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Carl Galletti

Marketing Strategist,Copywriter, Entrepreneur, Author

A Short Biography of Carl Galletti

By Dr. Rob Gilbert


Carl Galletti has risen to the top of the world of direct-response advertising and is now considered by many to be one of the best freelance copywriters and marketing experts in the country. As an author and professional speaker, I’ve had the pleasure of working with him for years and I can attest that he is.

Carl is unique as a copywriter because his marketing skills are at least as valuable to his clients as his copywriting skills. As the great ad man, Tom Collins, has said:

“I was enormously impressed by Carl’s direct-response copywriting skills, his poise and maturity, and the solidity of his marketing thinking…In my experience, it is not common to find all three of these qualities in one person.”

Tom is one of the all time greats of advertising copy and has, himself, been called “one of the greatest copywriters of all time” (by Ed Nash in his book Direct Marketing, McGraw-Hill). So, he should know.

In fact, many of the top people in direct response advertising turn to Carl to write copy for them. One of them is direct marketing expert Gary Halbert, author of The Gary Halbert Letter, a newsletter on copywriting and marketing. During his past two marketing seminars in which sixty people paid $6950 each to attend, Gary selected Carl to be a part of a handful of the best copywriters in the country who would write ads for the people attending. Here is what Gary told his attendees:

The Gary Halbert Letter

Gary Halbert, Copywriter

“CARL GALLETTI is, perhaps, the most serious student of the masters of marketing I’ve ever encountered. Tom Collins, who is the co-founder of Rapp & Collins, the third largest direct response agency in the world, considers Carl a copywriting genius. Now, after reviewing a collection of his work, so do I! “How good is he? Well, to give you a clue, I’ve decided to hire him myself!”

And Gary is one of many who considers it a good move to hire Carl nowadays. Jay Abraham is another. Jay is considered to be the top marketing consultant in the country. He charges $3000 per hour for his telephone consultations and his seminars cost as much as $20,000 for five days. Carl has written several direct mail sales letters for Jay.

Carl’s client list is diverse. He has worked with authors, professional speakers, publishers, computer companies, contractors, executive search firms, printers, training organizations, jewelry manufacturers, schools, health technology firms, and the American Red Cross.

Anyone can benefit from Carl’s advice and copy. As the author, Paul Hartunian, has said:

Paul Hartunian

    “Carl Galletti is a whiz! It’s that simple. He has had an incredibly steady flow of great ideas for me. He’s a brilliant copywriter and a marketing genius. If you should ever meet Carl, don’t let him get away. With his talents and abilities, he’ll be able to help you make some major advances in your life.”

Although Carl started writing copy back in 1968 (his first direct mail letter pulled an incredible 4% response!), Carl is really an entrepreneur at heart. Perhaps that’s why he’s so good at what he does. He understands the needs of the entrepreneur — and isn’t that what every successful business person really is?

In 1976 he started one of the pioneering personal computer companies. Two of his proteges went on to make history in the personal computer field. One was responsible for putting Epson America on the map in the United States (spear-headed by negotiating the deal with IBM to use the Epson printer for their first personal computer). The other was responsible for igniting the IBM clone market by being the first to provide the critical software needed to make non-IBM computers compatible with IBM personal computers – which resulted in his acquiring a personal windfall fortune of $48 million!

Before becoming a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant, Carl spent several years working for the largest oil company in the world, as well as a highly regarded market research firm. He also served as Executive Vice-President for a Madison Avenue advertising agency.

Carl has also worked with some interesting creative talent, such as Ken Kerr, who has this to say about Carl’s work:

“As creative director of Epcot Center and all the Disney theme parks, I’ve had the good fortune to work with some of the best, including Steve Spielberg, George Lucas, Jim Henson and other very talented, although lesser known, people. Many of them are very talented writers and marketing experts. These days, when someone needs a good copywriter, the first one who comes to mind is Carl Galletti. He knows how to write the kind of copy that gets results. In my opinion, he’s one of the best you can get at any price. So, it will surprise you when you find out how reasonable his rates are, especially when you consider how much money you’ll make from his work.”

Well, that’s about it. You can see by these recommendations and experience that you are getting someone who really knows how to write the kind of copy – and how to come up with the kind of marketing ideas – that will make you money.

Dr. Rob Gilbert
Editor: Bits & Pieces
Professional Speaker
Author: Gilbert On Greatness