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Obvious Adams

The story of a successful Business Man


Robert R. Updegraff

Here’s the story of a young man who rose from mediocrity to become a successful (and rich) businessman; copywriter and then vice-president of the company.

This book, written many years ago contains lessons that apply equally well in today’s markets. His commonsensical approach to problem-solving made his contemporaries whack themselves on their heads at the simplicity of it all. And that’s why you could profit by reading and applying Adams’ wisdom.

Adams’ “Back to Basics” methods dug out the facts, found out what people wanted, and just gave it to them. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. Adams thought so. And so should you. Take a leaf out of Adams’ methods to out-think, and out-maneuver your opposition.

And even today, just as in Adams’ time, marketers want to over-complicate matters.

Just don’t do it! Keep it simple! Use Adams’ approach to simplify situations and out-smart your competitors. Just like Adams, look for the obvious benefit. His clients couldn’t see it because they were too close to the problem.

David Ogilvy, Jay Abraham, and Ted Nicholas each recommend this book.

You can learn a lot from Adams and how he applied his logic and use it to your advantage.

I first encountered the amazing story of Obvious Adams through an association with one of the top marketing geniuses of all time, Jay Abraham.

Last I heard, Jay charged $5,000 for an hour (yes, that’s not a typo — per HOUR!) for a consultation over the phone.  The value of these consultations is proven by the fact that, despite offering a money-back guarantee, seldom does anyone ask for their money back.  And many people have subsequently made millions by following the advice he offers during these sessions.

Jay recommended reading this book.

To say the least, it changed my life.  It led me on a quest which has resulted in people now lining up to ask MY advice on marketing.  And you might say that I liked the book so much that, in the spirit of Victor Kiam of Remington fame, I decided to publish the book myself.

Although the setting of the book is of a time long ago, its lessons are just as valuable today as they were when first written.  I hope you get as much out of it as Jay and I and thousands of others have.



My Very Best to You,
Carl Galletti