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Dan Kennedy’s Platinum Inner Circle MasterMind

Instantly Downloadable Recordings From His 6-CD Set

15 Top Marketers From Dan Kennedy’s Platinum Inner Circle Mastermind Share Their Closely Held SECRETS

“15 Top Marketers Share Their Closely Held SECRETS”

But NOW YOU Can Be the “Fly On the Wall” Who Listens In

What would you pay to sneak into the closed door meeting and eavesdrop on the free-wheeling, no holds barred discussions of arguably the most elite and extraordinary cabal of marketing and moneymaking “attack dogs” ever assembled in one place, at one time?

From the Desk of Dan Kennedy

The 15 people in my Platinum Inner Circle Mastermind Group are the Navy SEALS of marketing. They are fast-acting, ruthless, aggressive “commandos” when it comes to making gobs and gobs and gobs of money.

Just to be in this group, each member pays $7,200.00 for the year. Plus the costs of traveling to four meetings that take place in private, behind closed, locked doors. They sign a strict confidentiality pledge to each other, so they can share their most prized and profitable discoveries.

Some of these 15 do consulting — and, on average, it costs $500.00 to $1,000.00 an hour to buy their time and advice, and you probably have to get in line. Others NEVER reveal their methods and business secrets, for any price. Some teach other subjects, but keep the marketing strategies they use personally “close to the vest.”

I collect the $7,200.00 from each of them, to organize it all and run the meetings. But the truth is, I get just as much out of these meetings as they do; in fact, I marvel at what I discover!

Now, here is what I persuaded everybody to do: take one extra day, get in a room together, turn on the recorder, and have a wide-open, can-you-top-this round-and-round-and-round-the-table discussion of their very best marketing and moneymaking ideas just about anybody can use to rev up their business and income.

I prepared a series of provocative questions. I did my best to impose some order and control to the day. But mostly, like a bull-rider, I just hung on.

The result: a set of 6 audio CDs unlike any you’ve ever heard. I’ve since converted them to instantly downloadable Mp3 audios that can be played on anyone’s computer, phone, or orther Mp3 player (such as you might have in your car)…or you can burn them on CDs and play them in your car or anywhere else.

Imagine, these 15 moneymaking commandos ALL spilling their guts, ALL contributing to the maelstrom of ideas, insights and very specific advice pouring across the conference table like gasoline on fire. We had a pro there to record it all, for the best possible audio quality given the situation. It’s been edited to keep the meatiest parts and lop off the fat.


I’ll bet you the biggest steak in Texas you just cannot listen to these recordings only once.

You’ll be whacking the Pause button like some crazed monkey, to jot down one sizzling hot idea after another you want to act on. You’ll have to listen to ‘em all a number of times or you’ll miss more than you get, because it’s all coming at you rapid-fire.

Getting a “down-load” of experience and thinking about marketing from any ONE in this crack commando squad would certainly be worthwhile. But from all FIFTEEN?

And keep in mind, this is NOT some carefully thought out, scripted and read presentation, where the “guru” has had plenty of time to deliberately leave certain things out and hold certain things back, to selectively share his methods. This was a blow-the-doors-off discussion, with everybody thinking on their feet and, to some extent, trying to top the other guy.

…one idea I got from you recently pulled in over $102,396.17 in less than 47 days!

“Dan, your information is worth more than its weight in gold! Just one idea I got from you recently pulled in over $102,396.17 in less than 47 days! In fact, on my biggest day, I brought in a whopping $ 35,772.83. When I told my wife, she got angry – because with your idea, I made in ONE DAY what it takes her ONE FULL YEAR to make as a full-time veterinarian! (I made it up to her by buying her a new home – with four acres for her new horse). That one idea paid for all of the books, courses, and seminars (including travel and food) I’ve ever bought from you. In fact, I could spend $7,500.00 a year on your products for the next 10 years – and still not spend all of the money I made with this one brilliant idea. You’ve got a client for life. Thanks again, Dan.

Investing my money in your marketing information has brought better returns than the stock market on its best day – and I don’t have to worry about any risk! —

Jeff Gardner, President, Success Achievement

Some Of The Amazing How-To Secrets And Strategies Revealed In These Unique Mastermind Sessions:

  • How to easily command prices significantly higher than your competitors: one word that will change what you sell and how you sell it
  • A simple technique to obtain more referrals from customers: how to put “timing” on your side
  •  Exactly what one Member says to his customers to create a steady stream of new referrals (a script you can use from Bill Glazer)*
  • How to increase the average size of each customer’s purchase AND the frequency of repeat purchases…...increase sales and profits without getting more new customers
  • How to create “continuity income” in virtually ANY business
  • How to sell “pre-paid services” to put an iron cage around customers: a practical approach to ‘customer loyalty… to make your customers blind, deaf and dumb to your competitors.
  • How one “little change” in the way phones are answered added over a million dollars to one business’ bottom line……and a larger lesson about managing for maximum profit
  •  How to allocate your advertising funds and efforts against certain timing issues: learning to fish when the fish are biting
  •  What Dan Kennedy says about “contrarian marketing”
  • “THE discovery that finally took our company over the 5-million dollar sales mark” –   T.J.Rohleder
  • How to re-organize the way you work to immediately get more done every day:  a profoundly simple formula*
  • How to use but not be abused by communications technology….how to qualify, pre-screen and pre-sell.
  • Dr. Bob Willis’ example of a simple one-page letter anyone can use to tap into a whole new source of new customers (Word for word, for you to use)*
  • Bill Glazer: THE most frequently made mistake in retail advertising – it’s easily fixed
  • A headline trick: improve quantity AND quality of ad response
  • “EXACTLY how I design my envelopes and put together my direct-mail for maximum response” – Michael Kimble (TESTED and proven approach.)*
  • What to do when a direct-mail campaign you believed in fails.
  • A critically important, oft misunderstood marketing principle: how to shoot yourself in the foot in direct-mail (Dan Kennedy)
  • DOUBLE YOUR RESPONSE:  Bill Glazer’s tested and proven “best” strategy
  • A little “gimmick” that boosts likelihood of your envelope being opened dramatically*
  • “How I Increased Response By 92% – With A Dirt-Cheap Addition To My Marketing”….a tool you can use!*
  • A “different” way to use testimonials (John Rubio)*
  • DOUBLE response from FAX-marketing (Reed Hoisington)

*Important Note: These are PRACTICAL TOOLS YOU CAN USE instantly, not just “ideas.” Make no mistake, this entire roundtable discussion produced hundreds of practical tips, strategies, insights into the techniques behind successful marketing campaigns – plus these very specific tools to use, any one of which could easily be worth tens of thousands of dollars to you.

Directly responsible for over
$500,000.00 in sales

“140,000.00 in business in 4 days, and a big chunk of that was extra revenue I’d have never seen without the one suggestion you gave me. If I’d been using that one since the first of the year, I’d be at least $100,000.00 farther ahead.”

“Here’s a much deserved testimonial. I should have sent you this formal thank-you sooner, but I’ve been so busy making money with all the killer marketing stuff I’ve learned from you, I haven’t taken the time. Anyway, my relationship with you is directly responsible for over $500,000.00 in sales in less than 2 years.”

Joe Polish, Piranha Marketing, Inc.

I know for a fact of six different Platinum Members last year who each made well over $100,000.00 by implementing ONE idea that came out of the blue, at one of these meetings.

Who knows what’ll occur to you as you listen in on an entire day’s output?

“I now have more money than I’ll probably need for the rest of my life. So much of the credit for that goes to you.”

You are one of the very few people I can truly say changed my life. Just a few years ago, when I was a marketing ‘nobody’, you were there for me. You were always available for me, gave me speaking opportunities, advice – everything I needed to make the leap into the ‘big time’. I’m not sure why you did it, but I’m very thankful you did. Your products have had more of an impact on me than any others. But more than that, your friendship and support were the factors that gave me all the opportunity I needed. I took that opportunity and ran with it.

I now have more money than I’ll probably need for the rest of my life. So much of the credit for that goes to you. Yeah, I know money isn’t everything, but money buys you freedom – and freedom is everything. Mary and I are going on a two week cruise in a few weeks. When I get back, I’ll be taking the steps necessary to sell my business, take on a majority partner, or whatever it takes to pass on this terrific business to someone who’ll take it even higher. Mary and I will then move on to lots of other things we want to do. Dan, thank you so much for everything you’ve given me and done for me. I’ll never forget it.”

– Dr. Paul Hartunian, New Jersey
Nationally-known Publicity Expert, Speaker and Author of
How to Get $1 Million Worth of Publicity…FREE!

So, what will you pay for the privilege of getting in on all this fantastic marketing expertise?

There are all kinds of ways to set a price. Here’s what I did.

First of all, I had each of these Platinum Members write a price down on a piece of paper what they thought ought to be charged to let somebody sit in on a day of a regular Platinum Meeting, let alone one targeted at covering “the best” strategies we all know and use.

Second, I actually surveyed a few dozen of my clients and regular Inner Circle Members and told them to bid, as if only the highest bidder would get the one and only set of recordings from such a session.

So, what do you think the number was that was arrived at by the Platinum Members ?

It averaged out to $2,100.00.

And, maybe more relevant – what do you think the highest bid was?

Get this: it was $5,000.00. And I promise you, he was serious. In fact, the LOWEST bid, the “cheapskate” bid was $595.00.

So, after considerable discussion, we’ve agreed on a price of just $199.00.

If you want to know how to use marketing weaponry, to be a moneymaking commando, I don’t know where else you could look for better training than this gathering of the 15, on this day, available on these 4 hours and 46 minutes worth of some of the most valuable recordings you will ever have.

Dan Kennedy

“Dan Kennedy’s
Platinum Inner Circle Mastermind”…

4 Hours and 46 Minutes of INSTANTLY DOWNLOADABLE Mp3 audios