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John Caples

Author and former Vice-President of BBDO

“My recommendation is: read ANYTHING you can get your hands on that was written by John Caples, books, ads, ANYTHING

Carl Galletti

Copywriter, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Top Internet Marketer

John Caples was Vice President of BBDO, Inc. when he retired after 40 years of service with the nation’s third largest advertising agency. The creator of such classic ads as “They Laughed When I Sat Down at the Piano” and “They Grinned When the Waiter Spoke to Me in French,” and a member of the Copywriters’s Halls of Fame, Mr. Caples built a nationwide reputation for his research and scientific methods of testing advertising effectiveness.

John Caples

This is the 4th Edition – the edition I recommend you get. The image above is of my own personal copy because there wasn’t an image on Amazon.