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Copy Magic

How To Use Words To Sell Your Products

by Carl Galletti

Here is just some of what you get:

  • What Copywriting is About (p3)
  • How To Get Traffic To Your Site (p3)
  • One Of The Best Techniques for Selling On The Internet (p4)
  • How To Go About Writing Promotional Copy (p5)
  • The Story Behind Salesmanship-in-Print (p6)
  • What Salesmanship is REALLY All About (Most Misunderstand It) (p6)
  • The First Thing You Need To Do If You Have Something To Sell (p7)
  • What You Need To Focus On When You Edit Your Copy (p8)
  • A Simple Little Exercise To End Writer’s Block and Get You Writing (p8)
  • The Eugene M. Schwartz Process for Writing Copy (p8)
  • The Kind of Space You Need For Your Writing (p9)
  • The Best Time of Day to Write (p10)
  • The Three Things Prospects Have Foremost in Their Minds When They Read Your Copy¬† (p11)
  • How To Breakthrough To The Person Reading Your Copy (p12)
  • The Most Magical Word You Can Use in a Headline (p12)
  • The Real Purpose of a Headline (p13)
  • The Purpose of Sub-Headlines (p13)
  • A Copy Formula Almost Everyone Gets Wrong and What It Really Means…And How To Use It Effectively (p14-15)
  • How To Write Bullets (Fascinations) (p15-17)
  • Where To Get A Comprehensive List of Bullets (p16)
  • How To Get Prospects To Act Right Away (p18)
  • The Little-Known Book That Claude Hopkins Used To Teach His Copywriters (p18)
  • Why Older Copywriting Books Are Better Than Newer Ones (p19)
  • What All Successful Copywriters Have (p19)
  • How To Get A Classic Advertising Book for Free (p20)
  • How To Write Emails (p21-4)
  • How To Get Your Emails Opened (p24)
  • How To Brainstorm with a Group (24)
  • How To Come Up With Better Headlines (p25)
  • How To Craft An Offer and Why It Is So Important (p26)
  • What To Look For In Your Research and What To Do With It (p28)
  • Whether Your Copy Should Be Long or Short (p29)
  • Where To Put Your Most Powerful Testimonial (p30)
  • The Biggest Challenge of Your Copy (p30)
  • How To Build Trust With Your Audience (p31)
  • The Secret of Professional Writing (p32)
  • How and Where To Research (p33-34)
  • How A 21 Year Old High School Dropout Went from Zero to $673,000 in 17 months Using a $30 Website (p36-37)
  • How To Get Someone’s Home Address Via The Internet (p37)
  • How I Designed A Site That Generated Over $100,000.00 Per Month (p38)