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Dan Kennedy’s The Ultimate INFORMATION Entrepreneur

577 Pages

How To Make Enormous Amounts of Money By Packaging And Marketing Information

Dan Kennedy’s BRAIN Exposed!

(At Least As Close As You Can Get)

Actually It’s His File Cabinet of Ads, Sales Letters, etc. (With Notes) For You To Study and Profit From

 Your KEY to Big Profits

Dear Friend,

Yes, we WANT to know. America’s thirst for inside information, for how-to-do-it-ourselves, for secrets, for information of every imaginable variety is insatiable.

Look around. Buying and consuming information products more than ever. Specialty-interest how-to videos sell by the millions. Specialty-interest magazines and websites proliferate. Newsletters. Seminars. Courses. Infomercials. Talk radio’s boom. On-line services. Podcasts, webinars, Kindle books. Everywhere you look, you’ll see “information” being sold, bought and consumed at an unbelievable pace. Fortunately, anybody can get in this game, “cheap” if necessary, and make a fortune.

I have personally made my fortune marketing “information” – but I’m not a college grad; I have no formal training in writing or in advertising; I stuttered as a kid and barely survived high school speech class; I have no special, technical expertise; and, for me, a computer is a big, fat paperweight. I suppose I’m woefully unqualified for this business. I doubt if I could even get a job at a New York ad agency or publishing company. Still, this year I’ll sell over a million dollars worth of my own “information products.” (And help my clients sell 100 times that much!)

If you’re a “novice”, how can you find out about all the opportunities in this field? I have one big, giant, all-encompassing resource that will absolutely astound and amaze you.

If you’re already a “pro” in some aspect of the information business, I want you to know that THOUSANDS of knowledgeable, experienced and professional pros have bought this resource and praised it as their best-ever investment.

The Ultimate Information Entrepreneur Super Manual 5th Edition/Up-Dated

This huge 577-page Manual covers EVERY imaginable way you can make enormous amounts of money by packaging and marketing information. I’ve included a partial Contents List below. Now, let me tell you a little bit about the background of this very unusual resource:

It All Started With A Chance, Off-The-Cuff Remark Over A Friendly Chivas & Water

I was sitting with a long-time client, at a patio table, at a popular resort in southern California, sipping a Chivas; we were relaxing after a long day of meetings, mostly talking about nothing, when he said: “I’d give a thousand dollars just to root through your file cabinets.”

“Root?” I asked.

“Yeah. Look. Dig. Treasure-hunt. Poke. Maul. Swipe. Root.”

So I Dumped All My File Cabinet Drawers Out On The Floor….. and he was right; there was a fortune there in information – including countless little ‘tidbits’, examples of unusual strategies, little-known sources, stuff I pretty much kept to myself. Anybody trying to market “information” in any form would kill for all this – or spend nearly 20 years accumulating, saving, sorting like I did. So, the first edition of this book was born.

By the way, ads I’ve created for my products and my clients run in many national magazines and other publications, to the tune of $20,000, $30,000, $50,000 or more every month. Some ads have been running and producing every month for years. One client is in the 5th consecutive year of airing the same infomercial I created for him. Another client mails tens of thousands of the letters I helped him develop every month. Another has a $200,000.00+ per month home-based business. I could go on and on. And all that how-to know-how is in this book.

This May Have Been The Ugliest Book Ever Published.

I took the piles on the floor, sorted ’em by topic, photocopied a ton of stuff, wrote explanations to go with it, and spiral-bound it all together into a rather ugly, lumpy, very unpretentious, fat book. And, largely thanks to enthusiastic endorsements from such people as Gary Halbert (arguably the all-time greatest practitioner of “salesmanship in print”, publisher of The Halbert Letter) and Greg Renker (Guthy-Renker Corp., famous for infomercials and information products like ‘Think And Grow Rich’, ‘Personal Power’, etc.), I quickly sold over 1,000 copies – at the fat-as-the-book price of $199.00. And I have received more praise, more testimonials and more recognition for this ugly, fat book than for anything else I’ve ever done. Heck, it even won the Book Of The Year Award, in the ‘Mail-Order’ category, from the North American Bookdealers Association.

Since then, thousands more copies have been sold throughout the U.S., Canada and in several other countries. Harv Eker, one of the leading seminar leaders in Canada, dealing with entrepreneurial subjects, offers it at all of his seminars. Ted Thomas, joint venture marketing expert, says it’s the very best resource he’s ever found.

If Somebody Tries To Take Your Copy Away From You, You’ll Be Tempted To Fight Him To The Death

I was on an airplane with one guy; he pulled it out of his briefcase; and, geez, it looked like it had been through a hurricane and run over by a truck – pages were loose, there were Post-It Notes all over it, the visible pages were covered with handwritten notes and hi-liter pen markings, and the whole mess was held together By two thick rubber bands. “Use that a lot?” I asked.

Not recognizing me, the fellow said,

“I’ll tell you something – after nearly twenty years in the business, I’d given up on finding anything really new AND useful in any book until I got this thing. I use this just about every day. I won’t even travel without it. I’m trying to absorb it all into my brain before it self-destructs completely. Most valuable thing I ever bought.”

I’m pretty confident you’ll feel the same way about your copy. And I’ve got good news. We’ve added a detailed Index, so you can find things. (The first edition didn’t even have page numbers!) I recently went through and up-dated it and even added a few more things. We even strengthened the spiral-binding. But we didn’t raise the price. It’s still $199.00.

A Partial List of Topics included:

  • HOW TO PRODUCE YOUR “INFORMATION PRODUCTS….12 Steps to an audio product….18 Steps to a video product…. How to save 25% to 75% from most video production quotes!…. How to create and sell a “Moneymaking Business Opportunity”…. The 39 best kinds of ‘Information Products’….
  • UNDERSTANDING AND PROFITING FROM “THE MONEY ISSUES”…. How to replace up-front costs with royalties and: how to convert vendors to at-risk partners….
  • PREPARING MARKETING MATERIALS FOR YOUR “INFORMATION PRODUCTS” ….Everything you need to know about what works and what does not (based on 5-Million-$ research and experience)….
  • DISPLAY ADVERTISING…. How to get Agency Discounts…. First-Time Advertiser discounts…. and save 17%-50% off “rate cards” (price lists).
  • HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT MAILING LISTS TO PROFITABLY SELL YOUR “INFORMATION PRODUCTS” VIA DIRECT-MAIL…. How not to get ripped off (Most beginners do!)…. Where to learn about and ‘comparison shop’ thousands of good lists….
  • MARKETING STRATEGIES OF SPECIAL IMPORTANCE WITH “INFORMATION PRODUCTS”…. How to use Guarantees to boost response…. “The Charles Atlas Method” can double your profits….”
  • HOW TO REALLY GET “FREE” ADVERTISING FOR YOUR “INFORMATION PRODUCTS”…. How to get on lots and lots of Radio Talk Shows and Podcasts…. be interviewed over the phone, long distance…. give out your contact info…. sell your products!
  • UNUSUAL WAYS TO MAKE MONEY WITH YOUR “INFORMATION PRODUCTS”…. How to sell by mail to Libraries…. How to sell by mail to the Military….and other unusual sources.
  • HOW TO GET YOUR “INFORMATION PRODUCTS” ADVERTISED ON TV – IN INFOMERCIALS. and Through Videos… Transcript of my complete speech on the Information Business from the famous Gary Halbert Key West College Of Millionaires Seminar, which direct marketing entrepreneurs pay $7,000 to attend….
  • HOW TO MAKE A LOT OF MONEY, BUILD WEALTH AND NET WORTH AND SELL “INFORMATION PRODUCTS” VIA THE NEWSLETTER BUSINESS….Why the Newsletter Business may be the best business in the world…. Advice directly from the most successful newsletter entrepreneurs in America….
  • HOW TO MAKE MONEY SELLING “INFORMATION PRODUCTS” AS A PROFESSIONAL SPEAKER…. 5 ways to establish and promote yourself, your credibility and your value as a speaker…. Why and how being a “part-time” (not full-time) speaker” is a marketing advantage….
  • HOW TO MAKE MONEY SELLING “INFORMATION PRODUCTS” IN THE SEMINAR BUSINESS…. 5 types of seminars you can make money promoting….12 best ways to market ANY seminar….12 ‘tricks’ for boosting attendance….
  • HOW TO MAKE MONEY SELLING “INFORMATION PRODUCTS” BY PHONE…. New ways to make money and sell products via ‘recorded messages”, podcasts and webinars…. How to get “information Products” telemarketed by professionals on commission – with no investment, no hiring, no hassles….
  • HOW TO MAKE LOTS OF MONEY FROM THE MAILING LIST(S) YOU DEVELOP BY SELLING “INFORMATION PRODUCTS”…. 3 ways to make BIG MONEY, even from “small” lists…. Who will pay you 50 cents per name?….

“Okay, so why publish a book like this and reveal a ton of insider secrets — including some stuff that other insiders will be p.o.’d at me for revealing?”

Good question. Three answers.

First, frankly, one reason is to show off. Like Penn & Teller, I get a kick out of amazing people with my “secrets.” Second, this super-book has enhanced my already “big” reputation in professional direct response circles. It has brought great new clients to me. Although some of my peers have expressed their unhappiness at my spilling all these beans for so little money. Third, quite frankly, this book has made and keeps making a lot of money for me.

But, the best reason for you to part with your bucks for this super-book is: I DON’T NEED YOUR MONEY. Whether you buy or don’t, to me, is simply inconsequential. Oh, I’ll take it. Your money and all the money this super-book brings in is welcomed. But: the only thing that is really important is – how valuable can all this information be to you? Information like this

  • The 2 “master ingredients” — if one or both are part of your Information Product offer, it’s like having a Success Insurance Policy in your desk drawer. Leave out both and your chances of failing jump up to 90%.
  • How to identify and only work on High Probability Projects — here are the insider “checklists” the ‘pros’ use to determine whether or not an idea, project, product, infomercial, etc. will be a winner.
  • The ONE surprising ad media (publication) that works just as well as the powerful National Enquirer, but at about 1/3rd the cost! And: two overlooked, incredibly cheap publications where book and CD offers pull like crazy!
  • How to get ‘World Class Copywriters to work for you, FREE! — you pay them only if and after they improve the results and profitability of a promotion you’re already succeeding with.
  • How to get your “project” analyzed, dissected, massaged, and made to work by “the ultimate Think Tank” of direct marketing experts, publicity pros, copywriters, publishers and consultants — all for less than the normal cost for a few hours of consulting! 
  • A ‘Million-$ Directory’ of very hard-to-find suppliers, printers, publishers and vendors who specialize in serving Information Product Entrepreneurs — they’re 10% to 50% lower in costs!
  • The secret to finding a huge, thirsty market for just about any type of information, so you can create and sell information in a field that REALLY interests you…make money doing something you LOVE to do!!!!

Here’s my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You must be 100% satisfied with this product or you’ll get all your money back. Just download it and go through. You’ve go 30 days and if within that time, at any time, you feel you didn’t get your money’s worth, just email me and I’ll refund your money. If you want a refund, you get it. No hassle. No explanation is necessary or desired. Don’t write me a long letter. I’m not interested in your life story. I really don’t care what your reason is. And I’m definitely not interested in your “constructive criticism.” Just send me an email and I’ll refund your money and you get to keep the book just for trying it out.

You cannot lose on this deal.

And, let me make this clear: MOST of the information in this super-book is NOT available elsewhere. I don’t care if you already move millions of dollars of your own Information Products each year and are a true ‘major player’ and do not NEED any help, you will still discover a wealth of moneymaking “goodies” that are new to you. (If you’re a relative novice, your jaw will hang open!)

“Okay, so how much is it?”

This super-book is only $199.00 and we have sold thousands at that price and, presumably, will sell thousands more. And it’s worth that many times over.

I urge you to act on this opportunity today, right now, while it is fresh in your mind.

Dan S. Kennedy