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If you value the words of Claude Hopkins, you’ll probably also want to hear from the advertising geniuses who helped make him the father of modern advertising.

First, there was John E. Kennedy. Sure, Hopkins popularized the concept of “Salesmanship Multiplied” or “Salesmanship in Print” but Kennedy was the guy who created the concept in the first place. Here’s how it got started:

           A relatively unknown copywriter by the name of John E. Kennedy sent a note to A.L. Thomas, the head of the Lord & Thomas advertising agency.  The note read:

           “I am in the saloon downstairs.  I can tell you what advertising is.  I know you don’t know.  It will mean much to me to have you know what it is and it will mean much to you.  If you wish to know what advertising is, send the word ‘yes’ down by the bell boy.” Signed–John E. Kennedy

           The note would have ended up in the trash if Albert Lasker had not been in the office.  Unknown to Kennedy, Lasker had been searching for the answer to that question for 7 years.

People paid him enormous sums of money to create their campaigns. He had the finger on the pulse of how to sell through copy and advertising. Wouldn’t you love to hear what he had to say? Well, most of it is gone except for a couple of his most important and little-know works. They are included in this package.

Then there’s Albert Lasker. Lasker RAN the Lord & Thomas ad agency, the largest and most successful ad agency of it’s time and the one that Claude Hopkins and John E. Kennedy worked at. Although Lasker was not a copywriter himself, he had one of the keenest eyes for spotting the best copywriters and creating marketing campaigns that blew the competition away. Included in this package is one of his most intimate and probably his most revealing work, a training session delivered to his creative staff.

Also included are two publications put out by the Lord & Thomas agency that teaches advertising in such a simple and detailed way that you will easily understand the foundations of some of today’s most effective marketing strategies.

You’ll also get two “marketing man” stories. These stories are designed to specifically install “salesmanship in print” strategies into your mindset. Although they are fictional and take place in an earlier time, you will find that the mindset you acquire through reading them will make you a better copywriter, marketer and sales person. These are VERY POWERFUL stories.

And finally, there are three books written by Carl Galletti (that’s me). Two of these are some of my most popular products and one is a “never-before-released” book that I just wrote.

In addition, several of the products also have audio versions. These have been dubbed by voice over artists so that they bring to life the information and make it easier to absorb and integrate. Plus, audio is a format that you can listen to while doing something else, like driving or working out.

  • Reason Why Advertising (Value: $19.97) More info…
  • Reason Why Advertising  (Audio Mp3 – Value: $19.97)
  • Lord & Thomas Ads That Teach (Value: $29.97)
  • Intensive Advertising + How Shall We Know Good Copy (Value: $19.97) More info…
  • Intensive Advertising (Audio Mp3 – Value: $19.97)
  • How Shall We Know Good Copy (Audio Mp3 – Value: $4.97)
  • Fundamentals in Advertising (Value: $19.97)
  • Lord & Thomas Creeds (Value: $19.97)
  • How To Create Profit Pulling Headlines, Titles and Bullets (Value: $19.97)
  • How To Turn Your Swipe File into A Gold Mine (Value: $19.97)
  • 100 Best Headlines (Value: $19.97)
  • Obvious Adams (Value: $19.97) More info…
  • The Ginger Cure (Value: $19.97) More Info…

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