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“Seven Story Secrets
That Skyrocket Sales…”

By Vin Montello

For readers of “Marketing in Your Underwear” by Connie Ragen Green and specifically the chapter, “The Importance of Copywriting in Marketing”by Carl Galletti, here is the promised free download of Vin Montello’s report on using stories in copywriting.

Who is this report for?

Let’s have Vin Montello tell you in his own words…

“While this report is great for marketers looking for yet another bag of
tricks to pull from in their own campaigns… I’m releasing this mostly for
other copywriters. My aim is to up their game which in turn will up my

“I’m revealing my secrets in hopes that they’re used… tweaked… even built
upon. Others in my business… close personal friends freaked out when I
told them I was revealing this stuff. They thought I was nuts to give away
the “keys to the farm.”

“Aaah… but that’s the best part. Even if you become a master marketing
storyteller, it doesn’t change my business one bit. You will never be able to
replace me.

“Unlike standard “Benefits and Bullets” copywriting, there is nothing cookie
cutter about story copy. I can’t be cloned because this truly is the melding
of creativity and science. Sure, the science part could be templated… but
the creativity part cannot.

“There will always be room for more.”

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