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John Carlton

How to Write Copy That Forces People to Buy from You

John Carlton is, he’s one of the A-List of direct-response copywriters who’s been around since the golden age of newspaper and magazine advertising.

He is responsible for some of the most powerful full-page ads of all time, including the ‘Magic Move’ golf ad and the ‘Free Gun’ ad.

Here’s what can you expect to discover from this presentation:

Be shown the inner workings of copywriting from a legend and take those principles and translate them into today’s digital world to benefit your own business!

Here are some of the things covered:

  • John’s definition of good copy
  • What sort of difference can good copy make on a website?
  • Attention: How you can keep people’s attention on a page long enough for them to be influenced by your message
  • Who’s the formidable enemy: the magazine page turn or the back button
  • John’s website copy sins that lead visitors NOT to convert
  • Objection Handling: How to identify the main buyer objections when you’re writing your website copy
  • Personality vs Sales: Getting the balance right in your copy
  • Writing Copy for Video: John’s top examples and what he thinks makes a compelling video script
  • Long-Form Video (i.e. webinar) vs Short Form Video (i.e. Facebook ad)
  • Email: How to make sure your emails get read and what is the optimal email length
  • John’s tips for becoming a better writer