilliant lesson in how to approach your high ticket price.

Special Report #3:

Two of the most successful advertising pieces in the history of the world – one made over a billion dollars, the other only a billion … revealed here for your own profit

Inside this issue…

  • The actual word-for-word advertising piece for American Express which was mailed to
    over 280 million people and generated well over a billion dollars in revenue
  • Then a second piece which again was a world-beater, but this time for The Wall Street
    Journal – taking in an estimated billion dollars
  • How to use these outrageously successful letters for profiting in your own business

Special Report #4:

How to design your own ‘killer’ ad and increase your response by 500%

Inside this issue…

  • How NOT to design your ad
  • One of the key secrets of successful advertising design (something which most graphic artists don’t have
    a clue about, so don’t get them to design your ad! Do it yourself!!)
  • Exactly how to design your ad for maximum profits
  • 6 proven examples of advertising design that work, including one that has personally brought me over
    $12,000 in sales in just a few months

Special Report #5:

How to get your customers to stop what they’re doing and order – the secrets behind offers that no-one can refuse

Inside this issue…

  • How to make your offer so irresistible that your prospects can’t wait to contact you or
    spend their cash
  • Absolute “killer” examples of hot offers that got the phone ringing off the hook
    (including one offer which tripled the owner’s business and made him an extra $200,000
    a year) – model these offers for your own profit
  • How to send your sales soaring with a simple little twist

Special Report #6:

The yawningly simple… and devastatingly effective way…
to triple your profits and become an “advertising genius.”

Inside this issue…

  • The only way to create advertising that will make you rich
  • 4 advertising mistakes that can lose you thousands of dollars
  • How smart advertisers make their fortune
  • The simple principle you can use to make money from your advertising all the time, with
    every single ad you run
  • How I became an “advertising genius” and how you can too … PLUS amazing real
    examples of advertising tests

Special Report #7:

8 quick and easy design secrets of ads and sales letters that SELL!

Inside this issue…

  • Which point-size is the most effective for increasing readership and getting sales
  • Which fonts are the best to use, and which to avoid like the plague
  • How to make sure you don’t scare your prospect off BEFORE they’ve even reader your ad
  • How to make prospects notice the things you want them to – you’re actually in control!
  • How to hook your reader into reading your complete ad or sales letter … and more

Special Report #8:

How to sell your product or service so well, customers practically beg you to take their money!

Inside this issue…

  • The simple but super powerful process for virtually grabbing your prospect by the collar and making
    them drink up to your sales presentation like it was milk to a baby – be it in person, or in your advertising
  • Heaps and heaps of ways to apply this process in your business for real PROFIT, including actual ideas
    and examples that you can flat out copy, or just use to spur on your own imagination
  • How to intrigue your prospect; create desire in their hearts; close the sale … and more!

Special Report #9:

DARE TO BE DIFFERENT: How extraordinary businesses advertise their way to success and how you can too.

Inside this issue…

  • How to instantly take a boring “me too” advert and turn it into a “killer” with just the
    addition of 1 or 2 lines
  • Powerful examples to make it super easy to apply “differentiation” in your business
  • How successful entrepreneurs have made themselves and their businesses unique
  • 3 ways you can make your business impossible to ignore … NOW

Special Report #10:

Sensational ads set to dominate and profit… PLUS the 5 BIG reasons why people won’t buy from you and what you can do about it NOW

Inside this issue…

  • How an ‘average’ ad was turned into a blockbuster
  • How a puppeteer is going to pick and choose the jobs he wants
  • How one of your fellow subscribers is using what he learns in these pages to write great ads, and
  • “The 5 Fears” – why they’re holding you back from big profits

Special Report #11:

The advertising of the future. What it is, and why you need to start doing it … fast

Inside this issue…

  • What Respect Advertising is all about
  • How to make sure you don’t get left behind
  • Why you actually have an advantage over traditional mass marketers
  • How you can become No.1 in your customers eyes, while other companies
    blast away and get nowhere

Special Report #12:

Here’s what to do about it now, and recession-proof your business … forever

Inside this issue…

  • What NOT to do when your turnover takes a siesta … and how to avoid becoming a ‘tortoise’
  • How to get maximum results, impact and profit from all your advertising efforts
  • 6 powerful Recession-Busters, plus
  • A proven press release which not only gets printed, but makes money too

Bonus Videos

Bonus Video #1:

How I generate a minimum of $50K per month in 10-hour a week

Inside this video…

  • What the recent change in trends means for the kind of business to have online in 2018 (things will never be the same again)
  • The exact price you need to be selling your product/service at (only if you want to stay in business)
  • My exact 3-step “fast client formula” laid out and explained in full

Bonus Video #2:

ZERO to $250K in 10-months? Here’s how…

Inside this video…

  • The secret behind getting sales when you don’t have the product ready
  • Why you don’t actually have to be “selling” anything at all

Bonus Video #3:

How to turn $1 into $5

Inside this video…

  • Where I advertise
  • What I do with people once they respond
  • And how my $1 in advertising spend results in a minimum $5 in sales EVERY time

Bonus Video #4:

How to get paid what you’re worth

Inside this video…

  • Why you pay a plumber $200 for a 30c solution
  • Why you’re wasting your asset… and what to do about it
  • How to tap into the thousands of people who are WANTING to spend with you

Bonus Video #5:

How to dramatically increase your income… selling what you know

Inside this video…

  • The secret asset that you are sitting on… and likely wasting – and how you can turn that asset into a much higher income
  • The “Ladder of Leverage” fully explained
  • How to climb the “ladder” and change your income forever

Bonus Video #6:

How To Get Ridiculous Results From Your Marketing

Inside this video…

  • Are you “boring?” Truly – are you? If you are, then you’ve got a bigger marketing problem than you can handle… but let me tell you how to fix it
  • IS THIS YOU? You hate selling… but you want to make money! Hmmm… see a problem there? I’ll talk you through this and show you that you’re already selling everyday anyway
  • How to get past this “I hate selling” thing and forever change your life

Watch this video about Brett McFall…

The story of how online marketing changed my life and it could do the same for you

Get ALL 12 Brett McFall Special Reports
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