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How To Be Your Own Best
Marketing Expert

 Very Profitable And Powerful Marketing Concepts
That Show How To Multiply Your Sales
And Skyrocket Your Profits

What You’ll Discover in this book:

  • How To Become As Much Of A Marketing Expert As Almost Anyone You Are Likely To Hire For Your Business
  • Your Most Valuable Resource And How To Use It
  • How To Release The Hidden Profits In Your Business
  • Where To Find The Marketing Techniques That Really Work
  • How To Get BIG Results From Little Efforts
  • How To Get The Equivalent Of A “Free” Loan By Doing A Simple Trick With Your Advertising
  • How To Build Customer Loyalty
  • The Biggest Challenge Faced By All Businesses And How To Profit From It
  • The Most Powerful Way To Sell Your Product
  • A Very Quick And Easy Way To Get Marketing Ideas
  • How To Get All The Leads You’ll Ever Want
  • An Easy, Low Cost Way To Get Lots Of New Customers
  • How To Keep Customers Coming Back Again And Again
  • How To Get Your Customers To Speak Favorably To Others About You, Your Company And Your Products
  • What You Should Do Right After Someone Buys From You, Why It Is Vital And Why You Should Do It Right Away
  • How To Train Employees So You Get The Best Customer Service
  • How To Make Lots Of Extra Money From Your Successful Actions
  • What Salespeople Should Say To Trigger The Sale And How To Develop These Phrases
  • How To Use Upsells and Downsells To Increase Sales
  • A Secret Technique That Will Shock Your Competition As You Secretly Steal Market Share Away From Them
  • Law Of 250 And How It Can Multiply Your Sales
  • How To Get Your Customers To Come Up With New Uses For Your Product
  • Use Upsells and Downsells To Increase Sales
  • Add Value To Your Product And Increase Your Sales
  • Business Idea Generator