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Dan Kennedy’s
Customer Appreciation Seminar

Skyrocket Your Income And
Secure Your Financial Freedom

“Dan Kennedy Reveals His Most Guarded Secrets…
The Ones That Catapulted Him To Be A Top Marketing Genius Who Commands $19,200.00 a Day Just To Design A Marketing Strategy”

Imagine What THAT KIND of Knowledge Can Do For YOU!!!

Dan Kennedy presented a full-day “Customer Appreciation Seminar” in Phoenix, attended by over 220 of his Inner Circle Members, who traveled from as far away as Australia to be there – the seminar was for Members ONLY.

Dan revealed his; breakthrough marketing strategies along with his PERSONAL philosophies and business practices, the ones that were responsible for his achieving extraordinary entrepreneurial and financial success.

He even included what he calls his “Brass Balls Factors” – the sort of “harsh reality” success information nobody ever talks about publicly….what it REALLY takes to go from scratch to wealth, fast, against all resistance and all obstacles.

This was hard-hitting, “Adults Only” how-to information.

Here is what Dan said, in his original letter, inviting his Members to the Seminar:

“This day might be the single most important day of your life because I’m going to share with you my philosophy, my personal success principles, my entrepreneurial, deal-making, moneymaking, and marketing strategies . . . . . EVERYTHING that has enabled me to be successfully self-employed for 25 years, to rise to the very top of not one but two professions, to create huge incomes and personal wealth.”

Here Are A Few Of The Ways This Seminar Can Supercharge Your Skills, Skyrocket Your Income And Secure Your Financial Freedom (in Dan’s own words):

1. You’ll be taken “inside” my personal modus operandi

2. You’ll “travel” from A- to -Z with me, through my experiences, as no other audience has done before or will do in the future. Get the synthesis of 25 years of “expensive experience” and use it as your personal shortcut to your goals.

3. You will receive a “kit” of TEN WEALTH-BUILDING TOOLS to take home and use. This Tool Kit is a FREE GIFT.

4. You will be shown actual examples and case histories of my most prized strategies at work.

5. You will even hear from a number of my “students” about how they are using my methods in their businesses.

You see, I’ve been able to achieve Total Financial Liberty before even turning 45, and I started from the dirt up, with no personal or family resources, no backing, only a high school education. And, although I’ve taught thousands and thousands of hours of seminars, given over 1,500 speeches, written numerous books, etc., etc., I’ve never before presented ALL my “building blocks” of financial freedom at one time, in one place, integrated together.

When you have an understanding of ALL these “building blocks”, you can at least equal my accomplishments and, as you wish, surpass them. And let me even define the overall objective for you; it is achieving what I call TOTAL FINANCIAL LIBERTY. This is how I see and live it:

1. Enough assets and wealth so that the passive income it provides can meet all your needs so that you need never do a minute of work again if you don’t want to.

2. Earning income doing things that genuinely interest you. And feeling totally comfortable saying no to opportunities, jobs, etc. that do not or that no longer interest you.

3. Earning income dealing only with people you want to deal with. And saying no to those you don’t want to deal with, without even a twinge of regret.

4. Being and feeling completely free of any pressure, other than self-imposed pressure to achieve goals totally of your own selection.

5. Not caring at all what anybody or everybody else thinks of you, not worrying about who you please or offend.

6. Arranging your lifestyle to suit you.

7. Possessing the ability to create income at will, through direct marketing NOT through manual labor… to transcend any one business or product category and create profitable promotions for virtually any product, service or business – or charity, non-profit, political cause.

Directly responsible for
over $500,000.00 in sales

“140,000.00 in business in 4 days, and a big chunk of that was extra revenue I’d have never seen without the one suggestion you gave me. If I’d been using that one since the first of the year, I’d be at least $100,000.00 farther ahead.”

“Here’s a much-deserved testimonial. I should have sent you this formal thank-you sooner, but I’ve been so busy making money with all the killer marketing stuff I’ve learned from you, I haven’t taken the time. Anyway, my relationship with you is directly responsible for over $500,000.00 in sales in less than 2 years.”

Joe Polish, Piranha Marketing, Inc.

Perhaps you missed out on the live seminar but the good news is: this entire day and evening were captured in audio recordings of the seminar.

Professionally recorded, and mastered with an absolute minimum of editing, so listening to the audios is as much like being there as possible.

An Amazingly Small Price:

You won’t have to dip into your pocket for an airline ticket to pay for these because now the whole Seminar’s coming to you – and you’ll be able to instantly download and listen to them right now…while you drive or take care of other tasks.

These recordings should easily be selling for $500.00 or more.

But, for a limited time, you can get them instantly, for much less.

What you gain from any one hour of the whole day and evening could easily be worth the price you are investing in this program. And a real investment it is because by applying just a few of the strategies you learn…strategies that have made Dan six and seven figures per year for years on end. (Of course, there’s no guarantee of what you’ll make but if you apply yourself, you could do well, perhaps even better than Dan — there’s no law that says you can’t).

Dan has routinely been paid upwards from $50,000.00 to $200,000.00 plus royalties to craft direct-response copy and offline/online marketing systems and campaigns for his private clients….over 85% of which are repeat clients.

Since it costs $800.00 an hour to consult with Dan privately or by phone, this is like investing in just a few minutes – but still getting the entire day!

By the way, not long ago, a repeat client of Dan’s bought a day at his $9,600.00 rate, flew all the way across the country to meet with him, but ended the day after only 43 minutes. Why? Because he had everything he needed and more to solve the business problem he’d brought with him, so he wanted to get to work right away. He later told Dan that those 43 minutes had been worth over $180,000.00 to him in just the first month.

Look, any way you want to slice or dice this, your investment is a wise decision because you are getting a seminar where Dan has revealed his personal result-getting, obstacle-smashing, wealth-multiplying strategies, bluntly, completely, nothing held back.