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My First Sixty Years in Advertising

by Maxwell Sackheim

“The book…reveals secrets of advertising success which are based…not on theories, but on actual sales results. It tells how to make advertising make money. Every ad man…can profit by reading this fascinating volume.”

John Caples

BBD&O, New York

From the original dust jacket description:

“…the nationally-recognized mail-order copy fenius Maxwell Sackheim reveals all the power-packed elements of his greatest ads–tells why they were perennial successes–why they moved billions of dollars of merchandise from shelf to customer.”

“Now you can real all his secrets and see how they can also be made to work profitably by you.”

“Here, for the first time, Sackheim analyzes his own copy and that of his contemporaries. He explains his five pribary rules of copywriting, and his ‘Seven Deadly Advertising Mistakes,’ and ‘Seven Deadly Direct Mail Mistakes.’ You’ll read about all his techniques of success–how campaigns were conceived, headlines written, copy composed and polished to make every ad a glittering gem of salesmanship.”

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