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The Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters of All Time

by Richard S. Hodgson

Special Discounted Version for
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Includes the Latest 3 Chapters:

How To START a Letter

How To CLOSE a Letter

100 Tips For Better Direct Mail Sales Letters

That’s an ADDITIONAL 81 Pages bringing the total to 538 Pages


Includes Editable Word DOC Transcripts

of 93 of the Sales Letters in the Book

So you can include them in your ChatGPT Prompts

or just load them into your word processor and start making your changes — saves a lot of time.




Copyblogger had this to say about collections of winning ads (Swipe files):

Directory of Sales Letters included:

SECTION II Classic direct mail letters

  1. Newsweek “If the list upon which…name”
  2. Psychology Today Bathroom Door
  3. Reader’s Digest “Two Pennies”
  4. Admiral Richard E. Byrd Polar Center…Expedition
  5. Kiplinger Washington “Boom & Inflation”
  6. Barron’s “Widows & Orphans”
  7. Highlights for Children “Happy Faces”
  8. Mercedes Benz of NA – “Americans Won’t Buy it.”
  9. Old American Insurance Co. “Empty Shoes”
  10. Games Magazine “Connect The Dots”
  11. Nature Conservancy “Devil”
  12. Ambassador Letter-Brochure Combination
  13. First Baptist Church “Organ”
  14. Franklin Mint “100 Greatest Books”
  15. Breck’s Personalized Catalog Wraps
  16. Thompson Cigar Company “15 Rivers to Cross”
  17. American Bible Society “Your Faith Can Move Mountains”
  18. Hewlett-Packard Pocket Calculator
  19. Hewlett-Packard Pocket Computer
  20. Wall Street Journal “Two Young Men”
  21. American Express “Quite Frankly”
  22. Greystone Press “Frankly I’m Puzzled”
  23. DMEF – Personalized Letter from Bob Stone
  24. DMEF – Bob Dale Letter by John Yeck
  25. Tom Collins’ George McGovern
  26. Nat. Rep. Sen. Com – Repub Pres. Task Force
  27. Humor In Direct Mail: Haband Letters
  28. John Yeck’s Let’s Have Better Mottoes Assoc.

SECTION III Consumer mail order letters

  1. Franklin Mint Norman Rockwell Plate
  2. Franklin Mint Gallery of American/Western Art
  3. Natl. Wholesale Co. “Sarah Smith”
  4. Banker’s Life “One Woman to Another”
  5. Personal Improvement Corp “Lover of Life”
  6. Calhoun’s Collectors Society “My Stock Broker Husband”
  7. National Liberty Cancer Insurance
  8. Omaha Steaks Prospecting
  9. Frankl Lewis Miracle Grapefruit

SECTION IV Circulation and book promotion

  1. Organic Gardening “Five Mistakes”
  2. Business Week Invitation Letter I
  3. Business Week Invitation Letter II
  4. Business Week Invitation Letter III
  5. Bon Appetit “Sangria”
  6. Quest/78 Charter Subscription
  7. Psychology Today “Hitler”
  8. Prevention Magazine “Memories of Grandmother”
  9. Publishers Clearing House “Transparent”
  10. Publishers Clearing House “Advance Notice”
  11. Fly Fisherman Magazine “Trout Spoken Here”
  12. Popular Mechanics Encyclopedia Dirty Hands
  13. Time Life Books “Cowboy”
  14. Good Housekeeping “33 Ways”

SECTION V Fund-raising

  1. YMCA “Ernie Banks”
  2. New York Zoological Society “Zoofer”
  3. Champaign County Council on Alcoholism “Lonely Man”
  4. Harry S. Truman Library Institute Fund Raising
  5. United Republican Fund of Illinois “Demonstration”
  6. Miami University Fund Eddie Rickenbaker
  7. National Federation of the Blind Penny
  8. Southern Poverty Law Center Klanwatch Project
  9. Christina L. Woods Memorial Fund
  10. Nat. Trust for Historic Prevention “Drayton Hall”
  11. Covenant House Letters

SECTION VI Business to business

  1. IBM Direct Response
  2. Xerox Used Copiers
  3. McNeil Consumer Products Tylenol Crises
  4. Day-Times, Inc. Free Trial Offer
  5. Ingram Hall, Ltd. Lawyer
  6. Nestle Company Key
  7. Trans-Lux “9 Reasons”
  8. Ace Pecan Company “Dad’s Advice”
  9. Yeck Brothers Co. Grandfather’s Watch

SECTION VII Inquiry and lead-getting

  1. AT&T Information Systems Merlin
  2. RR Donnelley & Sons Co. Four-Step
  3. Westinghouse Security Stems Consumer
  4. Troy-Bilt Inquiry Answering
  5. General Telephone Co. of Illinois
  6. Champion “Here It is A Second Time”

SECTION VIII Rental and service

  1. Community Federal Savings “Wham”
  2. Alley Deli “Free Lunch”
  3. Dick’s Supermarkets “Congratulations”
  4. USMC “Yes-No”
  5. Aircraft Owners & Pilots Assoc. “Flying Start”
  6. Robert Bartlett Realty Co. “Just Suppose”
  7. Fairview Medical Research Survey On A Check
  8. Smithy Companies “Backwards”
  9. Presidential Card “Did I Lose A Letter From You”
  10. Bache Financial Planning “Rating A General”

SECTION IX Personalized letters

  1. Reader’s Digest
  2. Time-Life Books Non-Computer
  3. Helene Curtis Beauty Salon
  4. Official Meeting Facilities Guide
  5. Xerox Preferred Account
  6. Canadian Office of Tourism

And MORE…Much, Much MORE!

This is not just a collection of the best and hardest to find sales letters but also the best advice on how to write them.

Here’s just a sample of what else you get:

      • Copywriting Formulas (12 Of Them)
      • The Copywriter’s Packet – What It Is, What It Contains, And Why It Is So Important To Have One
      • How To Use This Book
      • Creating Direct Mail Letters
      • Guidelines For Good Letters
      • How Long Should a Letter Be?
      • 100 Motivations For People To Buy
      • Before The Writing Starts
      • The Starting Point
      • The Opening Paragraphs
      • The Cross-Out/Write-In Technique For Testing The Effectiveness Of Your Copy
      • How To Make Your Copy Clear And Easy To Understand
      • The Five “Musts”
      • The Opening Paragraphs
      • The Hat Trick Technique For Testing Your Copy
      • The Johnson Box
      • The Order Form
      • The Postscript
      • Editing Copy


You also get the Word DOC file TRANSCRIPTIONS of all 93 of the Sales Letters.

Why would you want these?

Actually, there are three of good reasons:

1 — You can load them into your prompts for ChatGPT or most other AI tools and have the AI use them as examples of the structure/framework you want to use in your own sales letters.

2 — You could just take the transcription directly into your word processor and begin changing it to suit the product/service you’re working on, using the sales letter as a MODEL. Nothing like having a good sales letter to model.

3 — It’s easier to do a “copy a great sales letter” technique. You just put it into your word processor and copy a paragraph at a time. This method was popularized by Gary Halbert but he got it from Thomas Hall who got it from a sailor who used it to copy a novel and become a successful novelist. Works great for learning to write sales letters.

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“Ads which ran 30-50 years ago, even a hundred years ago, are often better than those you see today. You’ll get great ideas to use in your marketing, too – human emotions never change.”

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