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Upgrade Your Skills And Expertise With…

Volume 5

of the

Scientific Advertising Library 

  • The Marketing Made-Easy Workshop by Carl Galletti and Michael Randazzo(=$297)
  • The Ultimate Internet Entrepreneur by Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer (=$197.00)
  • Power Copywriting for the Internet by Bob Serling with Bonus Interviews with Joe Vitale, Corey Rudl, Audri Lanford, Declan Dunn and Marlon Sanders (=$197.00)
  • 1 Hour Power Coaching Session, 1-on-1 with Carl Galletti (=$597.00)

Here Is What You Will Get From 


This Looks Great…
How Much For This Upgrade?

This upgrade extends your access to more of the documents and knowledge that Top (A-List) Copywriters and Marketers use to inform themselves. Now, for a limited time only, you can have these same products for much less than they paid.

If you were to purchase these items separately, they would cost you $1,288.00 but on this page only, you can get them for only $97, a fraction of what they’d normally cost you. That’s a 92% discount!

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