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Breakthrough Advertising

by Eugene M. Schwartz

A Publishing Failure…

Breakthrough Advertising

“The $10 Million Book That Nobody Wanted”

Yet, one person who bought this book
used it to raise his net worth
from $100 Thousand to $10 Million


Dear Marketer,

     You’d think everyone would want a copy.

     Yet, when it was first published, it sold only a few thousand copies.

     By all counts it was a publishing failure.

     Soon after, people would regularly write to the author, giving the book credit for them making millions of dollars. Amazing enough.

     However, even more amazing was the fact that, although the book was about advertising, not one of these people was in advertising.

     Here was a book about advertising and yet it was used by people who were not in the business of advertising at all. Still, they read the book and went on to make more money than most people ever dream of.

      It’s even more amazing that they were able to make so much money with a book that is about putting sentences together.

      You might wonder whether the sentences in the book are so powerful they can radically change the fortunes of people.

Perhaps they are far more universally adaptable than the author had first thought. And that raises them from mere advertising techniques to devices that are literally about opening whole new markets for products.

      Surely when you look at the author’s successes you’ll find a clue:

      He wrote one ad that sold 1.98 million copies of a single $25 book.

That’s nearly $50 Million!

     He also wrote the ad that started Boardroom Reports, one of the most successful direct response companies of all time. His headline for that was:

“Read 300 Business Magazines in 30 Minutes”

     The Boardroom company started in 1962 with only $3,000 and by using that headline rose to doing 25 million dollars in gross volume by 1985 (and much more today).

     Who was this man who was able to write such sentences? His name was Eugene M. Schwartz. And the book he wrote is called:

Breakthrough Advertising
Breakthrough Advertising:

How to Write Ads that Shatter Traditions and Sales Records

     This is not a book just for copywriters and other advertising experts but a book for every business owner, marketing expert or anyone who needs to increase sales.

    The reason why is because it deals with how to channel the forces in the marketplace which control sales.

     Gene Schwartz was a direct marketing legend.

     He wrote more winning direct mail packages than perhaps any other copywriter in history.

      One favorite was his classic that sold a book on Chinese medicine. Maybe you remember the headline:

“How Modern Chinese Medicine Helps Both Men and Women
Burn Disease Out of Your Body Lying Flat on Your Back,
Using Nothing More Than the Palm of Your Hand!”

Or how about these classic Schwartz winners?

“71-Year-Old Man Has Sexual Congress Five Times a Day!”

“I’ll Make You a Mental Wizard in One Evening! Here At Last is Your Chance to Gain the THINKING-MACHINE MIND You’ve Dreamed About….”

     Gene’s “hit ratio” was 85% — that means out of every 100 direct mail packages he wrote, 85 were winners. That’s like a baseball player having a batting average of 850. It’s the kind of record that’s unheard of in the marketing field.

     Here are some more of his killer headlines:

“Who Ever Heard of 17,000 Blooms from a Single Plant?”

“You Are Twice as Smart as You Think! And These Seven Simple Actions Will Prove It To You in a Single Weekend – by Doubling Your Power to Learn!”

“Hollywood Plastic Surgeon’s Amazing New Book Shows How Any Woman Over 30 Can Look Years Younger, Pounds Lighter in 10 Short Days!”

“Why Haven’t TV Owners Been Told These Facts?”

     All of these were big winners.

     And today you can find out the secrets he used to create these winners — as well as many others like them. Even more important: you will discover the basic principles behind these secrets so you can create your own winners.

     It’s all right here in his book, Breakthrough Advertising.

     And note, the author is not just a writer and not just a copywriter. You’ll be learning from an astute businessman who was inimately involved in starting seventeen businesses. Just twenty-five percent of only one of them sold for nearly a million dollars in one day.

     Plus Gene had a client list that read like the “Who’s Who” of direct marketing – Boardroom, Rodale, Joseph E. Cossman, Harry Lorayne, Bill Bartman, Dave Ross, Clem Martin. and dozens more.

“I worked directly with Gene at Rodale from 1985 until his death,” says Pat Corpora of HCI Direct. “He wrote dozens of direct mail controls for me and contributed more than any other writer to our success.”

     Even more amazing, Gene’s 850 “batting average” was earned writing real promotions for real products – books, newsletters, software, gardening products, self-help, health.

     Unlike other famous “marketing geniuses,” Gene didn’t write a lot about the advertising methods he developed.

     And now that he is gone there is only his classic book “Breakthrough Advertising” to show us his methods for achieving such great success.

     The book was first published in 1966 by Prentice Hall. Since then it was long out of print and turned up on eBay recently selling for as much as $900 for a single used copy.

     And no wonder, with raves like these:

“Gene Schwartz made me a millionaire from a would-be millionaire with just a few breakthrough ideas. ‘Breakthrough Advertising’ was out of print and I spent a lot of money to buy a copy. I have never regretted my investment.”

-Christian H. Godefroy
Copywriter and Author

“Gene Schwartz is a legend in the field, and every copywriter and direct marketer should study Gene’s unique book.”

-John Finn
Finn Communications

“There are lots of copywriting gurus out there with books, but only a few of them are so good that the advice is humbling. Schwartz is in that class. This book is a must read … no matter how many years you’ve been in the business.”

-John Forde, Editor,
The Copywriter’s Roundtable e-zine

“No one in business should be without this book.”

–Joe Vitale, President,
Hypnotic Marketing, Inc.

     Even $900 would be a bargain price to have access to Gene’s secret methods. But you won’t have to pay anywhere near that amount because due to special permission from his estate the book has been republished in limited quantities. After these are gone it is unknown whether any more will be published.

     You’ll find many gems in this amazing book.

For example, you’ll discover:

 A Clearly Defined Step-by-Step Way to Develop an Entirely New Market for Your New or Old Product

 The Timeless Principles For Creating Winning Ads from Scratch

 The Fundamental Rules of Making a Fortune

 How To Shape the Largest and Strongest Market Possible, Intensify It and Then Direct It to the Solution (i.e, Product) You Have To Offer

 How Creativity Can Be Made to Order If You Follow This Simple Rule

 Techniques You’ve Never Seen Discussed in Any Other Article or Book on Copywriting

 How To Write a Headline – and an Ad That Follows It – That Will Open Up an Entirely New Market for It’s Product

 Why You Can Not Follow Someone Else’s Formula – No Matter How Successful It Was For Them

 The Basic Facts and Practical Rules That Produce and Exploit Creativity and Are Meant To Pay Off On the Very First Ad

 How To Double The Effectiveness of Your Copy Overnight

 How To Harness The Hopes and Fears and Desires of Millions Upon Millions of Men and Women All Over the World

 How A Copywriter Can Channel the Desire of Millions Onto A Particular Product and Make Its Owner A Millionaire

 Why Formulas Don’t Work and What DOES Work Instead

 The Force That Makes Advertising Work and How To Focus It Onto Your Product

 What Mass Desire Is and How It Is Created

 How To Capitalize On Your Prospect’s State Of Awareness When You Write Your Headline

 How To Introduce New Products

 Your Headline’s Real Job

 How To Introduce Products That Solve Needs

 How To Open Up a Completely Unaware Market

 How To Exploit a Hidden Fear

 How To Project a Hidden Desire Which Cannot Be Put Bluntly Into Words

 How To Revive a Dead Product

 38 Ways To Strengthen Your Headline

 How To Make An Idea Grow

 The Seven Basic Techniques of Breakthrough Advertising

 What Makes People Read, Want, Believe

 Thirteen Ways to Strengthen Desire

 How To Build a Saleable Personality Into Your Product

 How To Build New Images Into Your Product

 How To Make Your Prospect Believe Your Claims Before You State Them

 How To Remove Objections to Your Product

 How To Verbally Prove That Your Product Does What You Claim

 How To Destroy Alternate Ways for Your Prospect to Satisfy His Desire

 How To Offer Authorities and Proof

 How to Make Two Claims Do the Work of Four

 How To Give Your Reader What He Demands Step by Step Throughout the Copy

 How To Draw Your Reader Deeper and Deeper Into Your Copy

 How To Pack Your Copy with Drama, Excitement, Sincerity or Any Other Emotion You Wish

 How To Write a Winning Headline That No One Has Ever Written Before

WOW! That’s quite a lot of great stuff.

Look. Let me have Gene tell you in his own words:

VIDEO of Gene Schwartz Seminar

“These principles work. They discover markets. They build markets. They intensify markets. They revitalize markets. They perform, in sum, the invaluable function of giving you customers for the products you want or have to sell. And that’s what we all need, isn’t it? Customers.”

I don’t know how much longer it will be before they sell out of this printing or whether there will even BE another printing, so place your order right now while copies are still available.

It’s easy to do.

My Very Best to You,
Carl Galletti

People interested in this product were also interested in Gene’s rare video – the only one he’s known to have done! Temporarily available here.

This book was recommended by Gary Halbert (and many others). It is one of the books considered essential in Gary’s April 1987 newsletter about writing copy.

This is NOT a beginners book. It is for serious and experienced entrepreneurs and copywriters. It will take you to the next level and beyond. IF you understand and apply everything in this book, you will have absolutely no trouble being successful. But, I warn you, you’ll need to read it several times. Take notes. Apply what you learn. It will pay off for you.

And if you don’t believe me, just read the Amazon reviews, 91% 5-star ratings — I’ve never seen ratings like that for ANY book. I like the one titled:

“Pay what ever they want and get a copy of this book.”