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Gary Halbert’s Hurricane Anderw Seminar

16 Top Experts Reveal the Secrets To Their Success

Key West, Florida USA

“What a seminar! One attendee took me aside and said he had attended hundreds of seminars but had never dreamed one could be this valuable. WHEW! I feel sorry for you if you weren’t able to be there. But… we got it all on video. And, believe me, my friend, watching those videos can… Change Your Life. Heck, watching any one of them could change your life. I’ve been racking my brain about how much to charge for them and I think they’re easily worth $7,500.” — Gary Halbert

I didn’t pull this seminar off by myself. Not by a long shot. I had an incredible army of expert marketers who flew in from all over the U.S. at their own expense to help with this effort.

And, let me tell you, they all did a terrific job. You should see the letters I’ve received from the attendees! They say it was nothing short of the marketing event of a lifetime!

You know, one of the benefits of being one of my lifetime subscribers to my newsletter is that you get a Million Dollar Rolodex. This is a compendium of the very best people in their specific fields, people who really deliver, some of the best copywriters, the best people currently producing TV and video and many other people who can keep you from making financially disastrous mistakes and…help you make a small fortune.

This seminar is like a mini version of that Rolodex featuring the “best of the best” of direct response specialists you need to know. These people who presented in this seminar are not only some of the “best of the best” they are also people who so generously gave of their time, expertise, and money to come to my hurricane seminar and teach my attendees the nitty-gritty of how to really “get down to it” and make direct response marketing really pay off. Here then are the presenters and a little about what you can get from their presentations.

Featured Talks & Speakers

The ability to write copy that sells is by far the most wonderful money-making skill you could ever hope to acquire. And if you master this skill you never again have to worry about money because if you master it, you can write your own ticket.

Carl Galletti

How To Write Copy

Carl is a copywriter who also happens to be the “secret” source of the best books on advertising, marketing, copywriting, etc., including classics like The Robert Collier Letter Book.

Carl talked about Information Alchemy: The Art and Science of How to Turn Low-Cost Materials into High-Profit Products.

He also talked about how to write effective copy and pointed out that copy is the universal tool needed to sell any product.

Finally, Carl introduced his new “Copywriter Protege Program” by handing out his 29-page letter promoting the program. The headline on the letter is: “If You Would Like To Write Direct Response Copy That Could Make You Rich, Then Here Is a 100% Guaranteed Way For You To Learn How In The Shortest Possible Time.”

This is a one-on-one program in which Carl coaches you one-on-one over the phone and/or Skype to improve your copywriting skills.

In my opinion, if you are at all serious about learning how to write copy, you should be in this program.

If you don’t have a copy of his letter, you will get it you invest in the recordings of this seminar. And if you want in on his coaching, you can find out more at, but you’d better act quickly before the limited number of available spots are all filled. Also, check out his site,, where he sells the best books, audios, and videos on marketing, advertising, copywriting and related subjects, most of which are instantly downloadable.

Evan Williams

Future Founder of and Twitter

One day I’m sitting at my desk and there before me appears this skinny nerd-like wisp of a “kid” who was mumbling something about wanting to kinda hang out around me and learn how to be a better copywriter.

I didn’t have time for this crap so I told him, “Look, here’s a writing project I’ve got to work on” and then I give him the product and tell him to go home and write a full-page ad about this dealybop (over the weekend) and, if he’s any good, I allowed as how I might grace him with a few pearls of my wisdom. (Ain’t I a prince of a guy?)

Well, to shorthand the story, the copy he wrote was brilliant!

He’s worked in my office for a few months and I honestly believe he must be the best young copywriter (20 years old) ever. His message was that innovation and creativity are vital to solving problems and to realize the potential of your business and marketing efforts.

Also, he explained how every problem is really an opportunity and to realize the possibilities inherent in any situation, you must break out of the limiting thought patterns and myopic view of the world that created the problems in the first place. Evan gave the attendees a four-point plan for doing this:

(1) Question All Assumptions And Beliefs You Have About Your Situation And Ask Yourself If They Are Really Valid. Often times, we automatically assume or believe in constraints that have no basis in reality. And until we see past them, we are totally blinded to solutions. Once we eliminate those assump­ tions, everything becomes obvious.

(2) Open Your Mind To The Belief Anything Is Possible. Too often we try to be “realistic” about things and base the future on what’s been done in the past. “Those who say it can’t be done are usually interrupted by someone doing it.”

(3) Eliminate Labels You Place On Your Business, Yourself, Your Idea, Etc. A buggy whip manufacturer who saw himself as a “buggy whip manufacturer” would have gone out of business. But if he saw himself as being in the “transportation business, ’’ he could have gone on to bigger and better things.

(4) Use Other People’s Minds. Group thinking/brainstorming – highly valuable. Half the value of a seminar like this. Other’s experiences, perceptions, insights.

Some of the greatest innovations come from people outside of an industry because they don’t know what’s “not possible.”

(Ed Update: His techniques must really work because since this presentation Evan went on to co-found and Twitter…so, you see, his stuff really works!!!)

Ted Nicholas

Publishing and Advertising

Priceless info from the man who has probably run more mail-order magazine ads than anyone else in history!

Ted revealed a number of successful magazine advertising secrets:

(1) How you need the perfect balance between your copy, your offer and the media you’re using.

(2) How to select media most likely to pull in huge amounts of orders.

(3) How to write magazine ad copy that generates a frenzy of orders.

(4) How to form an ad agency of your own so you get the agency discount.

(5) How to negotiate the biggest possible discount by asking three key questions. (This was a surprise, even to me..)

(6) Tips on how to get your ad positioned far forward in magazines and get your ad to appear on either pages 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, or 11.

(7) Why your headline determines 80% of the success of your ad and five tips on how to write good ones.

Even if you don’t now do magazine advertising, a lot of what he had to say is relevant to many other types of advertising, including website sales copy and email copy.

Joe Sabah

How To Get Interviewed On Radio Talk Show Programs

Astonishing! The very first thing Joe did at my seminar was tell the nearly 300 participants How To Get On Radio Talk Shows All Across America Without Leaving Their Home Or Office.

But he didn’t stop there, then he showed the attendees how this idea works. With the creative audio/video crew, Joe hooked up to radio station WWSC in Glen Falls, New York. The talk show host Don Racette interviewed Joe for 30 minutes on the subject of Joe and Judy’s (his wife) book How To Get The Job You Really Want And Get Employers To Call You.

During this time, all of my seminar attendees were able to hear Joe interact with Don on a live radio talk show that went out over all the Glen Falls, New York area. This was Joe’s 545th talk show… all by telephone. His results? More than 19,750 books sold at $14.95… that’s more than $300,000 without leaving his home!

Joe’s system is called “How to Get on Radio Talk Shows All Across America Without Leaving Your Home or Office”

Mark Stoddard

Direct Response Marketing Expert and Founder of The Jefferson Institute

He’s the former president of the prestigious Jefferson Institute and current owner of Ameri/Russ Cruise (American/Russian tours).

Mark spoke on the human behavior of selling and the psychology of what makes people buy.

He taught the attendees how:

(A) People only act from self-interest,

(B) Why everybody buys from emotion but uses intellect to justify their purchase,

(C) ’’Comfort Zone Marketing”: How, in a world of chaos, he who instills order attracts people and customers,

(D) People prefer to buy from people and not institutions,

(E) How all humans act in predictable ways,

(F) Why you should always sell from your nearest sphere of influence (a new concept to me and an extremely valuable one!),

(G) How people want to believe but it’s tough for them today and… how to win their confidence.

Brad and Alan Antin

How To Sell 250,000 Books

Have you heard about one of the hottest new marketing books around?

It’s called “Secrets From The Lost Art Of Common Sense Marketing” and it’s written by Brad and Alan. These two were a big hit at my seminar.

They also publish a marketing newsletter called The Antin Marketing Letter – Secrets From The Lost Art Of Common Sense Marketing. And frankly, next to mine, it’s one of the best sources of marketing information on the planet. You’d have to be braindead not to subscribe to the Antins’ newsletter. Just watch this presentation and you’ll see what I mean.

Joachim DePosada

Get Yourself Motivated

His first name is pronounced “wa keem” and he was my keynote speaker and the ’’mystery guest” I referred to when I first wrote and told you about the seminar. Joachim was not only my keynote speaker, but he was also a Hurricane Andrew victim. But, the hurricane didn’t stop this man and, I bet nothing ever does.

His message is about what’s really important in life and he delivers such dynamite insights you could almost see the lightbulbs going off over the heads of all the attendees in that jam-packed (standing room only) seminar room. If you ever give seminars or conferences yourself, you just couldn’t do better than having him as a keynote speaker to get your audience revved up and jump-started. In a world jammed with “woe is me’ers” and this guy is definitely an upper!

Btw, his son is Jorge Posada, the baseball catcher who played 17 seasons in Major League Baseball for the New York Yankees. You can’t get any more motivated than that…and we all know how difficult for a parent to motivate their children. LOL

One of the Top Copywriters of All Time

Gary Halbert

Your Host and Main Presenter

My presentation contained a very special message whose content I will not reveal here. But, my message, I feel sure, will dramatically change for the better, the financial destiny of those who heard me.

Basically, it’s how you can get an almost 100% proven winner! WHEW! What a seminar!

One attendee took me aside and said he had attended hundreds of seminars but had never dreamed one could be this valuable. I feel sorry for you if you weren’t able to be there. But… we got it all on video. And, believe me, my friend, watching these videos can…

Change Your Life!

Heck, watching any one of them could change your life. I’ve been racking my brain about how much to charge for them and I think they’re easily worth $7,500.

John Carlton


John came out of “semi-retirement” (while he was busy writing trashy novels) and now accepts a few new clients again. He’s very hard to hire because he’s so jealous of his free time, so this is a real opportunity for anyone seeking the best there is (next to myself, of course).

I happen to know his last few efforts have pulled in as much as $70,000 in profits for every $1,000 in costs — a phenomenal return on investment! What else can I say about John? He’s one of the best friends I’ve ever had and one of the few people I can recommend.

Dan Kennedy

Infomercials, Video Advertising, Information Marketing

Dan spoke about TV infomercials and direct- response TV, the 14 factors that determine winners/losers, and about the “back-end business” where fortunes are really made.

At the time of his presentation, Dan was a consultant to the Guthy-Renker Corp, for most of its infomercials (Guthy-Renker is best known for Tony Robbins’ Personal Power, Victoria Principal’s Skin Care, etc.) As well as an independent “a-to-z” producer of infomercials for independent clients.

He is also the author of several books The Ultimate Sales Letter and The Ultimate Marketing Plan and The Ultimate Information Entrepreneur (all about marketing information products). 

Bill Myers

How To Make $30,000 Per Month

“Guerilla Bill,” the scumbag who stole away my long-legged assistant Karen and then, to make sure she’d never come back, married her, gave a truly electrifying presentation.

Guerilla Bill can be best described as the Ross Perot of direct marketing. When he speaks, he cuts through all the theory and gets right to the chase. The first thing he said when he walked onto the stage was, “In the next hour I’m going to show you how to make $30,000 a month.

And then in five minutes, I’m going to show you how to make $80,000 in one hour.”

Then he proceeded to do exactly what he said. And if anyone in the audience thought he was kidding, they had changed their minds when he finished speaking. Because he did it – showed everyone how easy it can be to earn $30,000 a month. Bill revealed in great detail, the step-by-step process he, and just about anyone else, can use to start earning $30,000 a month. He even showed how he came up with products to sell and market to sell them too!

And, then in a stroke of genius, he showed how simple it can be to earn $80,000 in one hour!

It was truly a breathtaking performance by someone whose actions speak as loud as his words. If you want to know more about how to earn $30,000 a month Bill’s way watch this presentation.

Eric Weinstein

“The Best Mailing List Expert on the Planet” – Gary Halbert

Another of my best friends, Eric, in his 90-minute fact-filled session revealed: list formats available, compiled vs. response lists, where to go to find the best lists, how to “segment” a list to pull out the very best names • What makes a list “hot” • How to tell a good list from a bad one • Surefire methods of list testing to get your best results • How to tell before you spend your money if a list is any good • How to pick the best lists for your offers • Who the players are and how to deal with them • Demographic and psychographic applications • How to go beyond the base information and get inside the heads of the people on the list • The theory of inverse responsiveness and why it works • How to make zip codes work for you ♦ Why some lists work better at different times of the year • Advanced list testing • What information to include on your list • and How to turn your “house” list into a money machine.

[Ed: Although Eric was speaking about mailing lists, it’s not a great leap to apply his info to today’s email lists and social media advertising.]

Kyle Hunter

How To Work with Lettershops

I’ve worked with this guy several times and he is a gem! His company, Personalized Mailing specializes in making your direct mail package appear NOT to be a mass mailing, but rather a personal letter demanding to be opened and read.

A good example of this technique is the newspaper and magazine tearsheet mailings. Well over 100,000,000 pieces utilizing this technique have been mailed and they continue to pull well. He shows you how to get better response from your direct response promotions this and other techniques he discusses in this presentation.

Mike Enlow

Research and Investigations

Mike is, for my money, the best private investigator you can hire. I, personally, have used him several times and he’s never let me down. Primarily, his talk at the seminar was to unveil the relation between investigation (or information gathering) with regard to functioning in a society where everyone is out to “cover his own keister.”

He revealed a few simple “telephone investigation” techniques most anyone who has an ounce of sense can implement to get really fast answers. Also, he expounded on the importance of knowing what your competitors are doing and… how easy it is to get the scoop on what they’re doing.

He explained how the “big dogs” spend millions in testing to develop a campaign that works. Therefore, he points out, why shouldn’t we “get on their list” so we can duplicate ideas that are already working?

He says one of the things he can do for you is to place your name on every competitive company’s list in the world! Is this espionage? He says no: It’s common sense. Mike revealed an incredible collection of valuable information and techniques for you.

Dr. Gary North

Selling With Video

What an honor to have him there. I’m not going to reveal what he taught us. But, suffice it to say, it was concepts of copywriting success completely new to me.!

Gene Dowdle

Direct Response Advertising

Gene owns Atlantic Advertising & Marketing, Inc. and has more than 30-years of experience in many forms of direct response advertising. He revealed some of his most effective techniques for my attendees. It included a very effective traffic builder, how to use contests to build a list.

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