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2001 Greatest Headlines

by Carl Galletti

This book contains enough headlines to start you on the road to producing breakthrough results.

Cultivated from hundreds of sources, this compilation takes the very best headlines and delivers them to you in one convenient form.

Here is an easy way to stimulate your imagination and get all the headline ideas you’ll ever need. Even seasoned professionals often need a source of stimulus to get their mental gears into motion. This book was created around such a need.

Each and every one of the 2001 headlines is a proven winner. Chances are that many of them can quickly and easily be adapted to your own special needs.

They will save you countless hours of time and effort. And bring you thousands of dollars in increased profits from your advertising.

As a writer of advertising copy, I know how often people struggle with copy for hours, for days — fixing it, polishing it, leaving the headline for last and then spending half an hour on it…when they know they should be spending hours on the headline — if not days! But not anymore. Not with this book. This book makes it easy.

Eugene Schwartz LIVE –

A Video of His Workshop At Rodale Press

by Eugene M. Schwartz

Gene Schwartz is arguably one of the best copywriters of all time.

His book Breakthrough Advertising has sold for hundreds of dollars when it was out of print.

But there was one thing missing in that book…

His own procedure for writing copy.

And that’s what you’ll get in this video, the only one known to exist where he reveals his procedure for writing copy that didn’t even appear in his book.

There is no doubt about his skill as a copywriter.

He sold millions of dollars worth of products for both himself and his clients. One of his clients, using copy Gene wrote, sold 1.98 million copies at $25.00 each.

That’s nearly $50 Million!!!

In this video, he shows you the process he used when he sat down to write copy.

How long he writes. What he does when he writes. Etc.

This is the missing piece of the puzzle.

It was thought to be gone forever. But…

Now his secret method can be yours through this video.


Listen to it in your car or while walking or working out, either on your phone, computer or Mp3 player.



By Eugene M. Schwartz

Gene Schwartz on Breakthrough Copy

at Phillips Publishing

by Eugene M. Schwartz

One of the Greatest Copywriters of All Time Reveals How To Understand Readers’ Desires and Discover Breakthrough Copy

The genius of Gene Schwartz here in this transcript, where you will discover:

  • How To Get In Touch with Your Audience
  • How to Work Extremely Intensely, in spurts
  • Why You Should Never “Create” and What You Should Do Instead To Achieve Better Results
  • How To Get Every Sales Appeal Out of the Product
  • How To Find Your Readers’ Hidden Desires
  • The Amazing Interviewing Technique That Uncovers the Hidden Secrets of the Product
  • How He Started His Own Publishing Business (one of those books, now out of print, is currently being offered, used, on Amazon for $4,000.00)
  • How To Trick Your Subconscious Mind into Revealing the Best Ideas
  • The Surest Way To Know Whether Your Copy Will Be Effective or a Failure
  • Why You Should Not Sell in Your Headline and What You Should Do Instead
  • How To Figure Out WHO You Are Writing To and How To Address Them
  • How To Uncover Great Headlines
  • How To Prepare the Ground for Powerful Claims
  • How To Prove Your Claims
  • How To Channel the Market’s Demand onto Your Product
  • Why Your Copy’s Layouts Should Be UGLY Rather Than Beautiful
  • How To Rejuvenate Your Copy After It Stops Selling
  • How To Get Instant Credibility for Your Product

PLUS a sample of an actual direct response package that Gene wrote. What a great addition to your swipe file!

Written by:

Eugene M. Schwartz


Bill Kaysing’s Freedom Encyclopedia

Mailed by: Instant Improvement

It is rare to find an actual mailing package written by Gene, so this is an excellent opportunity to study his copy as he applied it to the real world. Instant Improvement was his own company, so you know he wrote his best copy for it. Every word in this package is clear and easily readable and can be printed out or viewed on screen.



127 Winning Headlines

By Copywriting Genius Eugene M. Schwartz

Now, from one of the world’s all-time greatest copywriters, you get an extensive collection of the headlines that made him famous.

Add these to your swipe file collection. Learn from them and go out and create your own effective headlines for your copy. Here is the:

By Eugene M. Schwartz and Lawrence Bernstein

Table of Contents

What Makes a Gene Schwartz Space Ad Tick?
YOURS FREE! A Million Dollar Testing Lab
Winning Headline Approaches
Headlines emphasizing an immediate or rapid result
Headlines using metaphors and word pictures
Headlines phrased as questions
Headlines stressing the “Try Before You Buy” proposition
Beauty and Rejuvenation Advertising Headlines
Weight Loss Advertising Headlines
Exercise Advertising Headlines
Adult and Childhood Education Advertising Headlines
Memory Improvement Advertising Headlines
Biz-Op Advertising Headlines
Investment Advertising Headlines
Grants, Credit and Legal Advertising Headlines
Self-Improvement Advertising Headlines
Executive’s Self-Improvement Advertising Headlines
Nutrition and Diet Advertising Headlines
Quit Smoking Advertising Headlines
Health, Pain Relief and Alternative Medicine Advertising Headlines
Occult and Hypnosis Advertising Headlines
Gardening Advertising Headlines
Automotive Advertising Headlines
Misc Advertising Headlines
Magalog And Direct Mail Package Headlines
Resources For Serious Direct Marketers and Copywriters

  • 2001 Greatest Headlines (=$49.97)  (More info)
  • Eugene Schwartz LIVE – A Video of His Workshop At Rodale Press (=$49.97) (More Info)
  • Eugene Schwartz LIVE – Audio of His Workshop At Rodale Press (=$29.97)
  • Eugene Schwartz on Breakthrough Copy (=$19.97) (More Info)
  • 127 Winning Headlines by Eugene M. Schwartz (=$29.97) (More Info)
  • Freedom Encyclopedia Mailer written by Eugene M. Schwartz (=$19.97) (More Info)
  • Dan Kennedy Customer Appreciation Seminar (=$199.00) (More Info)
  • Underground Sales Letters by Dan Lok, Carl Galletti, et al (=$99.99) (More Info)
  • Underground E-mail Copy That Sells Like Crazy by Jo Han Mok (=$49.95) (More Info)
  • 7 Steps To Killer Copy by Russ Phelps (=$29.95) (More Info)
  • How To Write Website Copy That Sells by Scott Smith (=$19.95) (More Info)
  • Million Dollar Secrets of the Most Expensive Copywriters in the World by Dan Lok (=$99.95) (More Info)
  • The Top Secret Sales Letter Checklist of Million Dollar Copywriters by Dan Lok (=$79.95) (More Info)

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