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Million-Dollar Secrets of the Most Expensive Copywriters in the World

An Interview with Dan Lok

Dan Lok is the World’s First Quick-Turn Marketer, an unsurpassed success in the competitive world of buying and selling, with a proven track record of selling over $17.3 million dollars of merchandise and services! His skills are so sharply honed that it wouldn’t be surprising if he sold ice to the Eskimos…at a premium price!!!

Dan’s name isn’t a household word, although you can be sure that most households have purchased something that Dan’s copywriting has helped sell. He’s not “famous” because instead of spending all his time in the spotlight and feeding the “Dan Lok Publicity Machine,” he’s far too busy helping his small business clients get rich.

To date, Dan’s strategies have helped hundreds of small businesses, in 39 different industries. Dan’s strategies and techniques produce dramatic results — translation: enormous profits — and his services are in extremely high demand.

Dan currently charges $15,000 for any campaign he creates, and $2,000 for a Quick-Turn Marketing¬† Makeover. And there’s no shortage of clients eager to experience the “Lok Magic” — he is often booked months in advance, despite the fact that he’s never advertised his services.

Dan doesn’t need to advertise. His track record speaks for itself: he often increases his clients’ sales by double, triple… even as much as 417%!