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Dan Kennedy SALE!!!

Get ALL 14 of My Dan Kennedy Products at 95% OFF Normal Everyday Prices

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  1. Dan Kennedy’s Copywriting Clinic (normally $199.00)
  2. Dan Kennedy’s Advanced Copywriting Seminar (normally $697.00)
  3. Dan Kennedy’s Advise & Profit for Consultant/Coaches (normally $497.00)
  4. Dan Kennedy’s Mega Success System for SPEAKERS (normally $497.00)
  5. Dan Kennedy’s Magnetic Marketing Deluxe (normally $397.00)
  6. Dan Kennedy’s Customer Appreciation Seminar (normally $199.00)
  7. Dan Kennedy’s Platinum Inner Circle MasterMind (normally $199.00)
  8. Dan Kennedy’s The Ultimate Internet Entrepreneur (normally $197.00)
  9. Dan Kennedy’s The Ultimate INFORMATION Entrepreneur (normally $199.99)
  10. Dan Kennedy’s Presentation at Gary Halbert’s Hurricane Andrew Seminar (normally $199.00)
  11. Dan Kennedy’s Money Maker System (normally $197.00)
  12. Dan Kennedy’s Direct Marketing Super Conference (normally $398.00)
  13. Dan Kennedy’s Power Points (Normally $399.00)
  14. Dan Kennedy’s Principles Never Change

For More Info on EACH of the products, just click the title above — the products page will open in a new tab.

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If you bought ALL 14 of these Dan Kennedy Products
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This Special SALE Expires when 10 are sold

For details on each of the products just click on the links above and the sales page for that product will open in a separate window.