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“Fundamentals in Advertising”

by Albert D. Lasker

  • The five-word definition of advertising that will guide all your future decisions.

  • How a former member of the Canadian Northern Mounted Police became the father of modern advertising.

  • Want to know how a single phrase allowed Chrysler to compete with the seemingly unbeatable Ford and Chevrolet? Here’s the full story.

  • How a soap company was able to use its own product’s weaknesses to become one of the best sellers in its industry.

  • What every advertisement needs to do in order to make sales.

  • Why copying your competitor’s successful advertising formula leaves you struggling to get customers. This story about a thriving toothpaste company will explain.

  • The 4 fundamental principles behind advertisements that sell.

  • Most copywriters think the “big idea” comes from their imagination. There are actually plenty of places to find the big idea – you’ll get 3 of the best ones.

  • Do you like to stuff your sales letters with as many bonuses and offers as you can? You’ll learn why that can actually bring your sales down.

  • If you’re trying to sell anything to millions of people, then you need to use this technique to stand out from your competition.

  • Why trying to compete on price will almost always backfire in the long-term.