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How To Make Maximum Money in Minimum Time

By Gary C. Halbert

WARNING: Read this BEFORE buying.

While every single strategy, technique and concept revealed in this easy-to-follow little book is more profitable than ever… this cult classic was written back in 1990 so please keep in mind how the tech has changed but the psychology of selling hasn’t.

For example, inside the book, there is a section on 900 numbers which appears useless until you realize it’s 100% applicable to texting short codes.

Anyway, in the interest of preserving the original experience, we have only removed outdated contact info and any updates have been added to the end of chapters but… even with the occasional reference to ancient technology, this book is loaded with step-by-step guidance on marketing.

Techniques people are still using to make a lot of money. Here is why How To Make Maximum Money In Minimum Time is so popular.

Out of necessity, Gary invented “Gun-To-The-Head-Marketing”… and… used it to write what would become the most widely mailed sales letter in history. A Letter Mailed Close To 1 Billion Times And To Almost Every Household In America Nearly 7 Times!

Gary continued to defy the “experts” and industry norms and smash sales record after sales record for over 35 more years with his breakthrough copy!

Halbert wrote record-smashing newspaper ads, magazine ads, web copy, direct mail pieces, infomercials, phone scripts and just about anything and everything where words are used to sell. Even more impressive, Gary wrote record-breaking advertisements in finance, cosmetics, diet, real estate, self-help, marketing, collectibles, genealogy, chiropractic, dentistry, water filtration and more. The list goes on and on… 

The Gary Halbert Letter is also the first newsletter to dish out real-world advice from one of the best marketers and copywriters on earth. Soon, all the pros started copying his headlines, bullets, closing copy, offers… and now… to this day, you see his words being used in sales copy everywhere. In fact, the beginning of Gary’s famous dollar-bill letters is almost certainly the most replicated piece of opening sales copy in the world of direct-mail.

Even after he passed away, has enjoyed a huge following and is more popular than ever for a reason. And that reason is… It Is Addictive! Gary Halbert’s mark is everywhere because so many marketers around the world learned part of their craft directly from Mr. Halbert… or… they learned the business from mentors who learned their best secrets from Gary.

Top ad writer Paris Lampropoulos may have put it best when he said… “In the world of copywriting, all roads lead back to Gary Halbert.” And it’s true! Here’s just a small sample of the what’s revealed inside…

  • How to get your mail opened and read! (For many savvy marketers, direct mail is actually working better today than it ever has!)
  • The single best advantage any business owner can have! (It’s so simple, yet almost everyone overlooks it.)
  • How top pros write killer headlines, fast… and… how you can do it too! The sordid details of Gary’s infamous and scandalous life… including… how he went from being a military policeman… to self-made multi-millionaire… to prison inmate… to self-made multi-millionaire yet again!
  • What it really takes to write breakthrough promotions. (Hint: The actual writing has very little to do with it!) Why the fastest writing is often the best writing!
  • The one secret nearly ALL top copywriters used to get to the top of their profession as fast as humanly possible!
  • Why you should not start your sales messages with a question!
  • How to create killer sales messages… writing a single word!
  • And much, much more!