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Gene Schwartz on Breakthrough Copy
at Phillips Publishing

by Eugene M. Schwartz

“Every time I read this transcript I get re-energized about my copywriting. It becomes much more powerful, much more effective. I recommend reading this periodically and especially if you want a JUMP in your copywriting powers.

Carl Galletti

Copywriter, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Top Internet Marketer

One of the Greatest Copywriters of All Time, Gene Schwarz, Reveals How To Understand Readers’ Desires and Discover Breakthrough Copy

The genius of Gene Schwartz has only been documented in three surviving publications, Breakthrough Advertising, the Rodale Workshop (video) and this transcript.

Here, he reveals his method of writing copy, something which he did not go into in Breakthrough Advertising.

In this transcript, you will discover:

  • How To Get In Touch with Your Audience
  • How to Work Extremely Intensely, in spurts
  • Why You Should Never “Create” and What You Should Do Instead To Achieve Better Results
  • How To Get Every Sales Appeal Out of the Product
  • How To Find Your Readers’ Hidden Desires
  • The Amazing Interviewing Technique That Uncovers the Hidden Secrets of the Product
  • How He Started His Own Publishing Business (one of those books, now out of print, is currently being offered, used, on Amazon for $4,000.00)
  • How To Trick Your Subconscious Mind into Revealing the Best Ideas
  • The Surest Way To Know Whether Your Copy Will Be Effective or a Failure
  • Why You Should Not Sell in Your Headline and What You Should Do Instead
  • How To Figure Out WHO You Are Writing To and How To Address Them
  • How To Uncover Great Headlines
  • How To Prepare the Ground for Powerful Claims
  • How To Prove Your Claims
  • How To Channel the Market’s Demand onto Your Product
  • Why Your Copy’s Layouts Should Be UGLY Rather Than Beautiful
  • How To Rejuvenate Your Copy After It Stops Selling
  • How To Get Instant Credibility for Your Product