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Carl Galletti’s Summit Bundle

Six great products plus two FREE BONUSES to show you how to get better results from all your promotions. Descriptions below.

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Here’s what’s in:

Carl Galletti’s Summit Bundle

11 Principles You Really Need to Know to Make Money on the Internet

A 1-hour Mp3 Audio that gives you the 11 principles you need to make money and be successful on the Internet. Includes timed transcript and cheat sheet.

How To Write Ads Which Make Your Customers CRAZY to Spend Cash

A special report in PDF format from one of Australia’s leading marketers, Brett McFall.

Secrets of the Greatest Advertising Geniuses

Shows you where to uncover the secrets of all the great advertising and copywriting geniuses and reveals their most valuable secrets.

Great Headlines Can Make You Rich

A PDF report from one of the top marketers of all time: Dan Kennedy

Seven Story Secrets That Skyrocket Sales

Another FREE BONUS Report. This one from top copywriter, Vin Montello, describing the secrets of his seven different types of stories that he tells to get amazing results from promotions he writes.

Copy Magic

How To Use Words To Sell Your Products – by Carl Galletti. Includes PDF eBook and 2-hour Mp3 Audio

How I Made $127.49 per Second For an Hour

FREE BONUS Report tells how Carl Galletti used his words to bring in $458,949.00 in sales in just one hour…that’s comes out to $127.49 per second!

Carl Galletti's Internet Marketing Newsletter #110

  • How to Sell 50% More with One Check Box
  • Podcasting Primer-How to Earn Trust, Scale Intimacy and Profit – Part 2
  • Ordinary People Who Turned Dismal Failure Into Extreme Success
  • Stop Writing Blogposts and Articles — Do This Instead
  • Kindle’s Clue on Retaining Subscribers
  • Do You See What the Master Sees?
  • Gaining The Invisible Edge
  • How To Build a Real Business Right Now
  • TikTok Marketing In a Nutshell
  • 15 Ordinary People Who Turned Dismal Failure Into Extreme Success
  • Shocking Statistics, Idea Sex And Lucrative Questions
  • What’s in a Pandemic Name?
  • Painting an Awesome Product Picture
  • 3 Quick Zoom Tips
  • Some Good Quotes to Inspire You
  • “Show Me the Money” Words of Wisdom from Jerry McGuire