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Advertising Magic

“Over the years I’ve purchased a lot of marketing programs but absolutely nothing compares to your Advertising Magic program”

“Brian Keith Voiles writes some of the best sales copy I’ve ever read. He’s one of the best copywriters there is and, he’s not only good, Brian has my highest recommendation.” — Gary Halbert

If You Want Your Copy To Get Massive Results,
You Need To Improve Your Copy

Advertising Magic
Is The Key To Improving Your Results

Apply Brian’s Copy Techniques To Your Sales Messages
and Sit Back To Watch Your Sales Skyrocket

Dear Friend,

Let’s face it…

Without absolutely grab-em-by-the-throat copy, it won’t matter if you have the best products or services in the world… It won’t matter how “professional” your website looks… or how high your rankings are in the searching engines… heck it won’t even matter if you’re getting an avalanche of targeted traffic to your site…

… None of this stuff means squat if your copy doesn’t sell! Period. Full Stop. End of story.

The mastery of copywriting is THE most critical skill you need if you want to FAST TRACK your business growth,explode your sales and profits … and create money on demand

In fact, I’ll go one step further and say…

You’re Only One Good Sales Letter Away From An Obscene Fortune…

Business “lore” is filled with amazing stories of “word power.” For example:

Are you familiar with The Wall Street Journal’s “Tale of Two Young Men”? This famous 800-word sales letter generated $2 billion in sales!!!

Or perhaps you’ve heard stories about the Agora Publishing empire. Agora went from zero to annual sales of $100 million thanks to the skillful writing of the company’s copywriter.

And then there’s Gary Halbert. His one-page “Coat of Arms” sales letter is legend. It was so successful it brought Halbert over 7.3 million replies – each containing a check. Getting that many orders (with checks enclosed) forced Halbert to hire 30 full-time employees- Just to make his Bank Deposit!

So you see… sales copy is the most powerful employee you could ever hire! And consider this:

  • Sales copy will always be there to serve you
  • Sales copy will never get tired
  • Sales copy will never complain
  • Sales copy will never ask for a raise, overtime, or a Christmas bonus

Sales copy will work tirelessly on your behalf night and day… day and night… on holidays… during a hurricane. No matter what you’re doing…

Your sales copy delivers your “pitch” perfectly every time, all the time.

Good sales copy is like an out-of-control vacuum cleaner ‘monster.” Night and day it’s working for you, sucking up money and constantly depositing that money right into your bank account, while you’re on the phone, meeting with clients, or taking a snooze.

Imagine… a 24-hour money machine that pumps out cash for you as reliably as the sun rising in the East!

But the bad news is…

The Road To Becoming A Master Copywriter Is Absolutely Brutal…

Learning how to write order-pulling copy is difficult, time-consuming, frustrating, expensive, and extremely stressful.

Sorry, but it’s true…

It could take you YEARS of trial and error to figure out what works, what materials to study, how to prevent costly mistakes, and how to systematically write in a way that’s tailored to your business and designed to generate the most sales possible!

Until now, that is…

“Advertising Magic:
The Ultimate Guide To Creating Hot Sales Copy That Sells!”

Brian Keith Voiles, one of the nation’s most talented  and highly sought after copywriters has  released a home study course called  Advertising Magic that makes writing totally irresistible,  order pulling ads and sales letters a breeze!

Brian’s fee for writing an advertising campaign is $35,000.00.  His clients  line-up to pay him this fee because the sales copy he writes is a real money-maker! 

Now I’m not asking you to line-up to hire him. Instead, I  want you to “own” his proprietary secrets. You’ll need it to build any kind of business.

For a limited time you can get this comprehensive course for a fraction of what you’d have to pay Brian (or any copywriter) to write sales copy for you

You see, knowing how to put together the words that bring in customers, leads, and orders like crazy is a marketer’s most powerful asset. 

In fact, it should be your most powerful asset. It’s an asset that you can leverage and use to make yourself serious money every single time you run an ad or mail a letter.

When you “get” copywriting, you’re in a position to print money.

Ad Magic will teach you how to master the “art and science” of writing powerful sales copy for all kinds of advertising and promotions, web pages, email, brochures, order forms, display ads, Facebook ads, and anything else you need to generate leads and customers.

Owning the Ad Magic home study course is like having your own in-house copywriter on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because once you apply the step-by-step formulas laid-out in Ad Magic your sales copy will practically write itself!

Brian’s ad writing techniques work and his track record of “top-dog” clients speaks for itself. He’s written for:

As you can see, these marketing giants and many other multi-million dollar corporations have literally sold millions of dollars worth of goods and services because of Brian’s killer copy 

But more importantly, YOU can use the same powerful strategies and techniques to cash in with your own marketing and you won’t have to pay the $35,000 fees that Brian routinely commands.

The list of who’s who in internet marketing that turn to Brian to supercharge their incomes is long but I’ll mention a few. As a matter of fact, take a look at what some of these top experts and clients of his have to say about him and his customer-generating sales copy.

Ad Magic Is A Complete System
For Creating Copy That Works.

Ad Magic is your complete “encyclopedia tour guide” to creating sales copy that generates hot leads and new customers for your business. It’s all laid out for you in precise, step-by-step detail… designed to shortcut your education and boost your cash flow in a big way

You get 436 pages of power-packed information that reveals Brian’s proven step-by-step system for generating hot leads and customers with powerful ads and letters time and time again… including samples of money-making copy that he’s written. (These samples alone have been said to be worth the entire price!)

Every chapter is chock full of insight and understanding about what you need to know to write Killer Copy…. and exactly how to do it for yourself the easy way!

Knowing the secrets of advertising psychology… masterful salesmanship… and how to create great web copy that triggers action… cracks the code to unlimited possibility and profit.

It gives you the ability to reach new audiences… help more people… and make far more money than you’re used to.

With this information… you have the power to move the world. It puts you in the driver’s seat… for as long as you want to be there.

Ad Magic isn’t just a “quick fix”. You’re getting valuable, real-world, moneymaking training.

Skills, secrets, valuable insights into human nature. Insights that will serve you well for years.

Almost overnight you can flood your business with new eager-to-spend customersboost sales and profits… and turn a nice little cash stream into a raging river!


You don’t want second-hand theory. You want a roadmap… a guide… a proven system for success. You want to learn from someone who lives by these secrets everyday… in the real world of internet marketing.

The right “system” takes you by the hand, answers all your questions, and shows you exactly how to do it, step-by-step — as fast as humanly possible!

From the seed of an idea… to finding the ideal audience with money to spend.

From choosing juicy words that hit the “sweet spot”… to creating irresistible offers that compel more people to buy.

That’s what Ad Magic is all about.

You get every secret… every technique… every tool of persuasion exposed, examined, and handed to you… so you can use it for your own maximum profit!

11  quick and easy steps to writing a “million dollar” sales letter. (see pages 260 – 267 for all you need to know!)

Time tested words and phrases that sell and how to use them. (Chapter 16 reveals more on this than you’ll ever  see anywhere else!… 24 BIG pages full!)

The very first thing you must do before writing one word of copy! (see page 82)

 27 fail-safe tests that every ad must pass before you use it! (see Chapter 20)

 Exact word-for-word samples of sales letters that brought in millions… and how to adapt those same letters for your own business! (the whole Appendix is jammed full!)

How to guarantee that your letter gets opened, read, and responded to. (Devour Chapter 18 to get this right!!!)

 The real reasons people choose to buy anything — the secret truth long known by master salesmen, sociologists, and “con men” finally revealed! (Chapter Five, “Motivation Magic” shows you all you need to know!)

 How to write benefit packed bullets that generate sales! (see page 165)

 24 sure-fire bullet formulas you can plug right into to create sizzling hot, benefit-packed bullets with ease! (page 172-173)

 The tips, tricks, and techniques that make space ads work like a dream! (Chapter 17 will keep you in check for profitable space ads!)

 The most important part of every letter and ad you write. (see page 137)

 The easy 9-step system for creating order forms that get prospects to act fast! (see pages 123 through 136)

 12 Proven Strategies to get “in the mood” to crank out hot ads whenever you want … like a hot thoroughbred race horse gets “hot” to race. (see pages 286 through 296)

 6 ways to improve your ad… after you’ve done all you can to make it your best. (see Chapter 23!)

 How to find out why people don’t respond to a good ad or sales letter, and what to do once you know! (see page 105)

 The 6 essential (yet over-looked) questions you must ask yourself to make sure your ad or sales letter is focused! (see page 99)

 The inside secrets of how to create a guarantee that practically forces your customers to buy now! (easy as pie if you follow Chapter 14!)

13 tips and tricks for creating powerful openings to your ads! (pages 142-144 tell all!)

 The essential elements of every great sales letter and how you can use them. (see Chapter 18)

 The best way to create the “first draft” of your ad. (This technique will surprise you! See page 292!)

 The 12 mistakes most advertisers make and how you can avoid them! (See pages 32-55)

 10 guaranteed ways to increase readership and response to your sales letters and ads… without touching your current copy! (Chapter 19 reveals all ten in specific detail!)

 The little known ingredient you must understand to make sure your Ad or letter sells! (See Chapter Six… this will change how you get customers forever! – you’ll love it!)

 How to lay out your sales letter for increased readership. (Read Chapter 18 for this)

 A revolutionary new approach to follow that make putting out ads and sales letters easier, and virtually guarantees their success. (Follow Chapter 23 carefully….)

How to create powerful headlines that guarantee your prospects will read your ad! (Chapter nine gives you the most complete treatise ever on the subject of headlines!)

Exactly how you can get all the testimonials you’d ever want! (Chapter 13 gives you more details on this proven strategy than you’ll ever see in print…. heck, look at all the testimonials in this letter!!!)

The 11-step formula that anyone can use to write Ad copy 100 times more potent than the best Madison Avenue ad agency! (Chapter 23 tells you all you need to know… it’s the ‘glue’ that brings everything else you learn in the book together!)

Here’s Why You May Never Need Another Copywriting Training Seminar, Home-Study Course, or Master Class Coaching – EVER AGAIN.

Its ALL here! EVERYTHING  you could possibly need to “create” your own highly-persuasive sales copy is included. Nothing else is necessary. With your Advertising Magic Cash On Demand System – you have a massive arsenal jam-packed with copywriting genius and remarkably-effective hand-picked done for you solutions.

You’ll have instant access to a world-class library of headlines, teasers, leads, bullets, offers, guarantees, PS’s – and more.  It makes compiling your own breakthrough promotions as easy as painting by numbers.

Apply the insider secrets revealed here and generate pure cash profits on-demand – with almost any promotion.

There’s no longer any need to study for months, years, or decades. Simply sift through the massive pile of solid gold and choose what suits your promotional needs best.

Imagine having everything you need right at your fingertipsAnd it’s laid out section-by-section and piece-by-piece to make it super-easy to navigate. Connect the dots and count your money. It’s never been this easy before

Struggling with a sales letter that won’t convert? Turn to your “Swipe Deploy” Arsenal golden and “swipe” away. It’s the quickest, easiest, and most sure-fire method to producing your own record-breaking conversions.

Interested in setting up an autoresponder series to fuel your reader’s interest, build rock-solid trust, and literally whip them into a buying frenzy as they eagerly await your next promotion? That’s easy. Simply turn to the Email Section and feast on the irresistible buffet of ready-made sequences. Just point, click and plug in. You’re ready to go, just like that.

Got a red-hot product in mind, but you’re not sure how to open the floodgates and cash-in like the big dogs? I’ve got you covered too with persuasive Upsells and Checkout Pages that can easily add thousands of dollars to your bottom line – with every campaign you run.

So how much does this  CASH COPY ON DEMAND  system cost?

Think about HOW MUCH it’s WORTH to be able to CUT BACK on your writing time.

Think about HOW MUCH it’s WORTH to be FREE OF THE HEADACHES of brain-fog, writer’s block and words that won’t come no matter how hard you try. Think about HOW MUCH it’s WORTH to be able to WRITE WITH MORE POWER and have your copy literally JUMP OFF THE PAGE. Think about HOW MUCH it’s WORTH to have copy that gets AMAZING RESULTS. Think about it!

It’s WORTH A LOT to you, isn’t it?

Ad Magic sells by itself for $397 and it’s a real bargain when you consider how just one of the tips can benefit your business. And you’d easily shell out 5 to 10 K (not including travel expenses) for a marketing seminar to learn a fraction of these techniques. Thousands of copies have been sold at that price and the business owners that bought it where thrilled they got it at that price and mind you they got none of the killer bonuses that I have worked so hard to offer you.

Look. If you’re serious about wanting to be able to WRITE QUICKER, EASIER AND WITH MORE POWER than ever before, and if you’re serious  about wanting your copy to be COPY THAT GETS READ AND ACTED ON, then investing $397 for Advertising Magic  is the best darn investment you could ever make in your business. Really! It’s a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you’re going to lose over your lifetime without this advertising know-how.

You Really Can’t Afford NOT To Invest In This Course!

Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to move on this incredible opportunity? Take action now, while it’s fresh on your mind. Ad Magic will give you the powerful cash-generating skills you need to rocket your sales and profits through the roof – forever!

And remember our…

Here’s your iron-clad guarantee. You must be 100% satisfied with this product and if you’re not just let me know within the first 30 days after your investment and I will refund every penny you paid with no questions asked. That’s how much I believe youi will be 100% satisfied with what you learn from this product. There is no catch to this. 

Advertising Magic is a GIANT 436-page Training Guide that is Instantly Downloadable as a PDF.

This should probably sell for thousands of dollars like others are charging for much less wisdom.  And that would even be too cheap when you consider that your increased sales, should you diligently apply this, could easily explode into many times more. And remember, you get to apply this whenever you write copy, so the cumulative effect will be astounding, should you keep track and reflect back on it.

But you won’t have to pay anywhere near the value you get from this product because today were holding the price to only $397. That’s a little over a penny a day for only a year. And you get to apply this knowledge over and over again for as long as you want.

So, act now while you have this one chance to get these materials. It’s an investment in your future.

Get It NOW!
While It’s Still Available