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Lord and Thomas Creeds

by Claude Hopkins and Albert Lasker

  • What the most effective phrase in the history of advertising can teach you about copywriting.
  • If you’ve ever said a bad word about any of your competitors here’s why you’re actually hurting your own business.
  • The truth about today’s business world and what successful companies use that is more important and effective than the competition.
  • Why the most profitable quality that any copy can have is simplicity.
  • How to determine how much information to put into your advertisements.
  • A single scandal could ruin your reputation and your business forever. Here’s how to make sure that your reputation remains spotless.
  • How to hire great advertisers. There are too many out there whose skill doesn’t match their claims. This is how you avoid them.
  • The two personal qualities that virtually guarantee success if you have them.
  • Why you should never rely on a few opinions or anecdotes when making decisions about your marketing or business.
  • The strange reason why intellectuals and “geniuses” tend to make the worst copywriters and advertisers.
  • 11 secrets of psychology that will make your copy better almost instantly.
  • Warning! You need to be able to judge the success of every ad in plain numbers. Here’s the only number that matters.
  • Why hiding your product’s shortcomings is the wrong approach and how you can use its weaknesses to make even more sales.
  • How to keep your mistakes small so they can never put your business in danger.
  • 5 sure ways to make sure your readers believe every word of your copy.
  • The “Pacemaker” factor that can send a once-thriving business to the bottom of its industry. Here’s what you need to know about it so you don’t fall into the same trap.