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$11,467.37 in FREE Bonuses

when You Buy Stefan Georgi’s

NEW RMBC Copywriting Course

From This Link:

Perhaps you’ve never heard of him but he’s the #1 copywriting in the world today…and for my money the #1 copywriter of ALL TIME…and I don’t say that lightly. I’ve personally known some of the best and this guy puts them ALL to shame.

Starting out writing sales letters for only $149 each today he charges $50,000.00+ and he’s currently booked out months in advance, despite the fact that he can churn out as many as 8 or 9 sales letters per month. I guess that’s what makes him the top-earning copywriter today. His copy has brought in $700 MILLION in sales and counting.

So what. That’s nice. Why should you care, right?

Here’s why: because he’s just released his new RMBC Copywriting Course. I’ve just had a preview of the course and I can say unequivocally that it is BY FAR the best copywriting course ever created…and I’ve seen them all, including MINE (LOL).

You know Gary Bencivenga kept his copywriting methods secret and only released them AFTER he retired. And he charged $5000.00 to only a select few people (100 copywriters, myself included) and in my opinion, THIS RMBC course is WAY BETTER!!! And much, much less expensive.

I’ve studied with the greats: Gary Halbert, Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, John Carlton, etc. None of them even came close to what this course offers, my own course included.

Click the link above or below to find out just what’s in it.

But don’t think too long and hard about this. Just get the damn thing and study your ass off. If you’re not doubling, tripling, quadrupling your income from this in a short time, if you’re not writing more and better sales copy than you ever had in your life, then you just ain’t tryin’.

Below I’ve listed the $11,170.37 in bonuses I’m giving you when you buy this course from my affiliate link. I’m literally giving you just about everything I’ve got for sale. It’s ALL good stuff BUT I don’t want you to even take a look at it until you’ve gone through Stefan’s RMBC course at least once.

Quite frankly, you shouldn’t even need to get a bonus on this. The course itself will give you all the bonuses you’ll ever need — in the form of tons more increased earnings from your copy. My bonuses are just the icing on the cake and besides, everyone needs a good library of great copywriting info at their command.

So here are all the bonuses you’ll be getting (but ONLY if you order from the links on this page):

 Here are the $11,467.37 in BONUSES:

For More Info on EACH of the products, just click the title — the products page will open in a new tab.

My Stuff:

Gary Halbert:

Hurricane Andrew Seminar Videos and Transcripts ($997.00+ value)

All 12 of My Dan Kennedy Products ($3,875.99 value):

  1. Dan Kennedy’s Copywriting Clinic (normally $199.00)
  2. Dan Kennedy’s Advanced Copywriting Seminar (normally $697.00)
  3. Dan Kennedy’s Advise & Profit for Consultant/Coaches (normally $497.00)
  4. Dan Kennedy’s Mega Success System for SPEAKERS (normally $497.00)
  5. Dan Kennedy’s Magnetic Marketing Deluxe (normally $397.00)
  6. Dan Kennedy’s Customer Appreciation Seminar (normally $199.00)
  7. Dan Kennedy’s Platinum Inner Circle MasterMind (normally $199.00)
  8. Dan Kennedy’s The Ultimate Internet Entrepreneur (normally $197.00)
  9. Dan Kennedy’s The Ultimate INFORMATION Entrepreneur (normally $199.99)
  10. Dan Kennedy’s Presentation at Gary Halbert’s Hurricane Andrew Seminar (normally $199.00)
  11. Dan Kennedy’s Money Maker System (normally $197.00)
  12. Dan Kennedy’s Direct Marketing Super Conference (normally $398.00)

Other Stuff:

How To Get Your Bonuses:

Just click on the “Click Here” button below and you’ll be taken to the sales page. After you’ve ordered, just send me an email with the SUBJECT: “Just Bought RMBC”. Be sure to include your name, mailing address (bonuses are so large that they are delivered by mail), and phone number. I’ll call you to confirm.

NOTE: all bonuses are delivered by mail on a 64GB flash drive, so be sure to include your mailing address and phone number. Once I verify your purchase, I’ll arrange to have your bonuses sent to you by mail.