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Dan Kennedy and Corey Rudl Present:

The last Corey Rudl interview:

“Be a fly on the wall as the two ‘GREAT LEGENDS’ of the Internet and direct marketing — Corey Rudl and Dan Kennedy — discuss how you can make Millions of Dollars using the Internet teamed up with direct response techniques!

PLUS — Dan and Corey reveal how to start OR expand your first business… and then GROW with the right balance of advertising to generate MAXIMUM WEALTH, with minimal risk!”


This very special ‘limited edition’ of The Ultimate Internet Entrepreneur includes THREE SUPER Bonuses valued at $329.92… but yours FREE during this special offer.

… We reserve the right to remove the bonuses and/or increase the price at any time. It would still be a bargain even at a higher price when you consider Corey’s consultation rates were $2,790 per hour — and Dan’s rates $9,600.00 per day.

From the desk of Carl Galletti
Monday, 11:47 a.m.

Dear Friend,

I’d like to send you two of the top marketers over to your home to help you succeed.

They’ll share the strategies and techniques that made them millionaires in business and on the Internet. They won’t hold back. They’ll tell you what you need to know to achieve your dreams.

And they’ll cost you a fortune. Dan Kennedy charges $9,600.00. Corey Rudl charged $2,790.00 per hour. But don’t worry about the expense because I’ve got something almost as good and it won’t cost you nearly that much. It’s…

A recording of these TWO guys spilling the beans!

This is a recording that was never meant to go public. It was only supposed to be a private mastermind between these two high level entrepreneurs.

And it would have been lost forever if they hadn’t changed their minds at the last minute to hit the record button.

And that’s why I hope you will appreciate how priceless the following opportunity is…

“Why Corey Rudl insisted his phone conversation with
Dan Kennedy got recorded…

… And why you will be so thankful he did.”

Less than 60 days before Internet marketing legend Corey Rudl tragically passed away, he recorded a PRIVATE phone conversation with his mentor — direct marketing legend Dan Kennedy.

They’d both agreed to spend about an hour brainstorming how to make MILLIONS using a strategic blend of Internet marketing and direct (offline) marketing…

Initially, Corey and Dan had no plans to share OR record this conversation.

It was to be for their own, personal benefit.

However, since a brainstorming session like this — between two marketing legends in their own right — has NEVER been documented before, at the VERY last minute (about 45 minutes before the call)… Corey decided on a whim that it should be recorded.

… And Dan agreed.

Both of them decided, if the call turned out to be valuable, they’d share it.

“It took over 2.5 hours to record the entire conversation… “

One afternoon, at about 2 p.m., the conversation AND recording started — and without any scripts, and without any agenda beyond discussing how to combine online and offline marketing strategies to make MORE money — Dan and Corey started talking…

… And it was fascinating! Hearing this conversation would be comparable to sitting at the piano with Mozart and Beethoven and listening as they composed music together.

When genius meets genius — it’s exciting… exhilarating… and inspiring.

YES… Corey talked about how he grew his businesses from $25 to over $40 MILLION in online sales…

… And he spoke about how he taught 1,000’s of ‘real’ people to make MASSIVE incomes of $100,000 to $2.5 MILLION per year — often working less than 10 hours per week!

And YES again… Dan spoke about how he’s made hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars for his clients…

… Including companies like Weight Watchers, Amway, Mass Mututal Insurance, and the $200-million-per year Gunthy-Renker Corporation — famous for its celebrity infomercials with Victoria Principal, Vanna White, and Tony Robbins!

But they also covered MUCH more!

They spoke at length about how ANYONE can…

Combine strategies from Corey and Dan’s
most profitable, Million-Dollar campaigns…

… For even BIGGER profits!

Every strategy Corey and Dan spoke about was based on their personal portfolio of WINNING test results from million-dollar marketing campaigns they had EACH been part of!

For example, they talked about…

  • The Four-Stage Cycle that occurs every time a new marketing technology is invented — and how you can make MILLIONS at every stage — not just as a lucky “early adopter!”
  • Can YOU afford to advertise on TV? — MAYBE! Calculate what you can afford to spend on advertising — in EVERY medium, including direct mail, radio, classifieds, TV, and infomercials — using Dan’s dollar-cost averaging formula.
  • How RICH marketers think differently than POOR marketers! Get insight into the genius minds of Corey, Dan, and their millionaire clients — and learn exactly how they “think” their way to wealth!
  • Learn how to spot “Market Gaps” — hidden pockets of unfilled need, where you can swoop in and scoop up 1,000’s of eager buyers for instant profits!
  • The NEW generation of “tear sheet” mailings that one of Dan’s clients — an Internet business owner — recently used to make $20 for every $1 spent on his direct mail campaign!
  • How to get permission from first-time buyers to BILL THEM AGAIN, over and over, for more of the same product or service, for years to come!
  • Amazing TRUE story: Two guys sold almost IDENTICAL products, with the SAME offer, to the SAME audience — yet one guy made $2 Million MORE… all thanks to just one simple strategy!
  • The 2 blockbuster marketing ideas that Corey got from Dan, which made him over $100,000 in profits (that’s cash in hand!) — in less than 24 months!

… and that’s just for starters!

Corey and Dan’s conversation was originally scheduled to last one hour…

But they were on such a roll, they paused only to call their personal assistants and CANCEL their appointments for the rest of the afternoon — so they could focus on finishing their call without any distractions.

In the end, the recording lasted
just over 155 minutes…

Only a barking dog was edited out!

Yup, it’s true… they had to edit out a barking dog.

But that’s the ONLY editing they did.

Because all totaled Corey and Dan’s entire conversation of 150 minutes and 29 seconds was so brilliant and inspired — with a completely FRESH look at how ANYONE can make more money by combining online and offline marketing campaigns — it was simply too good to cut down!

Their entire conversation has been broken down into a THREE-RECORDING PACKAGE called:

The Ultimate Internet Entrepreneur

and includes the following…

Recording #1:

“The critical differences between
RICH marketers and POOR marketers…

… PLUS, how to start ANY business and guarantee you’ll make money!”

I suppose you might say the strategies Corey and Dan cover on recording #1 are for “beginners” — people who don’t have a business yet, or people looking for ways to grow an existing business.

… But that wouldn’t be quite accurate.

Because while they DO discuss how to start and successfully grow any business — they discuss it in terms of how THEY would start again themselves…

So you can forget about everything you’ve learned in those “beginner” marketing textbooks (which are full of theories, anyway) and…

Learn how experienced MILLIONAIRES — like Corey and Dan —
would start over again and rebuild their fortunes!

Dan and Corey talk at length about why MOST businesses fail — or make mediocre incomes at best — so you’ll know what mistakes to avoid!

And they’ll talk about how to guarantee your success from Day #1 — using specific examples you can easily model!

For example, you’ll learn…

How to think like a RICH marketer instead of a POOR one! Get insight into the genius minds of Corey, Dan, and their millionaire clients — and learn exactly how they “think” their way to wealth!

Discover what 95% of Internet businesses are doing WRONG — and why this simple oversight can make YOU extremely rich!

Case Studies of ‘regular’ people making $300,000.00 to $1 MILLION (USD) each year with the SAME strategies you’re about to discover…”

HEAR THIS TRUE STORY… As a child, Dan watched his father take his business from enormous prosperity to virtual poverty — in the blink of an eye! Learn the FATAL MISTAKE Dan’s father made, learn why 90% of business owners make it — and learn how you can easily AVOID falling victim and losing your shirt! (This is SUCH a common error, you may be doing it RIGHT NOW!)

The most profitable ways to advertise your offline business on the Internet!

How BOTH Dan and Corey got rich using this “multiple streams of income” technique — and how you can follow in their footsteps!

The Four-Stage Cycle that occurs every time a new marketing technology is invented — and how you can make MILLIONS at every stage — not just as a lucky “early adopter!”

The startling secret of “efficient” selling vs. “effective” selling. (If you’re like me, this ONE concept will completely change the way you think about making money online!)

The #1 most profitable lesson you can learn from offline direct mail campaigns!

The easy (and surprisingly inexpensive) steps you can take to turn your online product into an offline package. (NOTE: This has the potential to at least double your money in no time flat!)
The “magic bean” question… and why it can be fatal to your business!
How to drive truckloads of cash off the Internet… even if you don’t have a business yet!

Learn how to spot “Market Gaps” — hidden pockets of unfilled need, where you can swoop in and scoop up 1,000’s of eager buyers for instant profits!
… plus much more!

Recording #2:

“The $10,000-a-month Matchbook Campaign”

Pretend, for a moment, that your best friend had a great business idea… And he decided to start marketing this business by advertising on matchbook covers.

You meet him a couple of months later and ask how it’s going…

“Great!” he tells you. “I’m making $10,000 a month from those little matchbooks!”

After you are done congratulating your friend (and maybe hitting him up for a fancy steak dinner!), wouldn’t you ask him why he wasn’t advertising his idea somewhere OTHER than matchbooks?

Like maybe on the radio? Or the Internet?

After all, if you can make $10,000 advertising on matchbooks — imagine how much you could be making if you spread your advertising across multiple media and then advertised on the Internet… through direct mail… on the radio… in classified ads… etc.

On recording #2, Dan and Corey give you extremely detailed, step-by-step examples of how you can use “integrated marketing” to grow your business.

They tell you everything you need to know about:

How to make money with ANY advertising — in ANY medium! Dan and Corey reveal the SHOCKING common links between direct mail, the Internet, radio advertising, infomercials, classified advertising, TV advertising, newspaper advertising, and more!

How to create a WINNING direct mail package in one afternoon! (You’ll need a photocopier, some envelopes, and lots of stamps… Orders can be pouring back to you in as little as 3 weeks!)

Calculate what you can afford to spend on advertising — in EVERY medium, including direct mail, radio, classifieds, TV, and infomercials — using Dan’s dollar-cost averaging formula.

The NEW generation of “tear sheet” mailings that one of Dan’s clients — an Internet business owner — recently used to make $20 for every $1 spent on his direct mail campaign!

Learn what “pure generation” ads look like — and how you can easily add these moneymakers to YOUR marketing campaigns!

How to save money by TESTING your campaigns online — before rolling them out by direct mail! (IMPORTANT… Dan will explain how you can do this, but he will give you ONE CRITICAL warning… Do this wrong, and you could LOSE money!)

How to avoid wasting money on overstock when you first start a business — and accurately and reliably predict demand for your product… so your “extra” cash and profits are free to use!

How to “earthquake-proof” your business from sudden changes in laws that affect your marketing campaigns! (For example, businesses that relied on broadcast fax disappeared overnight when laws changed… How is YOUR business vulnerable?)

How to use video and audio to increase your sales — both online AND in your direct mail campaigns!

How to set your price for maximum sales and profits! (IMPORTANT: It’s different for online marketing vs. offline marketing!)

SHOCKING SECRET! You may only need ONE web page, with no links, buttons, or navigation — to dramatically increase your sales!

Get Dan’s magical “Existing Excitement Formula” and learn how it can be applied to almost any business… for an almost INSTANT profit boost!
… plus much more!

Recording #3:

“Advanced Secrets never before shared outside of Corey and Dan’s ‘inner circle’ of friends…

… Learn wildly profitable strategies for making MORE money with the SAME customers!”

The last 45 minutes of this recording is extremely intense…

I guarantee — you will NOT understand or absorb everything covered on this last recording by listening to it ONCE! You’ll need to review it MULTIPLE times in to glean every last profit secret revealed here…

Because this is where Dan and Corey really “let the cat out of the bag”…

They start talking about the HIDDEN strategies they used to grow their profits at lightning speed.

(Until this recording, they kept much of this information to themselves — this is the first time I’ve EVER heard either one talk about these strategies openly!)

Just a couple of the bombshell ideas revealed include:

How to identify the clients who will spend the MOST money with your business, over the long term… as soon as they make their FIRST purchase!

How to get permission from first-time buyers to BILL THEM AGAIN, over and over, for more of the same product or service, for years to come!

Learn how to turn ONE sale into multiple sales, at BIGGER price points with the “Maximum Lifetime Customer Value” formula — even if you don’t have a second product right now

Find out — what’s the #1 most profitable Internet marketing strategy that has NO EQUAL in the offline world! (HINT: Thousands of people will promote your products for FREE!)

Did you know there are THREE types of business income? Yet MOST businesses only ever tap into ONE! Dan explains the three types in detail, and gives examples of how you can apply this secret to your business right away!

Stop LIMITING your profits with first-time sales! Learn how to get customers to say “YES” to more of your products and services — before their first purchase is complete!

The simple three-letter word (it starts with “E”) that will force your customers to purchase your most expensive products — even when you offer them something cheaper! (HINT: This “ascension model” technique is used regularly by American Express!)

How to locate “vertical markets” using the Internet — and why targeting these select groups of buyers can be so lucrative!

What YOU can learn about marketing from Regis Philbin’s morning talk show — and how you can apply it to both your online and offline marketing campaigns to maximize sales!

Find out whether online or offline customers BUY MORE product! Get Corey and Dan’s candid opinions based on their 40+ years of combined experience!

The shocking difference between Internet and direct mail campaigns — find out why ONE compelling offer can support you in style for your entire life!
… plus much more!

Listen to this priceless recording from
your home or car — with no risk.

As I mentioned earlier, a recording like this would be priceless at the best of times. But Corey’s tragic passing has made it even more so.

It’s the last audio recording Corey did — and it honors his work.

So while a package like this could EASILY be valued at $1,499.00 or MORE… and still considered a bargain (when you consider Corey’s consultation rates were $2,790 per hour — and Dan’s rates are $9,600.00 per day), this ENTIRE package is yours for just $197.

… A low enough price to make it accessible to almost anyone — but high enough to ensure that these profit secrets are not diluted and stay in the hands of a select few.

“Be one of the FIRST 250 people to claim a copy — and get these THREE ‘Special Edition’ Bonuses

… Valued at $329.92 — but yours FREE!”

I’m sure you’ll agree that the information contained in these THREE audio Mp3 recordings would — on its own — be one of the most valuable and profitable investments you could make for your business.

After all, this is the VERY SAME information that, until now, Corey and Dan only shared with their personal ‘inner circle’ of multi-millionaire friends and business associates. And I can assure you that — if applied properly to ANY business — these strategies could conservatively add $10,000 per month to your bottom line!

However, as part of this special “limited edition” release of The Ultimate Internet Entrepreneur, I will ALSO throw in these THREE super bonuses — valued at $329.92, but yours FREE if you act immediately!


*** Bonus #1 ***

This is a $239.97 value, but it’s yours FREE!

“The Fastest and Easiest Way to EXPLODE Your Income By Taking Your Offline Business onto the Internet — Even Without A Website!”

76-minute audio recording (as an Mp3 file) — with
Dan Kennedy, Corey Rudl, and Bill Glazer

Dan and his associate, Bill Glazer, invited Corey to be the featured speaker on a limited-attendance teleconference they hosted for just 200 members of their exclusive GOLD+ Mastermind Team.

Each attendee paid over $239.97 to hear this call — and attendance was strictly limited…

… Because, after Dan and Bill were done grilling Corey with THEIR questions (for about 40 minutes), they opened the phone lines up to listeners who hammered Corey with even MORE questions (for another 36 minutes) — for a total of 76 minutes!

… I can tell you straight: The hard-hitting questions Corey answered on this call were NOT those of “newbie” business owners.

The 200 people listening to this teleconference were all experienced, successful offline business owners who asked “No-B.S.” questions about how the Internet can be applied to their businesses FAST — for the BIGGEST return on investment, with the LEAST investment or risk!

For example, Corey answered questions that revealed…

How ANY offline business can use the Internet for BIGGER profits — even without a web site! (If you’re thinking, “How is this possible?” — you’ll be shocked when Corey explains this simple technique in detail.)

The 2 blockbuster marketing ideas that Corey got from Dan, which made him over $100,000 in profits (that’s cash in hand!) in less than 24 months!

The proven winning formula you can use to generate 1,000’s of qualified leads for your offline business!

Learn which reliable Internet marketing strategies will make money every time you use them — no matter WHAT you sell, no matter HOW MUCH your product or service costs!

Have businesses competing to partner with you with this “win-win” joint venture strategy– and you don’t pay them a single red cent… unless YOU make money!

For the first time EVER — Corey reveals his secret “insider’s guide” for setting your affiliate commissions. You’ll learn exactly what percentage of your net profits should be paid to your affiliates for MAXIMUM sales and profits in your bank account.

How to start an affiliate program for your OFFLINE business! A lot of people find this confusing — how can you start an affiliate program for a business that’s 100% offline? Corey explains, in-depth…

How absolutely ANY offline business can easily use the #1 most profitable Internet marketing technique and attract 1,000’s of qualified leads and customers by starting an affiliate program!

How Corey increased his sales 34% by making one simple change to his web site (and it took him less than 20 minutes to make this change)!

What price points sell best online? Corey explains the “ceiling” you need to be aware of and the formula you need to continue closing sales like crazy — even once you’ve reached this critical threshold!

Learn Corey’s “Magic Sales Funnel Technique” that compels qualified buyers to make purchases on their FIRST visit to your web site — and then draws them back AGAIN to make a SECOND purchase within 48 hours! You won’t believe how easy this is…
… and that’s just for starters!

Obviously, the information Corey shared on this 76-minute audio recording is extremely valuable. Like I mentioned earlier, Dan and Bill charged the 200 attendees $237.97 to hear this call — and attendance was strictly limited!

But as part of this limited edition release for The Ultimate Internet Entrepreneur, I have a *limited* number of copies of this audio-recording as am instantly downloadable audio Mp3 file.

Remember — this is a $239.97 value, but it’s YOURS FREE!

*** Bonus #2 ***

This is a $49.98 value, but it’s yours FREE!

“The Secret to Dramatically Increasing Your Internet Income — With High-Profit
OFFLINE Direct Marketing Strategies!”

Exclusive 65-page book of
original articles and lessons by Dan Kennedy.

Shortly after Corey completed the audio recording with Dan, he asked Dan if he’d mind writing a short book to accompany the set of three audio recordings.

Both Dan and Corey agreed — while a TON of information had been covered in the 150-minute audio recording… there were a handful of topics on the subject of direct marketing that needed to be covered in greater detail.

Dan agreed to complete this book… just days before Corey passed away.

In Dan’s mind, it was more important than ever that this book be completed — to both share this critical information and ensure that listeners get the maximum value out of this last-ever Corey Rudl audio recording…

… And, most important, to honor his agreement with Corey.

Dan pulls out all the stops in this powerful guide, as he reveals…

Simple techniques you can apply to bullet-proof your business against unexpected changes in media, technology, and market space.

Why Dan does NOT use the Internet himself (for example, he HATES using e-mail!) — but how he’s using it to make MILLIONS in online sales.

A “previously dead” offline direct marketing strategy that is “fresh” and working again thanks to the Internet! (This one secret could be worth $1,000’s in future profits for your online business!)

Why you have 3 choices when faced with new marketing media — do it yourself, hire someone to do it, or find another “structure” to get it done… and how to make the RIGHT choice!

How to cash in while the Internet is still considered a “new medium” — and how to continue profiting as it matures by watching for these KEY parallels to how infomercials and direct mail evolved!

Learn how to avoid the “extinction trap”! Hint: If you’re selling a low-priced product, or you have SMALL profit margins, you’ll want to pay close attention to this!

How to spread your advertising across MULTIPLE media (infomercials, radio, TV ads, newspaper ads, classifieds, and more — not JUST the Internet!) for maximum sales and profits!

Learn why the wealth of Dan’s consulting clients usually comes from attacking and dominating niches and subcultures — and hear his recommendations for finding and exploiting a niche of your own.

The 4 critical steps you MUST take to survive the current shift to a “permission required” marketing environment — both online AND offline!

How to become a Renegade Millionaire by building long-term equity and wealth through Dan’s key relationship-building concept — “future banking.”

The #1 most powerful “communication arrangement” you can make with your subscribers — learn how to use this simple technique to build a highly qualified opt-in list of future buyers!

The FOUR types of income available to any business — learn why most businesses are only taking advantage of TWO incomes… and how you can immediately start generating all FOUR!
… plus MUCH more!

Dan Kennedy is already a best-selling author of 6 books and numerous “how-to” courses and packages — many of which retail for as much as $3,492.

However, as part this limited edition offer for The Ultimate Internet Entrepreneur, I will be releasing a limited number of copies of Dan’s exciting new book, which will NEVER be sold in bookstores, or made available to anyone… except those of you who claim your copy today, for FREE!

Remember — even though this limited-edition publication is valued at $49.98, you will get a FREE COPY when you claim your copy of The Ultimate Internet Entrepreneur today!

*** Bonus #3 ***

This is a $39.97 value, but it’s yours FREE!

“Cheat notes of the entire 150-minute audio interview — with read-along transcript!”

This 65-page printed guidebook includes a complete transcript — plus detailed notes of critical points!

As you’ve seen, the 150-minute audio recording that captured the conversation between Corey and Dan is packed full of more wealth-generating ideas and genius than I have room to cover here.

But this limited edition package also includes a comprehensive 65-page printed guidebook that cost over $1,000 to produce and contains a complete, formatted, edited transcript of the conversation…

… Plus, over 40 hours of painstaking notes taken during the conversation that I’ll include as “cheat notes” alongside the transcript in this guidebook.

On its own, this document would be worth at least $39.97, as it contains many of Corey and Dan’s most closely guarded secrets for accumulating wealth — both online AND offline.

But I’ve decided to throw it in FREE as part of this limited edition offer because I know this guidebook will help you focus on actually absorbing the information — instead of trying frantically to write it all down!

You MUST Multiply Your Investment
10 Times In Three Months…

Get these instantly downloadable audio Mp3 files and pop them into your computer, phone or Mp3 player and start your journey right away.

Take the next 90 days to listen to the 226 minutes of advanced moneymaking ideas that Corey and Dan reveal… and review the 306 pages of supporting books, reports, and transcripts, designed to help you get maximum value from this exclusive recording.

If you do YOUR part by actually implementing some of these strategies in your business, then I personally guarantee that — within the next three months — you will have made an absolute minimum of TEN TIMES what you paid for this information…

… or I’ll promptly refund every dime of your money!

I mean it. If, during the next 90 days, you don’t make at least $1,970 (ten times your $197 investment), and you don’t believe this information is worth literally TENS of thousands of dollars in FUTURE profits to you, then I don’t want you to keep it.

Just return it to me within the next 90 days, and I’ll give you 100% of your money back. There will be no hassles and no questions asked. That’s my promise to you.

(I can make this guarantee confidently because the information contained in this package is not only extremely advanced, it’s also so easy to implement that it would be difficult for you NOT to make money with it!)

“Click on the Buy Now button below and after checkout you’ll be able to instantly download the entire package TODAY!”

It doesn’t matter what stage you are at with your online business…

You may already be generating serious profits from your web site, or your business may still be an idea in your head! The information revealed in The Ultimate Internet Entrepreneur is guaranteed to help you make MORE money with your business!

However, please remember:

The special ‘limited edition’ of The Ultimate Internet Entrepreneur that includes the THREE SUPER Bonuses valued at $329.92… but yours FREE is only available to the first 250 people who claim their copy.

… After that, I will either REMOVE these bonuses from this package forever OR, I will consider raising the price to $1,499.00 or MORE to avoid diluting the value of the strategies revealed in this priceless audio recording — still a bargain (when you consider Corey’s consultation rates were $2,790 per hour — and Dan’s rates are $9,600.00 per day).

So if you would like a copy of this package, you need to act quickly.

Claim your package in the next 2 minutes:

Click here to order right now. Remember: If you’re not thrilled with these groundbreaking strategies, let me know within three months, you pay absolutely nothing, no questions asked!

The recordings entire package is instantly downloadable so you can start listening right away!

My Very Best to You,
Carl Galletti

P.S. However, please remember: This special ‘limited edition’ of The Ultimate Internet Entrepreneur — including the THREE SUPER Bonuses valued at $329.92… but yours for FREE — may be withdrawn at any time.

… and I may raise the price. It would still be a bargain when you consider Corey’s consultation rates were $2,790 per hour — and Dan’s rates are $9,600.00 per day but why risk it.

Click here now to claim your copy…