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1-Hour POWER Coaching Session, 1-on-1 with Carl Galletti

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One Hour POWER Coaching
with Carl Galletti

Don’t Settle For Less

Where Do You Expect To Be…

1 year, 3 years, 5 years from now?

Hopefully, you will be much more successful, much more self-fulfilled and a lot richer than you are now.

But none of this happens in a vacuum. You’ve got to have a clear message that cuts through the fog and reaches the people who count most…your customers.

Getting to more of them means crafting and executing superior messages and innovative strategies that successfully convert leads into sales.

So, answer this…

The BIG Question:

If You Continue Doing…

If you continue doing what you are doing now, where will you be 1…3…5 years from now.

If you REALLY want that picture to be much brighter, You need to get to the next level and start acting on it…NOW.

I can help.

You’ve heard that “two heads are better than one.” Going it alone only gets you so far. Then, you have to take the next step to more reach, greater impact and broadening influence. That’s where I come in. And these are the areas where I can help: 

  • Marketing (Internet, Direct Response, Web, Email)
  • Publishing (Book, Audio, Video)
  • Copywriting (Advertising, Content, Video Sales Letters)

The BIG Question:

When Are You Going To Get Started?

Power Coaching:

What Can It Do For You?

Power Coaching is an intensive one hour session where we quickly investigate what’s holding you and your business back from getting to the next step.

Then we explore solutions that will quickly and easily breakthrough barriers and get you to the next level.

From there, it’s up to you to implement or, if you choose, we can continue to work together on a regular basis…thereby insuring your continued success and progress.


Proven marketing strategies can leverage your assets to produce BIG returns at minimal costs


Use the right words: get BIG results. Use the wrong words: get failed results.


Today’s marketplace requires distribution of content (i.e., publishing) to attract new customers and get existing customers coming back for more. Whether print, electronic, audio or video, you need to get your message to the right people in the form of content they consider useful and valuable.


Advertising is the surest and most consistent way to get customers buying from you. If done correctly, advertising doesn’t cost…it pays.

Carl Galletti

Meet Your Guide

Carl Galletti has risen to the top of the world of direct-response advertising and is now considered by many to be one of the best freelance copywriters and marketing experts in the country.


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