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Scientific Advertising Library


When top copywriters get together to discuss how they got started, they always talk about the books that taught them the BASICS.

These are the building blocks to top performance as a copywriter and you can’t find a better place to expand your skills than the 13 products in this library.

You will learn from the people who built advertising from the ground up.

You’ll want to hear from the advertising geniuses who helped make Claude Hopkins the father of modern advertising.

First, there was John E. Kennedy. Sure, Hopkins popularized the concept of “Salesmanship Multiplied” or “Salesmanship in Print” but Kennedy was the guy who created the concept in the first place. Here’s how it got started:

           A relatively unknown copywriter by the name of John E. Kennedy sent a note to A.L. Thomas, the head of the Lord & Thomas advertising agency.  The note read:

           Thomas had no interest in seeing what Kennedy had to say and the note would have ended up in the trash except that Albert Lasker was in the office when the note came and convinced Thomas to let him take care of it. 

Unknown to Kennedy, Lasker had been searching for the answer to that question for 7 years. In those early days, advertising consisted of placing ads in publications. Most advertisers just screamed “buy my product.”

Lasker knew better. He knew that if he could come up with a way for the advertising to sell more product, it would be easier to get and keep clients because the clients would be making a better return on their advertising investment. And he knew that getting that type of advertising properly defined would lead him in the right direction. So he took the meeting.

People paid Kennedy enormous sums of money to create their campaigns. He had the finger on the pulse of how to sell through copy and advertising. That meeting changed the course of modern advertising and marketing.

Wouldn’t you love to hear what he had to say to Lasker when they met?

Well, most of it is gone except for a couple of his most important and little-known works, “Reason Why Advertising,” “Intensive Advertising” and “How Shall We Know Good Copy.” They are included in this package.

Then there’s Albert Lasker. Lasker ended up running the Lord & Thomas ad agency, the largest and most successful ad agency of it’s time. He was the top adman of his day and the one who hired Claude Hopkins and John E. Kennedy.

Although Lasker was not a copywriter himself, he had one of the keenest eyes for spotting the best copywriters and creating marketing campaigns that blew the competition away. Included in this package is one of his most intimate and probably his most revealing work, a training session delivered to his creative staff.

Also included are two publications put out by the Lord & Thomas agency that teach advertising in such a simple and detailed way that you will easily understand the foundations of some of today’s most effective marketing strategies.

You’ll also get two “marketing man” stories. These stories are designed to specifically install “salesmanship in print” strategies into your mindset. Although they are fictional and take place in an earlier time, you will find that the mindset you acquire through reading them will make you a better copywriter, marketer and sales person. These are VERY POWERFUL stories.

And finally, there are three books written by Carl Galletti (that’s me). Two of these are some of my most popular products and one is a “never-before-released” book that I just wrote.

In addition, several of the products also have audio versions. These have been dubbed by voice over artists so that they bring to life the information and make it easier to absorb and integrate. Plus, audio is a format that you can listen to while doing something else, like driving or working out, so it takes no extra time out of your day.

Here are the 13 products you will get with this upgrade:


Reason Why Advertising

(eBook + Audio Mp3)

by John E. Kennedy

  • Finally! The definitive answer to what advertising is and how businesses should use it.
  • Why you need to start every advertising campaign by doing some math before you do anything else.
  • How your advertising will need to change if you’re going after a small group of people instead of a mass market.
  • Why you should never try to be clever or witty when advertising to a large audience.
  • Why everyone is wrong about attention in advertising.
  • How to track the results of your offline advertising to keep it as accurate and useful as your online marketing.
  • When repeating the same advertisements will give you more sales than trying 50 new pieces of copy.
  • How “reason-why” advertising will help make sure your customers stay happy with their decision to buy from you and keep them buying from you again and again.





An AUDIO Mp3 version recorded by professional voice-over artist

Lord and Thomas Teach Advertising

by The Lord & Thomas Agency (Claude C. Hopkins, Albert D. Lasker, et al)

  • The common sense reason why simple and sincere advertising will beat “clever” advertising every time.
  • The key to making more sales and why every sentence in your copy needs to lead to it.
  • If you think you need to change your winning copy because it’s getting stale, think again. Here’s what you should do instead.
  • If you run a wholesale business or sell through retailers there’s a concept you must understand to keep them ordering from you.
  • Why would you wait two weeks to run an advertisement that seems great? You’ll see why waiting could save you a lot of wasted money.
  • The deadly mistake that can make your “attention-grabbing headline” cost you a fortune.
  • How long your advertising should take to bring in sales.
  • How a famous statistician figured out why people read some ads and completely ignore others.
  • A memorable ad is a good ad, right? Nope. Find out why an ad that’s memorable will not be bringing in sales.
  • What you need to focus on when doing your research.
  • When you should present your reader with your biggest selling point…the answer is sooner than you think.
  • Why great copywriters never use big words.
  • The ugly truth about “great ideas”.
  • Why you should never ask for opinions about your copy.
  • The psychological secrets copywriters use to get their market to buy.
  • How to use pictures to make your advertising more effective.
  • The three main competitors that your advertising has to beat to be profitable.
  • The simple reason that you want your market to see the same advertisement again and again.
  • The two questions you need to ask yourself when you’re trying to figure out if an advertisement is ready to be published.
  • The goal of all advertising isn’t just to get customers, it’s also to keep them. You’ll learn the secret to how that works.
  • Three famous examples that prove once and for all that people do read and respond to advertising.
  • The one word that customers must never think when they’re readying your ads. If they do, it means instant death for your sales.
  • The case against advertising for “publicity”.
  • The one way to protect yourself against huge competitors.
  • Why “finding the news” is even more important for copywriters than it is for journalists.


Intensive Advertising


by John E. Kennedy


“It’ll be the most profitable…reading you’ve ever done.” — Eugene M. Schwartz


  • The easy way to determine how long or short your copy should be.
  • Why you should never worry about making your copy catchy, clever, or witty. Instead, do this one thing to dramatically improve all your copy.
  • The writing process for advertisements that have proven to be the most successful.
  • Learn what you need to know about your market and your customers… BEFORE you start putting together your advertising.
  • Make sure your market is ready and eager to read your advertisements by including this often overlooked element.
  • The basis of all good advertising is around one basic principle. Here you’ll find a full breakdown of what it means and how to use it.
  • The reason why the school of “brand-awareness” advertising is a colossal waste of money for almost all businesses.




Intensive Advertising AUDIO Mp3


by John E. Kennedy


A talking book version of the famous Intensive Advertising, recorded by a professional voice-over artist.

How Shall We Know Good Copy AUDIO

by John E. Kennedy

The missing chapter…Reason Why Advertising actually had two versions. The other version had an entirely different name but the book had the same exact information with the exception of this one extra chapter.

So, this chapter completes the work.

This is the AUDIO Mp3. The text is now included in the version of Reason Why Advertising we offer.

  • The one metric you should use to measure “how good” a piece of copy is.
  • How to get consistency with your marketing by using past results to predict your future sales.






Fundamentals of Advertising

by Albert D. Lasker

  • The five-word definition of advertising that will guide all your future decisions.
  • How a former member of the Canadian Northern Mounted Police became the father of modern advertising.
  • Want to know how a single phrase allowed Chrysler to compete with the seemingly unbeatable Ford and Chevrolet? Here’s the full story.
  • How a soap company was able to use its own product’s weaknesses to become one of the best sellers in its industry.
  • What every advertisement needs to do in order to make sales.
  • Why copying your competitor’s successful advertising formula leaves you struggling to get customers. This story about a thriving toothpaste company will explain.
  • The 4 fundamental principles behind advertisements that sell.
  • Most copywriters think the “big idea” comes from their imagination. There are actually plenty of places to find the big idea – you’ll get 3 of the best ones.
  • Do you like to stuff your sales letters with as many bonuses and offers as you can? You’ll learn why that can actually bring your sales down.
  • If you’re trying to sell anything to millions of people, then you need to use this technique to stand out from your competition.
  • Why trying to compete on price will almost always backfire in the long-term.

Lord Thomas Creeds

  • What the most effective phrase in the history of advertising can teach you about copywriting.
  • If you’ve ever said a bad word about any of your competitors here’s why you’re actually hurting your own business.
  • The truth about today’s business world and what successful companies use that is more important and effective than the competition.
  • Why the most profitable quality that any copy can have is simplicity.
  • How to determine how much information to put into your advertisements.
  • A single scandal could ruin your reputation and your business forever. Here’s how to make sure that your reputation remains spotless.
  • How to hire great advertisers. There are too many out there whose skill doesn’t match their claims. This is how you avoid them.
  • The two personal qualities that virtually guarantee success if you have them.
  • Why you should never rely on a few opinions or anecdotes when making decisions about your marketing or business.
  • The strange reason why intellectuals and “geniuses” tend to make the worst copywriters and advertisers.
  • 11 secrets of psychology that will make your copy better almost instantly.
  • Warning! You need to be able to judge the success of every ad in plain numbers. Here’s the only number that matters.
  • Why hiding your product’s shortcomings is the wrong approach and how you can use its weaknesses to make even more sales.
  • How to keep your mistakes small so they can never put your business in danger.
  • 5 sure ways to make sure your readers believe every word of your copy.
  • The “Pacemaker” factor that can lead a once thriving business into the bottom of its industry. Here’s what you need to know about it so you don’t fall into the same trap.

How To Create Headline And Bullets

by Carl Galletti


  • A collection of 189 plug-and-play templates that you can use to quickly create incredibly effective bullets and headlines.
  • The amazingly simple technique you can use to figure out if your list of bullets will convince your readers to buy.
  • The exact bullet-creating method one of the “best bullet writers” in the world uses for his own copy.
  • There are just a couple of key rules for writing amazing bullets. Here’s what they are…and when it’s ok to break them.








How To Turn Your Swipe File Into A Goldmine

by Carl Galletti

  • Why all the top copywriters have a swipe file and constantly keep it updated.
  • The single most important thing you can do with your swipe file to dramatically increase your cash flow.
  • The top 4 things you must research before you write a single word.
  • Do you delete those emails that come into your inbox each day? Do this instead, and turn them into a cash cow.
  • A little mistake many copywriters make with their swipe files that can ruin their copy and get them sued.
  • The one way to get a useful and powerful swipe file immediately.
  • Do you handwrite a different piece of copy each day? STOP. There’s another method that is far more powerful.
  • The 7 things you should be putting into your swipe file every time you buy something.
  • How studying “old school” sales letters can give you a massive advantage over copywriters who only look at the current promotions.
  • How advertisements with awful copy are still able to make millions of dollars in sales.




100 Best Headlines

Compiled by Carl Galletti

  • 100 of the most successful headlines ever written and how to use them for your own marketing.
  • Think the only job of the headline is to capture the reader’s attention? WRONG. Learn why that idea will tank your sales.
  • Discover the 7 main ways to create a good headline.
  • How to make your headline twice as effective just by choosing the right font and size.
  • 24 Masters of Advertising and what they can teach you about writing better headlines.
  • There are some words that work best for getting people to want your product. We give you a list of these “power words”.
  • The quickest, easiest way to make your reader feel an urgent need to read your copy.
  • How to make your reader feel like the copy was written specifically for them making them eager to read the rest of your sales letter.
  • What you should never try to do in your headline if you want your readers to keep reading.
  • Is your offer so good that it actually seems “too good to be true”? Here’s the simple secret to instantly make your copy credible and believable.
  • Why some advertisers are able to create amazing headlines over and over again while others struggle to create one.

Obvious Adams

by Robert R. Updegraff

  • Discover why the answers to most business problems are obvious, but almost no one can see them.
  • How writing your copy with clarity and simplicity will almost every time outperform copy that is trying to be “clever”.
  • Why it’s a deadly mistake to do too much advertising and not enough selling in your copy.
  • Why you should never assume that the market knows everything that you know. This mistake can keep you from seeing the most persuasive sales points you have.
  • The simple 2-steps you should take to find the answers to any of your problems.

Learn how you can discover the reason for a business’ poor sales just by observing it for a couple of hours.






The Ginger Cure

by William Ganson Rose

  • The secret behind making the most amount of money for the least amount of time, effort, and investment.
  • How to train yourself to have the marketing mindset serves you in business, whether you own a company, work by yourself, or are an employee for a massive corporation.
  • At last – the basic, never-changing principles of marketing told in an easy to understand story that is full of examples.
  • The only answer you’ll ever need when someone asks you if you have referrals – HINT: it’s more powerful than providing the referrals.
  • How a powerful first impression can turn a first-time shopper into a regular customer.
  • Learn the copy changes a store can make that will let it quickly sell out of its advertised product.
  • How to keep your employees loyal and productive and why keeping them happy and entertained will lead to more sales for your business.
  • Find out how you can get free advertising by starting a company band (yes, BAND, not brand!).

Discover how a store can sell more children’s clothes and shoes just by having a seemingly irrelevant service in the store. Plus – the underlying lesson that you can apply to any business.

Let’s Summarize:

Here’s the list of all 13 products:

  • Reason Why Advertising (Value: $19.97) More info…
  • Reason Why Advertising  (Audio Mp3 – Value: $19.97)
  • Lord & Thomas Ads That Teach (Value: $29.97)
  • Intensive Advertising + How Shall We Know Good Copy (Value: $19.97) More info…
  • Intensive Advertising (Audio Mp3 – Value: $19.97)
  • How Shall We Know Good Copy (Audio Mp3 – Value: $4.97)
  • Fundamentals in Advertising (Value: $19.97)
  • Lord & Thomas Creeds (Value: $19.97)
  • How To Create Profit Pulling Headlines, Titles and Bullets (Value: $19.97)
  • How To Turn Your Swipe File into A Gold Mine (Value: $19.97)
  • 100 Best Headlines (Value: $19.97)
  • Obvious Adams (Value: $19.97) More info…
  • The Ginger Cure (Value: $19.97) More Info…

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