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100 Best Headlines

And How They Could Make You Rich

by Carl Galletti


  • 100 of the most successful headlines ever written and how to use them for your own marketing.
  • Think the only job of the headline is to capture the reader’s attention? WRONG. Learn why that idea will tank your sales.
  • Discover the 7 main ways to create a good headline.
  • How to make your headline twice as effective just by choosing the right font and size.
  • 24 Masters of Advertising and what they can teach you about writing better headlines.
  • There are some words that work best for getting people to want your product. We give you a list of these “power words”.
  • The quickest, easiest way to make your reader feel an urgent need to read your copy.
  • How to make your reader feel like the copy was written specifically for them making them eager to read the rest of your sales letter.
  • What you should never try to do in your headline if you want your readers to keep reading.
  • Is your offer so good that it actually seems “too good to be true”? Here’s the simple secret to instantly make your copy credible and believable.
  • Why some advertisers are able to create amazing headlines over and over again while others struggle to create one.