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“7 Steps to Killer Ad Copy”

by Russ Phelps

Reveals a powerful 7-step process he’s used to write thousands of marketing pieces for more than 600 clients over the past 40+ years.

Now, he will take you by the hand and show you exactly how he does it.

Russ Phelps is a master copywriter and marketing consultant, with more than 600 clients — including Fortune 500 companies and many smaller businesses and entrepreneurs.
He has created thousands of marketing campaigns for direct mail, print, publicity, Internet, email, TV, radio, back-end marketing, and ancillary marketing. His clients become raving fans and typically report 40% to 300% increases in their results using his “killer ad copy” and powerful marketing strategies.

And now he’s going to show you exactly how he does it.

It is like he is guiding you on how to write your own copy as he shows you step by step just what he does and what you should do to get amazing results.

Just follow his secret step-by-step method and you too can get amazing results. Your clients will love you for it. And remember, they pay for results.

Here’s just a SAMPLE of what you’ll learn in this Quick and Easy course:

  • What you should do before you write a word of copy
  • What you should ask the client to give you before you start writing
  • The 25 most important questions to ask your client
  • How to avoid being a marketing accident waiting to happen
  • What he had to do to beat 7 other copywriters by 3 to 1 or more
  • What you have to do to get them to want your product more than the money they are spending
  • 2 questions you must answer and why
  • How to get over the two impulses that will kill your sales
  • The 4 key components to a killer offer
  • How to create your “offer architecture” that builds a lasting relationship with customers
  • A 7 step system to create a money machine
  • The big mistake most copywriters make and how you can avoid it
  • The two prime motivators that every buyer responds to
  • The four promises buyers require you to make
  • What you must convince your buyer of and how to do that
  • The key to getting your reader to focus on your offer
  • What people are motivated by
  • Examples of some of the most powerful types of headlines you can emulate
  • Homework exercises that will sharpen your skills
  • How to weave a web that captures your reader and gets them to buy
  • The exact structure he uses to get the reader to respond
  • The exact copy checklist he uses to make sure he doesn’t miss anything
  • 18 idea generators to keep your creative juices flowing


Copywriters who get results get paid thousands of dollars because they make money for their clients. It’s not uncommon for copywriters to make tens of thousands for one assignment. And even beginning copywriters are able to make an above-average income.

But first, you have to invest in yourself. This course is a quick and easy way to do that.

Here’s what you get:

A short and concise guide to exactly what you need to do to write killer copy that has readers salivating to buy. There is NO FILLER in this course. Not a wasted word. He gets right to the point and shows you how to write great copy.

You get an instantly downloadable PDF document file easily read by any computer. For ease of downloading the file will be encased in a ZIP format which most computers instantly unpack for reading.


As you can expect we always give you a 30-day money-back guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied with your acquisition.

Be sure to act on this now while it’s fresh in your memory. Remember, inaction means lost income that you could have been making.

So act TODAY. It’s easy to do. Just click the ADD to CART button below and you’re on your way to an exciting new journey.