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Scientific Advertising Library


The Greatest Advertising Secrets of All Time

by Carl Galletti

In just two short hours I showed Jay’s staff the essence of how to write explosive advertising copy.

Although this copywriting seminar was PRIVATE and EXCLUSIVE to staff only (I was not allowed to release this information until just recently), you will be privy to the same powerful information they received.

It’s Like Being A Fly On The Wall Of
One Of The Most Insightful And Secret
Training Sessions On Copywriting
That Has Ever Been Given

Jay’s staff paid with a $5,000.00 seminar. If you were to hire me to get this kind of information, I’d charge you at least $1,194.00 (that’s only $597.00/hour, my standard fee for hourly consults). But you won’t have to pay that much. Because right now, today, you can get it all for the one-time low, low payment listed below.

  • What radio stations can teach you about writing copy.
  • The three crucial questions that determine whether your copy is going to be read.
  • The technique to improve any advertisement.  
  • The four ingredients to a successful ad or sales letter.
  • What people actually mean when they say that your copy is too long.
  • 4 sneaky ways to make your product seem more valuable to your market.
  • How to avoid the common mistakes most advertisers make when they start talking about “benefits”.
  • 6 ways to add excitement to any advertisement or sales letter.
  • 18 of the most powerful persuasion words in the English language.
  • The headline writing secrets Cosmo used to become one of the biggest publications in the world.
  • Think writing your copy in a fancy font could help it stand out? Find out why going “fancy” is the opposite of what you should be doing.
  • The type-setting strategies expert copywriters use to give themselves an advantage over the competition
  • Why you should never use a question as your headline – and when it’s ok to break that rule.
  • A sentence by sentence breakdown of one of the most successful and well-known ads ever written.
  • 16 No-fail strategies for getting the market to believe what you write.

The Greatest Advertising Secrets of All Time -AUDIO Mp3

by Carl Galletti

This is the actual recording of the session…no voice over artist…just the actual participants recorded live in a secluded hotel room away from the seminar crowd.

Truly, a behind the scenes look at what actually goes on behind closed doors.






The Robert Collier Letter Book

by Robert Collier

Here’s just a preview of what you will learn from The Robert Collier Letter Book…

  • How to find the magic words that make people buy.
  • The 6 prime motives of human action and how to use them to make people buy your product.
  • What the first thing is that you must do regardless of what product or service you are writing about.
  • How to put a powerful hook into your sales copy and the only two reasons why your reader will do what you say. 
  • How is it that ad copy that sells books in huge volumes can be just as successful selling other products? 
  • How Robert Collier took a book publisher’s copy that had only sold eighteen sets of books and turned it into a blockbuster that made 34 1/2 percent profit on sales…all within 6 months! How it was done is fully explained in chapter 10.
  • How an idea and $1000* led to a $20,000,000.00* a year business. It’s based on a technique that any business can use.
  • How to get your prospect to want the thing you are offering.
  • What all your copy MUST have.
  • How Robert Collier took a product that sold only 5000 in two years and got it selling 70,000 in the same length of time. (Note: it was NOT the copy).
  • About an interesting piece of copy that pulled over 10 percent in orders.
  • How an idea that sold books can also be used to sell houses, stocks, computers or any other type of product. (This may surprise you).
  • An amazing technique that bankrolled $2000 into $20,000,000.00* worth of book sales for a young man from a small town. Find out his secret. (Note: anyone can use it).
  • What is the ideal sales copy. Chapter 25.
  • A technique that added 50% to the pulling power of a piece of copy.
  • About one letter that pulled in 300,000 orders. See the actual letter.
  • How to find the motive that will impel your reader to overcome his economic inertia and send you his order.
  • Where you can get the fruits of 100,000 selling phrases from over 200 different industries.
  • How an inexpensive addition to a letter raised the order response from 4 percent to 14 percent! See the technique and the actual mailing piece.
  • The actual copy that got an order response as high as 10 percent.
  • How to reach business leaders, even with a handicap that will amaze you. (Which is why you will be all the more impressed with the one that pulled more than 9 percent in orders and another over 8 percent).
  • When selling $4,500,000.00* of a book is insignificant.
  • How you can find prospects for your products most easily. The answer may make you rich if you play your cards right.
  • About a letter that averaged nearly 9 percent in orders.
  • What kind of a letter could raise response from 2 percent up to 7 percent?
  • A unique way to offer a premium. Not only does it raise order response but it doesn’t cost anything! Page 417.
  • Who the best buyer.
  • That in every sale there is a critical moment when your prospect is almost convinced. And what to do now that you have his attention, aroused his interest, persuaded him that he must have the thing you are offering, proved to him beyond question that it is the best or the cheapest; but yet he is still not quite ready to sign on the dotted line.
  • Why a prospect would buy from someone he’s never seen before rather than from a local store. There are two reasons.
  • What is the easiest way to make your prospects want your product.
  • One of the most effective stunts ever used to get a business letter to the right person and to get that person to look inside the envelope.
  • How to lower the cost of your sale from 50 per cent to 5 or 10 per cent.
  • A small touch that can add 10, 15, or 20 percent to the pulling power of your copy.
  • Some typical openings that get the reader’s attention and lead logically on to a description of your offer.
  • An effective technique to get testimonials.
  • How to inject life into a boring subject.
  • How the mind thinks.
  • How to avoid attracting the wrong kind of attention.
  • How to get the attention of business people.
  • How to put your ideas across better.
  • How do you crash through the barrier and get your prospects to buy your product, even while competitors are insisting that their products are the best. 
  • Why people buy what they buy.
  • How to arouse in a prospect the desire to buy your product.
  • The only two reasons why your reader will do as you tell him to in your copy.
  • What the whole world wants and has always wanted since the beginning.
  • How to take the guess out of your advertising and put profits into your pockets.


How to Write a Good Advertisement

by Victor O. Schwab

It is easier to write a good definition of advertising than it is to write good advertisements . . . and it is still harder to tell others how to write them.

This book by Victor 0. Schwab does just that clearly, succinctly, simply.

It gets back to basic fundamentals, clearing away non-essential underbrush.

It does a job that needed doing and does it well.

Vic Schwab had an outstanding record of creating advertisements that do a complete selling job.

How to Write a Good Advertisement will be of particular interest and value to advertisers who have been looking for a tested set of basic fundamentals which may be easily grasped, memorized, and applied to their own advertisements.

This is the ORIGINAL 1942 version of the book.

Copy Magic (eBook and Audio Mp3)

How To Use Words To Sell Your Products

by Carl Galletti

  • What Copywriting is About (p3)
  • Why Older Copywriting Books Are Better Than Newer Ones (p19)
  • How To Get Traffic To Your Site (p3)
  • One Of The Best Techniques for Selling On The Internet (p4)
  • How To Go About Writing Promotional Copy (p5)
  • What Salesmanship is REALLY All About (Most Misunderstand It) (p6)
  • The First Thing You Need To Do If You Have Something To Sell (p7)
  • What You Need To Focus On When You Edit Your Copy (p8)
  • A Simple Little Exercise To End Writer’s Block and Get You Writing (p8)
  • The Kind of Space You Need For Your Writing (p9)
  • The Best Time of Day to Write (p10)
  • The Three Things Prospects Have Foremost in Their Minds When They Read Your Copy  (p11)
  • How To Breakthrough To The Person Reading Your Copy (p12)
  • The Most Magical Word You Can Use in a Headline (p12)
  • The Real Purpose of a Headline (p13)
  • The Purpose of Sub-Headlines (p13)
  • A Copy Formula Almost Everyone Gets Wrong and What It Really Means…And How To Use It Effectively (p14-15)
  • How To Write Bullets (Fascinations) (p15-17)
  • Where To Get A Comprehensive List of Bullets (p16)
  • How To Get Prospects To Act Right Away (p18)
  • The Little-Known Book That Claude Hopkins Used To Teach His Copywriters (p18)
  • What All Successful Copywriters Have (p19)
  • How To Get A Classic Advertising Book for Free (p20)
  • How To Write Emails (p21-4)
  • How To Get Your Emails Opened (p24)
  • How To Brainstorm with a Group (24)
  • How To Come Up With Better Headlines (p25)
  • How To Craft An Offer and Why It Is So Important (p26)
  • What To Look For In Your Research and What To Do With It (p28)
  • Whether Your Copy Should Be Long or Short (p29)
  • Where To Put Your Most Powerful Testimonial (p30)
  • The Biggest Challenge of Your Copy (p30)
  • How To Build Trust With Your Audience (p31)
  • The Secret of Professional Writing (p32)
  • How and Where To Research (p33-34)
  • How A 21-Year-Old High School Dropout Went from Zero to $673,000 in 17 months Using a $30 Website (p36-37)
  • How I Designed A Site That Generated Over $100,000.00 Per Month (p38)

Basic Correspondence Library

Herbert Watson – The System Company

This book was recommended by Robert Collier in The Robert Collier Letter Book. There are two closely associated book sets, Applied Business Correspondence and the Business Correspondence Library (sometimes referred to as the Course in Business Correspondence). In the Letter Book, Robert Collier wrote:

“I learned most of the rules of letter writing from Herbert Watson’s Business Correspondence Library.”

And then later:

“In line with our idea of making every possible improvement in our product, we got a few books on letter writing and applied the principles outlined in them to our letters. I remember the first set of books we got. It was Herbert Watson’s Business Correspondence Library, and it became our Bible for direct-mail work. Looking back on it now, I do not believe we could have found a better groundwork for our studies. Certain it is that it helped us to sell many thousands…without it, we might have lost the sales…I believe it has helped more men to a knowledge of how to use letters for profit than any set of books ever written.”

How To Write Letters That Win

by Herbert Watson, The System Company

This book is called “How To Write LETTERS That Win” but it could have just as easily been called “How To Write Copy That Gets Results.” Whatever you’re writing, whether it’s a sales page for the web, a direct response letter, a magazine ad, a newspaper ad, a TV commercial…whatever has words that need to sell…this book will serve you well.

Here are some of the things you will learn:

  •  How To Write The Kind Of Copy That Draws The Eye, GripsSways, And Convinces.
  •  The Little-Known Source Of Strong Copy.
  •  How To Make Your Copy Magnetic—Make Them Stand Out—Make Them Dominate Your Reader’s Mail.
  •  How To Create A Desire For The Product You Sell.
  •  How Any Business Can Use Sales Copy To Increase Business.
  •  What You Must Do If You Have Tried Writing Copy And Failed.
  •  How To Use Sales Copy To Find CustomersSell Your Products, And Make Your Name Widely Known.
  •  What Sales Copy Must Do To Persuade.
  •  What Your Sales Copy Must Do To Be Convincing.
  •  What Your Sales Copy Must Do If Your Appeal For Action Is To Get Results
  •  The Quality That Makes Copy Stand Out And Be Remembered Amidst The Hundreds That Are Forgotten.
  •  The Certain Basic Principles Upon Which Every Successful Business Promotion Must Be Built If It Is To Take The Place Of A Salesman And Do What A Good Salesman Would Do.
  •  What Every Sentence And Paragraph That Goes Into Your Copy Should Have.
  •  What the Sole Aim Of All Your Copy Must Be If It Is To Get Results.
  •  How To Prepare To Write Copy.
  •  The 6 Steps Good Sales Copy Must Proceed Through To Achieve Profitable Sales.
  •  How To Win The Reader’s Attention.
  •  How To Get The Reader Of Your Copy To Read The Entire Copy.
  •  How To Gain The Reader’s Interest.
  •  How To Draw The Reader To Your Way Of Thinking.
  •  How To Make It Easy For The Reader To Order.
  •  How To Get The Reader To Act At Once.
  •  The Essential Elements Of Sales Copy Which Must Be There If It Is To Carry The Right Impression To The Reader’s Mind.
  •  The Little-Known Technique That Makes Writing Copy Simple To Write.
  •  An Element That Is Absolutely Essential To The Success Of Your Copy—Without It, Your Efforts Will Be Lost.
  •  The Key Element That Goes Beyond Giving Your Prospect An Idea Of The Nature Or Make-Up Or Working Principles Of The Thing You Are Selling Him And Creates Desire For Your Product.
  •  How To Intensify Desire And Bring Action.
  •  The Secret Of Making It So Easy To Order That The Reader Cannot Resist The Temptation To Reply.
  •  How To Arouse The Curiosity Of Any Reader.
  •  The Only Sure Method Of Learning The Functions, Value And Proper Use Of The Elements Of Creating Effective Sales Copy.
  •  How To Start Your Copy.

Robert Collier

Robert Collier’s Million Dollar Sales Letters

by Robert Collier

Selling on the Internet can be the easiest and least expensive method of promoting your services or products; it can also be the most difficult and the most expensive method. It all depends on the words you use in advertising/promoting your product. This is called “copy.”

The single most important thing you can do to dramatically improve your sales is to…

…write copy that sells. So, it’s not about the writing, although it’s called copy “writing.” No. It’s about selling.

The ability to write copy that sells is one of the most important marketing tools you can possess. Historically, the direct mail and mail order industries were the predecessors to Internet marketing and we often turn to them for insights on the most successful techniques. The Internet hasn’t changed the core techniques; it’s just made the response faster.

If you could choose the one man throughout the history of selling-by-mail who could write a sales letter (or sales page) for you — one that would produce the results you desire, you would probably ask Robert Collier to do the job.

In this book, he handpicked the best sales copy and lays it out before you to study and get ideas from.

41 Great Ads

Compiled by Presslink

What makes an ad great?  A very subjective question.

But surely, a great ad must be, by definition, one that produces results.

It may be pretty, or even not so pretty, it may be ‘ordinary’ but if it sells, and sells extraordinarily well, then it surely can be classed as “great.”

This book is a timeless collection of such great ads. There are some real classics in here by the likes of Claude Hopkins (his Pepsodent campaign); John Caples (“They Laughed When I Sat Down at the Piano…”); Max Sackheim (“Do You Make These Mistakes in English?”) and David Ogilivy (“The Loudest Noise in this Rolls Royce comes from the Electric Clock”) and many others.

All 41 of these ads were proven greats, because of their effectiveness, but what also made them great was their memorability. People remember them, sometimes for their headlines, sometimes for their artwork, and sometimes for their copy, and sometimes for any combination of these.

Advertising, as we know it, has only been around for about 100 years. But the motives that made people buy 100 years ago are the very same motives that make people buy today.

It is true, that in any field, it is an advantage to learn from the pros. Well, that’s what you’ve got in this book – a collection of 41 ads and every one of them written by a pro. Written by admen at the very pinnacle of their careers.
Each one of them geniuses in their own right.

So, here they are. 41 GREAT ads. There are others that you may have seen, but these are the ones I have chosen.

Study them. For sure, you will learn from them. Look for those psychological triggers that will make your customers buy more. Triggers like curiosity, scarcity, persuasion, and specificity.

Study in particular the headlines of every ad. There is so much you can learn and profit from right here.

Because every single one of these ads is truly – Salesmanship-in-Print.

Plus these 8 additional products:

This Looks Great…
What Is The Investment For
This Upgrade to VOLUME 3?

Remember, You Get All This…

  • The Greatest Advertising Secrets (Audio and eBook =$97.00) (more info)
  • The Robert Collier Letter Book 1931 (=$29.97) (more info)
  • How To Write A Good Advertisement 1942 edition ($19.97)
  • Copy Magic (eBook: $29.97) (more info)
  • Copy Magic (Mp3 Audio: $19.97) (more info)
  • Basic Correspondence Library (=$29.97) (more info)
  • How To Write Letters That Win (=$29.97) (more info)
  • Robert Collier’s Million Dollar Sales Letters ($19.97) (more info)
  • 41 Great Ads ($19.97)
  • 72 Master Letters ($19.97)
  • A Message to Garcia – Text, and Audio ($19.97)
  • Psychology of Advertising (=$19.97)
  • The Modern Store (=$19.97)
  • Graphics and Desktop Publishing Secrets For Non-Artists ($19.97)
  • How To Create Advertising That Sells ($19.97)
  • Roundtable Mastermind with Carl Galletti, Ralph Napolitano and Peter Sun (=$19.97)

A Total Value: $436.55

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