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Masters of Internet Marketing

14 Top Internet Marketers Interviewed by Jeff Paul


Frank Kern, Yanik Silver, Matt Furey, Andy Jenkins, Alex Mandossian, Joshua Shafran, Kirt Christensen, Ron Romano, Marc Goldman, Marlon Sanders, Stephen Pierce, Shawn Casey, Perry Marshall, and Rich Schefren



“Top Internet Experts Reveal Their
Most Closely Guarded Secrets”

Dear Internet Marketer ,

If you’ve been wanting to discover ALL the dirty little secrets the top Internet marketing experts don’t usually reveal, here’s a limited opportunity to pick their brains.

In “Masters of Internet Marketing” these 14 top Internet marketing experts reveal their best-kept, online cash-flow-producing secrets like…

  • How to start from scratch and get your own profitable website up and running in as little as 24 hours
  • How to drive a stampede of 1,000s of hungry visitors to your website (without lifting a finger and without spending a penny)
  • The No-BS TRUTH on how to get your website ranked at the top of the major search engines (Yes, finally, you will be clued in on the actual TRUTH about search engine placement that most internet marketers do not want you to discover for yourself!)
  • How you can profit wildly from the Google AdWords “Gold Rush” sparked by Google’s newly-updated AdWords policy!
  • How to build a huge profitable opt-in email list as fast as humanly possible, and how to turn that list into a non-stop cash machine
  • How to access the HUGE untapped internet GOLDMINE everyone overlooks (even the “internet gurus”)… that is at least 100 times bigger than “information marketing”, yet almost nobody is tapping! (This has NOTHING to do with “niche marketing”, “info-brokering” or “info-publishing” that all the “gurus” are telling you to chase.)
  • You’ll also learn how a brand-spanking-new, rinky-dink website… BARELY 10-MONTHS OLD…made over ONE MILL.ION DOLLARS just by tapping into this internet goldmine!
  • How to automate your business using free or dirt-cheap software and tools, so you can make money even while on vacation
  • Super-affiliate secrets: How to REALLY make money promoting affiliate programs
  • How to create your own bestselling internet products in one afternoon
  • How to find and get hot products to sell without creating one iota of the product yourself
  • How to quickly and easily get killer web copy that sells your products by the truckloads
  • The inside scoop about on-line auctions uncovered at long last
  • And much, much more!

This program was designed to help a private mastermind group stuff their bank accounts with massive amounts of cash from the Internet but in a moment of insanity, someone licensed it for resale…and we quickly grabbed it for you just before they came to their senses and took it off the market.

This program was done as a series of private telephone interviews with the top 14 internet marketing millionaires, and the interviewers picked their brains clean in 14 separate interviews, each one lasting between about 90 minutes and 2 hours. The time for all 14 interviews total more than 24 hours of rock-solid profit-producing information that you can use and take to the bank.

There was enough time to get you some of the most amazing, proven, usable Internet money-making strategies right from the horses’ mouths, so-to-speak!

And right into your pocket because these interviews will show you how they made their breakthroughs. They carved the path out for you. You have a BIG ADVANTAGE when you learn from those who came before you.

Imagine being able to sit down with these 14 experts, one at a time, and have them show you the ropes.

They covered EVERY internet money-making topic they could think of,  And when it was over, they had assembled some of the greatest store of Internet marketing know-how imaginable.

Now, we’ve got the entire recorded series of 28 CDs and extracted the Mp3 files for you so you can instantly download them onto your computer, phone, iPod, Mp3 player, car or whatever.

Plus, there are 14 manuals, one for each expert, that go along with it. These are also easily downloadable because they are in PDF format.

And that has allowed us to reduce your investment to a paltry sum, compared to the value you get.

And know this: the VALUE is just as great as it was when they were on CDs and printed manuals and cost a LOT MORE.

It’s all been laid out for you so YOU can take what these internet millionaires discovered… and use it for YOURSELF!

These interviews reveal how these internet marketing experts were able to achieve their successes, how they solved the problems that every Internet marketer faces — very often in unique and little-known ways.

And now, you can have access to that very same information for yourself. This totally unique, one-of-a-kind program is something you simply CANNOT get anywhere else, for any price!

Listen, I don’t care if you are dead broke, have zero education, no special skills, or no products to sell. None of that matters. These experts had all of those situations at one time or another. But they were able to solve them and break through to success.

Wouldn’t you like to know how they did it?

Your desire to escape the endless rat race, to forever leave that prison of a dead end job, to start making some REAL money on the Internet… is now within your reach.

I want you to know what these remarkable experts knew that got them to where they are now.… so YOU can apply those very same techniques and strategies and build a successful business for yourself!

To discover ALL these secrets (and more!), just click the button below and get started making yourself into an Internet marketing success.

Your Internet Marketing Experts

Frank Kern

Andy Jenkins

Yanik Silver

Stephen Pierce

Shawn Casey

Jeff Paul

Jim Fleck

Perry Marshall

Matt Furey

Marlon Sanders

Ron Romano

Kirt Christensen

Joshua Shafran

Marc Goldman

Rich Schefren

Alex Mandossian