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BONUS for Buyers Through My Affiliate Link

“Mastering Copywriting with ChatGPT”

Bonus Description

When this product is released it will sell for somewhere between $297.00 and $497.00. I haven’t yet decided.

But if you buy the Lifetime before the closeout on Thursday, August 31st, you will get this as a bonus. Until it is complete, you’ll get the bonus as it is currently and an update when it is complete.

I’ve been working on this for several weeks so far. Although it’s not completely finished it IS mostly done.

Here’s a description of the product…

I’ve taken the 93 sales letters from “The Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters of All Time” and broken down the structure of each from the point of view of a world-class direct response copywriter.

That analysis shows the exact structure of the copy of the greatest sales letters ever written.

Then I created a prompt from it that lets you take that original sales letter’s structure and create a new sales letter for a different product/service that follows the same structure.

Then I had it create a list of what you need to provide the AI so it can rewrite the sales letter for your product or service.

So, imagine that you take The Wall Street Journal’s “Two Young Men” sales letter — the one that amassed $2 billion in revenue and has been called…

“The Most Successful Single Piece Of Advertising
In The History Of The Word” 

…and have a sales letter written for you by AI for your own product or service using the same structure.

No one has ever done this before.

And this product gives you 92 more of this caliber of sales letter breakdowns and structures.

Plus, for most of the sales letters you have a direct link to the chat that created it. So all you have to do is click the “Continue this conversation” button and it’ll preload it into ChatGPT for you. Then all you have to do is give it your product’s info and it’ll generate a sales letter using your info and the structure of the Wall Street Journal letter…or whichever of the other sales letter structures you choose.

Of course, when you get you can also put the structure into a knowledge base and it’ll use that. Then you can create any type of promo with the intelligence of that $2 billion Wall Street Journal letter or any of the other 92 sales letter structures.

When this is complete in the not-too-distant future, this will be the most powerful sales letter generator ever conceived. But even in its mostly complete state, you will have everything you need to rock the copywriting world.

And for you skeptics in the crowd who are saying to yourself, “Yeah, but isn’t this just another formula?” let me assure you…Although there are certain similarities in some of the letters, you are getting a much more in-depth customized look at the structure.

Formulas like AIDA, etc. are nice but they’re way too general – you’ve got the islands but not much hint about what goes there or how to get from to the other.

For example: How do you build Interest? What’s the difference between Interest and Desire in terms of copy? Where is the best place to put these? Tell me more about how to write copy for each. Etc., etc., etc

You no longer have to worry about those details. It’s all spelled out for you in many different ways for many different products and services. Just pick the one you want, add your product details and let AI do the rest.

This is not only a great way to assist you in generating the best copy…it’s also a learning experience that puts not just the copy of some of the greatest copywriters of all time and their works but the structure of the copy that went into it.

For the first time in history, you get to go deep into the thought process that created the copy from the greatest sales letters of all time. If you’re a copywriter, you’ve got to geek out on that, right?

So, how do you get your bonus?

After you purchase lifetime, send me your payment receipts with enough info to identify your purchase. Use GROOVE.AI as the SUBJECT of the email.

This should include your name, email address, and phone number (so I can contact you if I need more info or can’t reach you otherwise — also let me know if it can receive text). Use the same info you ordered wtih. NOTE: Your purchase will be listed under Linda Shaw, my partner.

Then, I’ll send your bonus the week of the release which is the following week.

As an extra bonus, I’ll also send you a copy of the DELUXE version of The Greatest Sales Letters of All Time – valued at $197.00. (Click here for more info on that)

Here’s the link to buy Lifetime:

Click Here to Order

The order form is at the bottom of the page, just above the FAQ.

Carl Galletti

P.S. – If you already bought Lifetime before I announced this bonus, you still get it. Just remember to send your info to me.