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Lord and Thomas Ads That Teach Advertising

by The Lord & Thomas Agency (Claude C. Hopkins, Albert D. Lasker, et al)

  • The common-sense reason why simple and sincere advertising will beat “clever” advertising every time.
  • The key to making more sales and why every sentence in your copy needs to lead to it.
  • If you think you need to change your winning copy because it’s getting stale, think again. Here’s what you should do instead.
  • If you run a wholesale business or sell through retailers there’s a concept you must understand to keep them ordering from you.
  • Why would you wait two weeks to run an advertisement that seems great? You’ll see why waiting could save you a lot of wasted money.
  • The deadly mistake that can make your “attention-grabbing headline” cost you a fortune.
  • How long your advertising should take to bring in sales.
  • How a famous statistician figured out why people read some ads and completely ignore others.
  • A memorable ad is a good ad, right? Nope. Find out why an ad that’s memorable will not be bringing in sales.
  • What you need to focus on when doing your research.
  • When you should present your reader with your biggest selling point…the answer is sooner than you think.
  • Why great copywriters never use big words.
  • The ugly truth about “great ideas”.
  • Why you should never ask for opinions about your copy.
  • The psychological secrets copywriters use to get their market to buy.
  • How to use pictures to make your advertising more effective.
  • The three main competitors that your advertising has to beat to be profitable.
  • The simple reason that you want your market to see the same advertisement again and again.
  • The two questions you need to ask yourself when you’re trying to figure out if an advertisement is ready to be published.
  • The goal of all advertising isn’t just to get customers, it’s also to keep them. You’ll learn the secret to how that works.
  • Three famous examples that prove once and for all that people do read and respond to advertising.
  • The one word that customers must never think when they’re readying your ads. If they do, it means instant death for your sales.
  • The case against advertising for “publicity”.
  • The one way to protect yourself against huge competitors.
  • Why “finding the news” is even more important for copywriters than it is for journalists.

52 pages

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