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How To Write Web Site Copy That Sells

by  Scott T. Smith

Here’s What You Will Discover in This Report:

  • A simple template for a new type of website that sells
  • What you should offer on your site
  • What your home page should be
  • The single most important element of your web copy
  • What your headline must do
  • The single most important benefit you should tell your audience
  • What is the payoff and critical section of your home page
  • 10 key formatting tips that will keep your prospects reading and buying
  • And more!!!

Scott T. Smith

Scott T. Smith writes sales generating, order-pulling copywriting that ‘works’ to maximize your bottom line. A true word “Smith,” Scott has written for hundreds of companies in North America and around the world.

Scott is extremely versatile, skilled at helping clients ranging in size from Mom ‘n’ Pop shops to multi-national corporations. A thoughtful veteran of the copywriting wars, he is featured in a new book by copywriting ‘guru’ Robert W. Bly.