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Dan Kennedy’s Mega Success System For Speakers

The Ultimate No B.S. Advanced Business Course For Professional Speakers

It’s not just for speakers anymore. There are nuggets of gold for webinar presenters, video presenters, podcast presenters, information publishers and lots more

This is a multi-faceted product.

It shows you how to:

  • Market yourself and your services
  • How to get maximum impact & income from each presentation
  • How to add to your income with writing and publishing
  • How to use your own seminars as profit centers and
  • Dan’s own insights and observations about the business

Whether you are a professional speaker, coach, consultant, or whatever and whether to present from the stage, through webinars, video sales letters, podcasts, etc.; this product is for you.

“$458,949.00 in Just 60 Minutes”

From the Desk of Carl Galletti:

What I learned from this Dan Kennedy product helped me generate sales of $458,949.00 in just one hour.

Now, I can’t promise that you’ll be able to do the same but let me be perfectly honest with you: I’m a “TERRIBLE” public speaker. I’m not dynamic. I speak too slowly. I put in too many “ah”s and, well, the list goes on.

So, how did I manage to generate $458,949.00 in sales in just one hour?” Quite frankly most of it is a mystery to me. I have my opinions of course but this much I CAN tell you: I had been studying Dan Kennedy’s Mega-Success System for Speakers at the time and I used what I learned to create the presentation that brought in those sales.

If you want proof of just how bad a speaker I am, when you invest in this product, I will give you, as a bonus, a video of the very presentation I gave that produced $458,949.00 in sales in just one hour.

I must have done something right, though, don’t you think? Maybe you can figure it out and put it into a formula to use for your own presentations. Anyway…

It was done in the UK and there were a few hundred people in the audience. It was the biggest audience I had ever spoken in front of (and still is to this day) and I made all sorts of rookie mistakes like using US Currency figures in part of the presentation… a presentation that was being given in a foreign country!

Of course, I had an American accent but that’s something I couldn’t do anything about, so it doesn’t count as a mistake but it’s certainly an impediment to a successful presentation, don’t you think?

Look, I believe that what I learned from Dan Kennedy in this product probably helped me more than anything else in being able to pull this off and I’m going to send you a video of the presentation to study for yourself when you invest in his Mega-Success System for Speakers. Maybe you can discover, coupled with what you learn from Dan’s course, just what made it so effective. Even if you fail to generate as many sales as I did ($458,949.00), it might still be an acceptable amount for you. Let me know.

And if you do better than me, write it up and submit it to me and I’ll buy back this system from you!!!

What’s Inside:

Each Module contains valuable training and the transcript of the corresponding audio file, with margin notes, and additional pages of exhibits immediately following the transcript. The 6th Module contains all the additional reference notes and contacts.

  • Module #1:  How To Market Yourself and Your Speaking Services
  • Module #2: Achieving Maximum Impact & Income from Each Speaking Engagement
  • Module #3: Achieving Maximum Impact & Income from Writing & Being Published
  • Module #4: Achieving Maximum Impact & Income from Your Own “Information Products”
  • Module #5: Your Own Seminars as Profit Centers
  • Module #6: 15 Years Misc. Insights & Observations About the Speaking Business

In Dan Kennedy’s words:

As I stuttered, stammered and stumbled through my first pitiful speeches, if anybody had predicted I’d be one of the very top, highest-paid, best-known speakers in America in the future, they’d have found themselves in a rubber room. But here I am, 20+ years in professional speaking.

This year alone, over 200,000 people will sit in audiences to hear me. And, on some days, I’ll make as much as $25,000.00 in one hour. (On an average day, it’ll be $10,000.00 in about 3 hours on the platform.)

Now, here’s the amazing part. I’m not at all convinced that I have any natural talent for this. And I view it all very differently from many pro speakers I know; they feel like they’ve been “called”, that they’re on some passionate mission, they’re all wrapped up in the glorious art of performing on the platform – and their egos interfere with their incomes a lot.

For me, this is just business. Speaking is a media for delivering a message that creates sales, profits, and customers. I do it because it’s an effective, efficient means of accomplishing those objectives. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be there.

As a result, I come at speaking, and at the advice I give people about speaking and about seminars, from an entirely different perspective than most of my peers and colleagues. I focus on the business aspects of speaking.


How To Build A Maximum Income Speaking Business

The Ultimate No B.S. Advanced Business Course
For Professional Speakers

From my 20+ years’ experience, here are the strategies I’ve used and use to earn more from speaking PART-TIME than most do full-time and to stay booked solid with minimum marketing.

Each Module in this System is valuable enough to justify the entire price! I cover my non-marketing approach to attracting bookings and clients; how to maximize income per engagement and per client; and how to conquer the six biggest obstacles to earning $250,000.00 a year or more as a professional speaker. I also reveal my personal ‘System’ for Platform Selling; a System that often produces sales of $100.00+ per person in small groups; $15 to $20 per head in large events. Recently, I’ve done as much as $67,000.00 in sales from the platform in one hour. I also cover all other ‘profit centers’: information products, self-publishing, newsletters, continuity programs, infomercials, teleseminars, seminars, retreats, joint ventures, and many more.

The bottom-line: I can speed up your success, increase your income, and make your promotional work much easier, for your speaking business. And I’ve put it all together in very, very concise form, in respect of your time. There are 6 Audio CD’s and 6 sets of notes and printed information, in one notebook which have now been converted into 6 audio Mp3 files and 3 PDF manuals so you can instantly download them.

The price is $497.00. And I’m well aware that’s a helluva lot of money if you relate price to “bulk.” I hope you’re much smarter than that. You see, one weekend spent with this System can totally revolutionize your speaking business.

How do I know that? Because System users are telling me that, and more.

When we released this System for the first time to a select list of speakers and seminar marketers, we sold hundreds of the Systems. Typical of the reports back: “I just had my best month in this business in years thanks to your advice”….” just one of your suggestions made me over $15,000.00 in two weeks.”

Hundreds of these Systems were sold at full price, on a fully guaranteed basis, and during the guarantee period we issued only two refunds. Also, I personally had telephone conversations with these buyers – some after they’d reviewed it and were just getting started with it, others who had quickly implemented some of the strategies and quickly gotten successful results. So, this System has been “road-tested” and proved itself of immense value to hundreds of speakers of varying levels of experience and income.

Do I feel guilty charging so much for just six CD’s and a notebook? Not a bit. I sleep like a baby. If anything, I regret not charging more. Obviously getting just ONE speaking engagement you wouldn’t get otherwise pays back this entire investment, so you should look forward to a return-on-investment here of 10,000% or more – now where else can you get that? In fact, if you are serious about the speaking business, I can’t understand how you could possibly justify NOT getting this System.

Dan Kennedy

Try It For 30 Days at My Risk

If you feel that this product does not live up to its promise or for any reason, just delete it from your possesion and let me know and I’ll refund your investment 100%.