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Tested Advertising Methods

by John Caples

“This is, without doubt, the most useful book about advertising that I have ever read.

David Ogilvy

From the Forward to the 4th Edition of Tested Advertising Methods

The purpose of this book is to tell you how to write advertising that produces immediate sales for your product or service.

In it’s pages you will find:

  • Twenty-nine ways to get attention
  • How to discover the most effective sales appeal for your product
  • How to write an interest-arousing first paragraph
  • How to create desire
  • How to put enthusiasm into advertising copy
  • Twenty ways to increase selling power
  • Thirty-two ways to get inquiries
  • How to get sales that are profitable and plentiful
  • It contains these and many other time-tested methods plus the latest discoveries for getting ACTION

Briefly stated, this book sums up the results of millions of dollars spent in testing the sales effectiveness of hundreds of different kinds of ads, plut the author’s forty-nine years of experience in writing and researching advertising for Du Pont, General Electric, U.S. Steel, Lever Brothers, Johnson & Johnson, Rexall, United Fruit, Hormel, Phoenix Mutual Insurance, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Reader’s Digest, The Wall Street Journal, the U.S. Navy and others.


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